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000 236

  1. 1.     IBM 000-236 Aix 5l Communications 156 Q&A Version: I9.0 www.CertifyMe.com  
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  3. 3.    1. Which of the following lines will be added to the file /usr/lib/uucp/Devices on the SLIP server machine fora SLIP connection on tty1?A. direct 9600 - tty1B. direct tty1 - 9600C. Direct tty1 - 9600D. Direct /dev/tty1 - 9600Answer: C2. To examine the Exhibit, press the Exhibit button. The system administrator notices a system with routingcannot communicate with a system with an ip address Using the information provided in theexhibit, w hat is the most likely reason?A. The named is not running.B. The default gateway is not set.C. The NIS master server is down.D. Ipforwarding is not turned on.Answer: B3. All of the following services are controlled by inetd EXCEPT:A. nfsdB. ftpdC. telnetdD. pop3dAnswer: A4. Which of the following commands should be used to check the settings for a new tty that was just set upas tty2?A. lsattr -El tty2B. lscons -d /dev/tty2C. lscfg -vl tty2D. what /dev/tty2Answer: A5. To change the read sizes on a V3 network file system server, which of the following options would needto be set?A. rsizeB. nfs_max_read_sizeC. nfs_server_clreadD. nfs_rfc1323Answer: B www.CertifyMe.com  
  4. 4.    6. After making changes to IP aliasing and rebooting the system, an AIX server is unable to communicatewith other hosts. Which command can be run to check ent0 adapter configuration relative to IP addressand network mask?A. ifconfig -aB. errpt -aC. cfgmgr -vD. entstat -d ent0Answer: A7. When setting up a modem, which of the following files MUST be edited in order to configure it?A. /etc/rc.tcpipB. /etc/uucp/DevicesC. /etc/rc.netD. /etc/uucp/DialcodesAnswer: B8. A modem is set up for a remote TTY connection that will become the system console. How should oneverify that the console is enabled as the system console after the next reboot?A. lscons -bB. lscons -dC. lscons -sD. swcons /dev/tty0Answer: A9. Which of the following options should be used to obtain the latest security patches for AIX?A. FixDistB. The Bonus Pack CDC. COPSD. The Security Maintenance CDAnswer: D10. Which of the following has NO effect on controlling the access permissions needed to run the "date"command on the remote machine "Earth" using the following syntax? rsh Earth dateA. The local file: /etc/.netrcB. The remote file: ~/ .rhostsC. The securetcpip commandD. The remote file: /etc/hosts.equivAnswer: A11. When enabling a tty port to be used for a cu session, what must be done on the system? www.CertifyMe.com  
  5. 5.    A. smit tty; take the defaults and create the desired ttyB. lsdev -Cc tty; check to see if the desired tty exists, if not create using smit tty Add a line similar to; Directtty0 - 9600 direct to /etc/uucp/Devices Verify /etc/uucp/Dialers has the following line; directC. Install bos.net.uucp and the first available tty will be configured for use by a cu sessionD. Run the Asynchronous Terminal Emulation (ate) program and it will configure a tty port for a cu sessionAnswer: B12. Which command will show network statistics such as kernel malloc and mblk failures?A. ifconfig -mB. netstat -mC. iptrace -aD. errpt -aAnswer: B13. Which of the following commands should be used to open a tty port configured in the /etc/uucp/Devicesfile as: Direct tty2 - 9600 direct in debug mode, ignoring modem control signal data carrier detect (DCD)?A. cu -l tty2B. cu -dml tty2C. cu -dht DirectD. cu -s9600 -l tty2Answer: B14. A host named nuts has only two users: chip and dale. Given the following file entries on host nuts, whichof the following users will be able to rlogin into nuts without a password?/etc/hosts.equiv peanut acorn /home/acorn/.rhosts peanut chipA. doe@acornB. chip@walnutC. root@peanutD. dale@peanutAnswer: D15. To enable a tty port to be used for a cu session what must be done to the system?A. smit tty; take the defaults and create the desired ttyB. In the /etc/uucp Devices add a line similar to: Direct ttyX - 9600 directC. Install bos.net.uucp and the first available tty will be configured for use by a cu sessionD. Run the Asynchronous Terminal Emulation (ATE) program and it will configure a tty port for a cu session www.CertifyMe.com  
  6. 6.    Answer: B16. NFS is experiencing name service resolution difficulties. Which command reports the LEAST usefulinformation in trouble-shooting this problem?A. nfsstat -sB. lssrc -s namedC. ls -l /etc/resolv.confD. nslookup hostnameAnswer: A17. Which command can be used to verify all the filesystems that are exported by an NFS server?A. showmount -e hostnameB. showmount -d hostnameC. showmount -a hostnameD. showmountAnswer: A18. All of the following settings will result in a getty process on the configured port EXCEPT:A. EnableB. DisableC. ShareD. DelayAnswer: B19. Which command can be used to modify network options?A. netstatB. ifconfigC. chdevD. noAnswer: D20. To add a TTY Terminal to Serial port 1, which of the following set of options should be chosen?A. tty rs232 Asynchronous Terminal then sa1 Available 01-S2 Standard I/O Serial PortB. tty rs422 Asynchronous Terminal then sa1 Available 01-S2 Standard I/O Serial PortC. tty rs232 Asynchronous Terminal then sa0 Available 01-S1 Standard I/O Serial PortD. tty rs422 Asynchronous Terminal then sa0 Available 01-S1 Standard I/O Serial PortAnswer: C21. A host is to become part of a hierarchical naming topology. Which of the following services arerequired?A. DHCP www.CertifyMe.com  
  7. 7.    B. Domain Name ServiceC. Network Information ServiceD. A hosts fileAnswer: B22. When dividing an existing Class B network into 2 subnets of 32,766 hosts each, which of the followingsubnet masks should be used?A. D23. Which of the following options best justifies why a DNS server should be run in a large network system?A. To use ftp and telnetB. To perform NFS mountsC. To make /etc/hosts files unnecessaryD. To reduce network traffic and save bandwidthAnswer: C24. Which of the following files contains the settings for the systems DNS domain name and DNS servers?A. /etc/hostsB. /etc/resolv.confC. /etc/netsvc.confD. /etc/named.bootAnswer: B25. Which of the following cable types can cause interference on the network when disconnecting any onemachine?A. CoaxialB. Cat 1 UTPC. Cat 3 UTPD. Cat 5 UTPAnswer: A26. Which of the following cable types is associated with an Ethernet with a RJ45 connector?A. 10Base2B. 10Base5C. 10BaseTD. 10BaseF www.CertifyMe.com  
  8. 8.    Answer: C27. Which of the following commands will not store routes into the ODM?A. smit routeB. chdevC. routeD. chattrAnswer: C28. The local host on a small network is named Earth. There is also a remote host on the network namedSaturn. The system administrator of the network is in the /u/tmp directory of Earth, and starts an ftp toSaturn as root. Which of the following sequence of commands issued from the local host, Earth, will:1. Check to see if there is an a.out file on remote host Saturn.2. Change to the /u/new directory on Earth.3. Transfer a.out from Earth to Saturn.A. ls a.out cd /u/new put a.outB. ls a.out cd /u/new get a.outC. ls a.out lcd /u/new put a.outD. ls a.out lcd /u/new get a.outAnswer: C29. Which of the following options is representative of a Class B address?A. A30. A network administrator provides an IP address of and a subnet mask of a ping is attempted, it fails. Which of the following options is the most probable cause of the failedping?A. 0 is not valid in an IP addressB. 128 is a reserved networkC. The subnet mask should be since it is a class BD. A network problem has occurred since IP and subnet are validAnswer: C31. A class B network 129.35 has 4 subnets and a netmask of To which of the following subnets will the class B network delivera packet of address (10000001.00100011.00001110.00000100)? www.CertifyMe.com  
  9. 9.    A. A32. Given a new implementation, which of the following procedures should be used to determine a defaultgateways IP address?A. The address will always end in 255.B. The address will always be the first interfaces IP address.C. The address will always be the network with a 1 as the final octet.D. It is important to consult with the network administrator prior to making assumptions regarding thedefault gateways IP address.Answer: D33. Which of the following class networks contains 65,534 hosts?A. Class AB. Class BC. Class CD. Class DAnswer: B34. In order to increase reliability, minimize collisions and establish a large number of systems on anEthernet segment, which of the following options should be selected for the Ethernet network?A. 10BaseTB. Switched 10BaseTC. Switched 100BaseT Half-DuplexD. Switched 100BaseT Full-DuplexAnswer: D35. A machine must have the most direct access possible to two different networks. However, it cannot actas a router between the networks. Which of the following arrangements is most appropriate to facilitatethe machines accessibility?A. ipforwarding turned on and two adaptersB. One adapter, with a route to a default gatewayC. An adapter in each network, and ipforwarding offD. An adapter in each network, with a route only to the default gatewayAnswer: C36. Which of the following files should contain the statement "hosts=local, bind"? www.CertifyMe.com  
  10. 10.    A. /etc/hostsB. /etc/irs.confC. /etc/netsvc.confD. /etc/resolv.confAnswer: C37. Which of the following commands will NOT determine the slot location of an Ethernet adapter in asystem?A. lsattr -ElB. lsdev -CC. prtconfD. lscfg -lAnswer: A38. Which of the following class addresses is reserved for multicast?A. Class AB. Class BC. Class CD. Class DAnswer: D39. Which of the following interfaces is appropriate for an Ethernet adapter that is configured with an IEEE802.3 frame type?A. at0B. en0C. et0D. tr0Answer: C40. All of the following are involved in adding or removing routes from the AIX routing table EXCEPT:A. arpB. ripC. icmpD. ifconfigAnswer: A41. At boot time, which of the following services utilizes a central server to assign IP addresses to a host?A. LDAPB. bootpC. DHCP www.CertifyMe.com  
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