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  • 1. Common Writing Errors: Part One Ambre Lee Dubnoff Center
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  • 4. Run-On Sentences
    • A run-on sentence can sometimes be fixed with punctuation, or adding a conjunction; however, sometimes you have to make separate sentences.
  • 5. Rewrite This Run-On Sentence Correctly
    • My first day at Dubnoff Center was good or should I say great because that’s when I first met Emilio and so my first day wasn’t ominous I didn't think I was going to have fun for the first day of school because school is usually boring but that day was fun because we pretty much got to do what we wanted to do because we were trying to see who was in what class.
  • 6. Rewrite This Run-On Sentence Correctly
    • My first day at Dubnoff was awful I hate it and I still hate Dubnoff up to this date.
  • 7. Missing Commas in an Introductory Phrase
    • Introductory Phrases :Introductory phrases are dependent phrases that provide background information or "set the stage" for the main part of the sentence, the independent phrase.
  • 8. Where should the missing commas go?
    • At the end of the day my mom picked me up and we left.
    • Enough talk about my teachers lets start talking about my friends.
    • When I got into the car I told everyone I didn’t want to go back to that school.