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10 Most Common Phobias- Some Weird And Funny Phobias
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10 Most Common Phobias- Some Weird And Funny Phobias


Phobias, by the very definition, mean irrational or unexplained fear of certain objects or situations. More often than not, a phobia triggers off feelings of fear, impending danger or disaster in the …

Phobias, by the very definition, mean irrational or unexplained fear of certain objects or situations. More often than not, a phobia triggers off feelings of fear, impending danger or disaster in the people affected by them.

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  • 1. 10 Most Common Phobias- Some Weird And Funny PhobiasWhat is Phobia?Phobias, by the very definition, mean irrational or unexplained fear of certain objects or situations.More often than not, a phobia triggers off feelings of fear, impending danger or disaster in the peopleaffected by them.You might be surprised to know that nearly 11% of the American population suffers from some or theother types of phobias, according to the latest figures released by the National Institute of MentalHealth. Now, that is an astoundingly high figure!! They are the most common form of mental andpsychiatric disorders today. Men among my readers are sure to derive sadist pleasure when they get toknow that women are more likely to get affected by inexplicable and illogical phobias.There are people who are petrified to death just thinking about snakes while there are others whocannot overcome their irrational fear and sit in a boat inspite of being trained swimmers.While most phobias can look quirky, funny and weird to others around the affected person, they canbecome a source of great stress. In extreme cases, they can cause full blown panic or anxiety attacks.People affected by them might even have to seek medical help if they are obsessed with false fears anddangers most of the time.Fear is a basic human instinct. It is not unnatural to fear scared.The problem arises when people do not know where to draw the line. It is then that their fears take onthe shape of phobias. Most of them know that their fears are irrational and unfounded but they seem tobe unable to ignore them. It is then that their weird phobias start interfering with their life, as also thatof others around them.Those who read this might also like to read:Malingering- A serious fictitious disorderTypes of PhobiasPhobias can basically be classified into three types: 1. Social Phobias: Where the phobic person fears social situations. 2. Agoraphobia: The affected person, in such situations, fears getting trapped in inescapable situation (s) or place(s). 3. Specific phobias: This refers to fear of specific objects. Like fear of spiders, needle phobia, etc.10 Most Common Phobias
  • 2. Here is the list of 10 most common phobias which affect people:1. Agoraphobia/ Social PhobiaAgoraphobia or the fear of crowds is by far the most common phobia. This refers to the fear of beingevaluated negatively due to personal appearance, some odd mannerism or lack of knowledge, etc in thepresence of a large number of people. This fear of being jeered at, mocked, ridiculed or denigrated takeson such epic proportions that the affected person starts avoiding crowds or huge gatherings altogether.It is estimated that nearly 32% of the people affected by panic disorder develop agoraphobia later. Atpresent, nearly 16.7 million American adults are estimated to in the grip of agoraphobia.2. ArachnophobiaThis refers to the fear of spiders. Ranked at number 2 in the phobias list, this affects almost 50% of thewomen across the globe and about 13% of the men. Such people begin to feel uncomfortable in placeswhere they doubt that spiders could be hiding in some odd nook, cranny or crevice. The situation getsworse if they see something that reminds them about the presence of spiders. Webs, for instance and,in very extreme cases, even pictures of spiders or a Spiderman poster.Most phobias associated with insects and animals have their roots in early childhood. In people who areunable to shake off their fears in some cases, it takes on the form of arachnophobia.3. ClaustrophobiaThis refers to the fear of closed spaces. An estimated 5-7% of the total human population suffers fromthis phobia.Most people affected by claustrophobia worry unduly about what would happen to them if they were toget confined to those limited spaces! People obsessed by it can get uncontrollably hysterical or sufferfrom a panic attack if asked to use a lift, drive through a tunnel and, in extreme cases, even have anMRI!4. Acrophobia
  • 3. This fear of heights ranks fourth on this list of common phobias. This phobia can cause great discomfortto those who are petrified of great heights, probably because of the fear associated with falling downsuddenly and getting hurt.Almost 19% adults are said to suffer from aerophobia, though to varying extents. Such people getrestless and might develop vertigo and insist on getting down as soon as possible. Extreme cases involvecrossing a bridge, a ride in an elevator or looking down the glass window of a multi-storeyed building.5. AerophobiaAerophobia or the fear of flying is usually the results of having seen too many pictures or movies relatedto plane crashes or after losing someone close to an unfortunate accidents or hearing about suchaccidents too often in the news.According to National Institute of Mental Health, 24% of the people suffer from aerophobia and do nottrust these huge flying machines. To such people, the very thought of travelling by air either himself orsuch a journey being undertaken by a friend or a relative can send shudders down the spine and triggeroff extreme reactions.6. Astraphobia or BrontophobiaThis refers to inexplicable fear of natural phenomenon like thunder, storms and lightening. Nearly 9% ofthe US population is said to suffer from this phobia, a famous inclusion being the pop diva Madonna.The strange thing about this phobia is that most affected people realize that storms or theaccompanying lightening is incapable of causing any serious harm to them or their belongings but justcannot seem to react normally when they ear about an impending storm or confronted by the situation.7. AquaphobiaAquaphobia means an irrational and persistent fear of water. Some people affected by it are unable toswim, surf or travel by boat though extreme cases might be characterized by morbid fear of water to theextent that bathing becomes a dreadful thought for them.Most people affected by aquaphobia are said to get ‘zonked out’ totally if some water is splashed uponthem unexpectedly or when they near bigger water bodies like wells, lakes, rivers and waterfalls, etc.
  • 4. 8. TrypanophobiaThis involves fear of blood, injections, injury, etc. Such types of phobia affect nearly 4-5% of the totalpopulation, who can faint at the very sight of an injection or undergo such a severe drop in bloodpressure and heart beat at the very sight of blood that they pass out. So much so that visiting a doctor, atest laboratory or a site of an accident becomes tormenting for them.Needle phobia is most commonly seen and heard of in this category.9. NecrophobiaBy this we mean fear of death or dead things or things which are associated with death. A surprisinglycommon type of phobia, it can cause sweating, panic attacks, nausea, shortness of breath, irregularitiesof heartbeat and extreme paranoia.Necrophobia probably is the affected person’s body sending him out signals about avoiding certainsituations. It could have its roots in moments of extreme pain (mental, physical or both) in the past dueto the death of close ones or brush with death. A person suffering from this phobia leads an absolutelynormal life till he sees something that reminds him of death or the dead. Coffins, for instance10. NyctophobiaThis is the debilitating and morbid fear of darkness. They probably are more afraid of the dangers whichcould be hiding in the dark than darkness itself so much so that they begin to dread the night ordarkness during the day also.Nyctophobia can affect children as well as adults. Watching scary shows and movies at television orlistening to horror stories are the main factors that can cause such types of phobias to develop.Suggested reading: Malingering- A serious fictitious disorderConclusionThis, according to latest figures revealed by NIMH, are the most common phobias that affect people.Do write to us about any weird phobias and funny phobias you have heard of. We would like to includethem in our “Phobias List” which we will be bringing out soon.