Ambiente Ufficio portfolio of projects and services


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Ambiente Ufficio portfolio of projects and services

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Ambiente Ufficio portfolio of projects and services

  1. 1. AMBIENTE UFFICIO S.p.A. Better workplaces for a better life
  2. 2. Ambiente Ufficio SpA We created a group of specializedThe GROUP companies to satisfy the requirements of furnishing in working areas, living spaces and communities
  3. 3. Ambiente Ufficio SpA HOMESERVICES CUSTOM MADE LIGHTING The GROUP provides the following services: • Furniture workplaces, offices, public areas and meeting rooms of hotels and residences; • provides products of national/international companies and custom furnishings required by the costruction supervisor; • plaster, plasterboard, acoustic ceiling, decontamination, decoration, eco-design, restoration and recovery, soundproofing. • Indoor and outdoor lighting
  4. 4. Ambiente Ufficio SpABRANDS Distribute a wide range of highportfolio value design italian and internationals BRANDS
  5. 5. Ambiente Ufficio SpATHE PROJECT Everything starts from deep study and insights
  6. 6. Ambiente Ufficio SpA We provide the best tailored madeR&D solutions for a wide range of raw materials: wood, glass, metal, textiles, etc
  7. 7. Ambiente Ufficio SpAENVIRONMENT Care for the environment is a main focus which has driven successfully the company over 25 years. To make the environment comfortable, safe, efficient and technologically advanced is a positive “obsession” in our business
  8. 8. Ambiente Ufficio SpACERTIFICATION For the high quality standards and environmental respect we are certified ISO 14001:2004 and ISO 9001:2000
  9. 9. Ambiente Ufficio SpACOMMUNICATION Enter our web site: for news, previews, events and much more. Our blog: is a virtual space for a real time feedback.
  10. 10. Ambiente Ufficio SpAREFERENCES T he photo gallery of the following pages are related to our most representative references: A.P.S. Padova Fischer Italia Autorità Portuale Venezia HOT FORM CBELux I.K.S. Comune di Cadoneghe (PD) LaPalma Comune di S.Giorgio delle Net Center Pertiche (PD) Net Engineering DeBortoli Polo Diemme Caffé Relax Engaldini Studio Notarile Schio (VI) Eurologistica Uniflair Europa Risorse Unifrutti Dubai EXO Unifrutti Padova
  11. 11. W hat we do? In our 25 years of experience we have successfully implemented various projects, according to the different requests and needs of professionals, companies, agencies and institutions.O fficesMost part of our activities are focused on office furnitures(wall partitions+cupboards+desks+chairs).Thanks to our specialised know how, we can assure to ourcustomers superior and visible results in term of details,functionality and design.
  12. 12. O peratives officesWe are used to handle requests for large open spaces . The first step of ourprocess starts from a layout design .Our role at the beginning of the project is crucial to focus our architects andtechnical designers to a proactive study of the best space allocations and ofthe ideal workflow for people and activitiesThe finale solution is a turn –key offer and supply which have to match thecustomer’s budget with the best quality/price ratio and productivity.
  13. 13. N ot only operative open spacesWe are not only specialist of large scale spaces.Our know how covers a worldwide portfolio of furnitureproduction coupled with a continuous update of newproducts. This enables us offering customized solutions forsmall spaces with a high class distinctive aesthetic and aunique care of details.
  14. 14. W all partitions and partitionig systemOne of the most critical areas in office furniture solutions where we can offer a very diversifiedoptions and materials from the traditional plasterboards to different standards of transparentand equipped partitions.A structured space, flexible enough to be easily changed and adapted for future evolutions oradditions, helps our clients better managing the dynamic evolution of their business needs.
  15. 15. S ound & visual insulationThanks to high quality materials, and takingadvantage of deeply tested products, we can createvisual and noise barriers and respond to everycustomer request in this area.It’s possible also to develop invisible partitions todecrease the noises passage between offices.
  16. 16. L arge spacesConference rooms,council rooms, meetingrooms and multipurposerooms.All topics successfullyaddressed in the recentyears.
  17. 17. M eeting roomsHigh technology, privacy and aesthetic impact.A high quality company’s image to favourably impress bothcustomers and suppliers ..
  18. 18. C ustomizationReceptions, counters, entrances andstaterooms.Wood, metal, glass, colours andemotions. All proposals to fit withcustomers’ most demandingexpectations
  19. 19. Enviroments, colours, lights
  20. 20. A ccessoriesIndoor and outdoor
  21. 21. S howrooms, stores andplayrooms
  22. 22. Ambiente Ufficio SpAThe SHOWROOM
  23. 23. A great space (around 500 square meters) GABRIELE BASILICO Photo exibition in our showroom
  24. 24. W e hosted some architectural and design conferences:Riccardo Blummer (in the photo above he tray to explain theeggs toughness), Mario Botta, Francesco Dal Co, MarioCucinella,...
  25. 25. contactsAMBIENTE UFFICIO S.p.A. Via Irpinia, 56 Z.I. 35020 Saonara (PD) Tel. 049 8791870-71 Fax. 049 8792336 info@ambienteufficio.itWWW.AMBIENTEUFFICIO.IT