It’s at your fingertips and we’re here to help.                                              Help you understand it.      S...
SOCIAL MEDIA WORKS!   We’re in a digital world and it’s time for you to get tech savvy and maybe hone some of the tech    ...
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Social media works! I'll show you why and how.


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Social Media Works is an interactive, community-based educational seminar. This 2.5 hour class offers a captivating crash course on the importance of understanding and using the latest online social networks for personal and professional success (Note: No boring lectures permitted here). This class aims to educate communities about the importance of digital technologies and provides effective strategies and tips for all technical skill levels. Register today at

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Social media works! I'll show you why and how.

  1. 1. It’s at your fingertips and we’re here to help. Help you understand it. Social media really works! Help you use it (the right way).How so? Help make it work for you. We’ll teach you how to unleash its power! Join me for a class @ 10 AM Social Media Works is the most on 2/23, 3/2, 3/16 or 3/23 @ informative, most affordable class the Wingate Hotel in Stafford you’ll take this year. & Fxburg & I’ll show u! Register today and learn the best DIY (do-it-yourself) digital communications:) strategies to add value to your career, your business, your company, your cause, your brand, and so much more... You can bring ur computer, tablet, smartphone, and/or notebook. Get ready 2 learn! I’ll be there! MORE DETAILS ON BACK!
  2. 2. SOCIAL MEDIA WORKS! We’re in a digital world and it’s time for you to get tech savvy and maybe hone some of the tech skills you already have. Social Media Works is a community-based class designed to help you unleash the power of online social networks. SOCIAL MEDIA CAN HELP YOU... Promote your business Develop professionally ...and root for others. ...and even start your own profession. Find a job Connect with friends and family ...and encourage companies to search for you. ...on your terms. Build your brand Get the latest news updates ...and connect with the pros. ....and filter the clutter. Discover new information ...and make old information relevant again. 10% of the proceeds of Receive a very this class support Get to your destination LEENC.ORG, a community special gift in ...and tell the world all about your trip. networking group that each class! Improve your community offers free resume and ...and communicate within and beyond it. professional development REGISTER AT help. Questions/Partnerships? Call 202-643-7534 About the Instructor TestimonialsAmber Williams Allen is a public relations (PR) and com- “I was astounded at how you took such seemingly complexmunications professional with a broad range of experience and unfamiliar information and made it interesting and easycreating digital and traditional communications strategies to understand. You convinced me that I need to get connect-in the areas of: national security, military/defense, energy ed and stay connected for personal as well as professionaland climate, nuclear security, non-profit, music, and enter- reasons. Also, more than anything, I appreciate yourtainment. handling of the discussion on privacy issues surrounding using social media.” - Ricky, USN (Ret.)Amber is the Principal of Nella House LLC – a stellarcommunications powerhouse. Nella House works with ”The information I gained from your course on Social Mediaindividuals, organizations, and small to large businesses to was quite astonishing. At first, I wasn’t quite sure how muchhelp build and sustain transformational brands using the more I needed to know about the topic, but by the end of thepower of technology and digital communications tools. course, my vision had certainly been expanded...most of all, I learned, through this course, that there are various means ofAmber is a Stafford, VA native who currently resides in social media available to us to use for the different types ofAlexandria, VA. She has Master’s in Public Relations with a goals we are seeking to accomplish in life.concentration in Digital Communications and Social Media - Carol, Managerfrom Georgetown University.