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  • Statistics of if they are satisfied with the number of people they actually meet
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  • K hive final presentation

    1. 1. K-Hive: Connectivity through social serendipity Amber Krishan | MFA DT
    2. 2. What is K-HIVE? Collaboration tools that help conference participants identify and connect with like-minded individuals within the conference environment. Onsite collaboration and contact aggregation Profile and contact management through web through device! interface
    3. 3. Impetus Digital technologies have enabled human Social disconnect… connectivity across the globe
    4. 4. Social serendipity A chance meeting with someone right next to us can lead to an insightful discovery. How many such discoveries are we losing out on…
    5. 5. Target Users Conference participants come together to collaborate and share knowledge. Despite the events and sessions, participants find it hard to make relevant connections.
    6. 6. Supporting Research “Over 80% of people said that seeing friends and meeting new people was the reason they went to conferences or it was very important. 53% of people said "attendees they want to hang out with" is the reason they go to conferences.” (Stormy Peters, executive director of the GNOME Foundation)
    7. 7. Precedents Reality Mining ‘Bump’ (iphone application) Vodaphone 360 SpotMe Sociometer nTag IntelliBadge ActiveBadge Poken Lovegety
    8. 8. Prototypes - Dedicated device
    9. 9. What's wrong with that? In "The endangered joy of serendipity" William McKeen bemoans the decrease of serendipity as a result of precisely directed and targeted media, searching, and interactions.
    10. 10. The Challenge - Navigating the Information Cloud Folksonomy tag cloud - by offering many connections and multiple entry paths simultaneously - may help rejuvenate serendipity in danger in a world of closely focused lists.
    11. 11. Prototypes - Mobile Device
    12. 12. K-Hive – User Experience
    13. 13. Next Steps Interaction model developed through thesis Mobile Phone App Integrated Mobile for The New Phone Service (Dedicated School device) CHI 2011 Vancouver
    14. 14. Credits Faculty Marko Tandefelt (Faculty, Parsons the New School of Design) Loretta Wolozin (Faculty, Parsons the New School of Design) Katherine Morawaki (Faculty, Parsons the New School of Design) Louisa Campbell (Faculty, Parsons the New School of Design) External Advisors Jerome Nadel (Executive Vice President Marketing & User Experience, Sagem Wireless, Paris) Internal Advisors Benjamin Bacon (Faculty, IT Manager PIIM) Brian Willison (Director PIIM) Scott Pobiner (Assistant Professor - Design and Management) Jane Pirone (Asst. Professor/DirectorCommunication Design & Technology) Anezka Sebek (Associate Professor of Media Design ,Director, MFA in Design and Technology) Colleagues Joe Saavedra (Student, Parsons the New School of Design) Ira Goldberg (Student, Parsons the New School of Design) Sayoko Yoshida (UI designer, Parsons Institute for Information Mapping)