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Intro sequence2

  1. 1. THE HUNTERS The Hunters Written By Amber Cornwell Based on, if any Address Phone Number
  2. 2. THE HUNTERS 1 FADE IN. 3. INT. MERRIWEATHER ACADEMY HALLWAY - MORNING JAY enters Merriweather Academy with his head down. ROSIE notices Jay as he walks in. She hops over to him. ROSIE (cheerfully) You ready for training? JAY Is there a point in me answering since you can read my mind. JAY (V.O) Dreading it, spending all day with Jim glaring at me, so least I can look at Rosie, she is so damn ho...shit! she is listening to this. ROSIE (awkwardly) That's shouldn't feel today. Rosie looks down on the floor looking uncomfortable. JAY Well we better be going anyway. Jay and Rosie head down the hallway. 4. INT. TRAINING ROOM- DAY Jay and Rosie are practicing fighting together. Jay goes to hit rose in the face but Rosie ducks out of the way. The PRINCIPAL walks into the room. All students stop what they are doing and fall silent. PRINCIPAL (Loudly) Well done! I am impressed at how far you guys have come. If you do this in the battle with The Hunter's, we might actually win. Kid 1 raises his hand to ask a question. The Principal nods his head in acceptance. KID 1 Urm...what if we aren't strong enough against The Hunter's?
  3. 3. THE HUNTERS 2 PRINCIPAL Confidence is something you obviously don't have young man, Jay come up here and show everyone what you can do. Jay looks around awkwardly. He slowly walks to the front of the room next to the Principal. PRINCIPAL Don't be shy Jay, show what you can do. Jay closes his eyes then re opens them and focuses on a chair in the room. The chair slowly starts to raise in the air on it's own. Jay suddenly closes his eyes and the chair falls to the ground. Everyone starts to mutter to each other. Jay walks back to Rosie. PRINCIPAL Thank you Jay. With powers like this, we have a great chance of winning, he could collapse this whole building with just his mind. However with everyone else's powers in this room we won't have to resort to that. In the back of the room JIM is staring at Jay as he walks out with Rosie and GREG. 5. EXT.OUTSIDE OF MERRIWEATHER ACADEMY- EVENING Jay, Rosie and Greg are walking outside Merriweather Academy. Jay is holding hands with Rosie. GREG I'm third wheeling again I see, great. ROSIE (embarrassed) Haha. Sorry should think about meeting someone...what about the girl with black hair in training? GREG Eww! Kat?! No way! I'm not (MORE)
  4. 4. THE HUNTERS GREG (CONT'D) desperate mate! JAY Man, your too harsh. 3