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  • 1. FISH TANK Made: 2009 Director and writer: Andrea Arnold Stars: Katie Jarvis “Everything changes for 15-year-old Mia when her mum brings home a new boyfriend.” Filmed: Mardyke Estate in Havering Country: UK, Netherlands Budget $3 million Box office $2,357,852 Gross: £598,162 (UK) Production Companies: BBC Films, UK Film Council Distribution companies: Artificial Eye Theatrical and DVD. Distribution Company: Artificial Eye
  • 2. PRODUCTION The film was filmed over six weeks in chronological, when filming the actors would be given there scripts for the following week so they were unaware of what would happen to their characters later in the film. It was filmed in England in mainly London and Essex, and also Tilbury in Essex which is the place were the actor Katie Jarvis who plays Mia Williams was spotted when arguing with her boyfriend, Brian. DISTRIBUTION The film got awards such as Jury Prize at the 2009 Cannes Film Festival and It also won the 2010 BAFTA for best British. This was used to market the film.
  • 3. ILL MANORS “The lives of four drug dealers, one user and two prostitutes.” Rating: 18 Director and writer: Ben Drew Genre: Crime/Drama Released: 2012 Filming Locations: Manor Park, London Budget: £100,000
  • 4. OTHER COMPANIES Aimimage/Ice Film supplied the camera DNR Films, Tate Post and Technicolor post-production Panalux lighting and grip Point1post sound re-recording
  • 5. PRODUCTION COMPANIES Production companies: Microwave, Film London, BBC Films, Aimimage Productions, Gunslinger, Ill Manors Film London Film London is based in London and is it’s film and media agency. Promoting London as a major international film-making and film cultural capital. They produce Feature Films, Television, Video, Short film, Commercial and New Interactive Media. It’s a not-for-profit organization, supported by national and regional government and grants are also received from other organizations.
  • 6. DISTRIBUTION COMPANIES Distribution company: Revolver Entertainment Theatircal DVD Blu-Ray Video Video on Demand
  • 7. KIDULTHOOD A British film about the lives of teenagers in London. Directed by Menhaj Huda and written by Noel Clarke who also stars in the film and directed the sequel Adulthood. The film involves violence, antisocial behaviour and criminal acts. Made in 2006
  • 8. PRODUCTION The film was shot in the areas in which is was set in London. The production companies involved where Stealth Films Cipher Films TMC Films UK Film Council (developed with the assistance of)
  • 9. DISTRIBUTION Distributed by Revolver Entertainment in the UK. Budget £600, 000. Box Office £453, 876.
  • 10. FISH TANK Fish Tank is aimed at local audiences around London and Essex. It shows the parts of England not seen from outside countries and only affects local audiences. The social realism of the film is achieved through the hand held shots, natural lighting and mise-en-scene used to show the low budget of the film. As it is an independent the actors were unknown, as Katie Jarvis the main actor was spotted by the person responsible or casting when having an argument with her boyfriend, Brian. For independent films it isn’t known how much the actors were paid but there are 3 known ways of how this can be approached, upfront pay, credit and a copy of the film or deferred pay on the backend per certain conditions. The film is a 15 but there was several issues in deciding this, as the film went into the BBFC guidelines of a 15 and 18. The problems were around • very strong language • sex • sex references • recreational drug use • discriminatory terms • possible animal cruelty • moderate violence CLASSIFICATION
  • 11. ILL MANORS
  • 13. SKYFALL
  • 14. FISH TANK
  • 15. ILL MANORS
  • 17. SKYFALL
  • 18. THE INBETWEENERS The Inbetweeners film used cross media convergence when the distribution and marketing of The Inbetweeners box sets series 1, 2 and 3 was used with the Phones 4 u to pomote the Samsung Galaxy Ace mobile but also to celebrate the release of The Inbetweeners film. They spoke to Absolute Radio and advertised the film through The Nations Noodle. As this was an independent film they didn’t have a big budget to advertise the film so they used social networking to create awareness such as Facebook and twitter accounts.
  • 19. FISH TANK
  • 20. ILL MANORS
  • 22. SKYFALL
  • 23. FISH TANK
  • 24. ILL MANORS There is a phone used in the film, the phone is used to film a fight and film themselves when they are out. Instead of using a camera which is meant for filming they use their phones which now has this function built in.
  • 26. SKYFALL
  • 27. FISH TANK
  • 28. ILL MANORS
  • 30. SKYFALL
  • 31. FISH TANK
  • 32. ILL MANORS
  • 34. SKYFALL
  • 35. FISH TANK
  • 36. ILL MANORS
  • 38. SKYFALL