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Overcome the hurdles_tla_04.18.12

  1. 1. Run the Race! Librarian-Teacher Collaboration Presenters: Amber Baumann, Erin Segreto & Terry Lambert - Katy ISD
  2. 2. Jumping the HurdlesText questions to 281-940-4118
  3. 3. We asked teachers:What prevented you from collaborating with your librarian(s)? • Time • Lack of prior planning • No need • “(I) had good intentions, but they got lost in other activities and (I) did not plan far enough ahead.” – Anonymous • “Time is limited as a coach with before and after school duties.” – Justin Schreer, Athletics Coach
  4. 4. Teacher Hurdles to Collaboration•Time •Teacher duties•No need •Good intentions but get lost in•Not enough planning ahead day-to-day Text questions to 281-940-4118
  5. 5. BEFORE…
  6. 6. Paperwork........TEKS Labs.........Grading Communication with: • Parents • Administrators • PLC • Curriculum supportNo trivial fluff! One more meeting was NOT on my radar.
  7. 7. I was climbing this obstacle the hard way; the old way. I thought the library was only forEnglish research papers, not science.
  8. 8. Grad School Project Opened My Eyes • Included technology • Students had fun learning • No boring notes on lesson taught • Hands-on learning • Librarian helped teach lesson • Win/Win Text questions to 281-940-4118
  9. 9. Assessment IncreasesAFTER...Critical Thinking Up Engaged Learning
  10. 10. You can have a …or you can little peace by collaborate and yourself... be a STAR!
  11. 11. Use the Right NetUSE THE RIGHT LURE Text questions to 281-940-4118
  12. 12. CULTURE of TEACHING says DONT COLLABORATE.Increased collaboration violates autonomy and exposes teacherinteraction with kids.A "teacher" does what I do. You dont do what I do. You are not ateacher.Hartzell, Gary. "Invigorate Collaboration." University of Nebraska at Omaha: TLA Conference Session, 2007. Text questions to 281-940-4118
  13. 13. Recruiting Teachers to Your TeamMotivation to collaborate must be:Get results in less time, or get better results in same time.Choose your collaborators - work with top people.Flexibility is rule #1! Accommodate each teachers style.Successful collaborators:Competent, trustworthy, likable, experts, supportive, visible on campus.Stress shared concerns. Dont chit-chat about cataloging - nobody cares!Hartzell, Gary. "Invigorate Collaboration." University of Nebraska at Omaha: TLA Conference Session, 2007. Text questions to 281-940-4118
  14. 14. Proving Youre a Good Teammate Advocacy is essential!Don’t be afraid to engage in unsolicited sharing and self-promotion! Google Form Survey Example Text questions to 281-940-4118
  15. 15. Be your own agent for change! The "blurb." "We experienced a 17% increase in sales of our required reading material." "We served over 4,000 patrons this week!" "Forty classes used the library for research this month." "We increased our book club participation this year by 20%."
  16. 16. Proving Youre a Good TeammateCommunicatethe Librarian’s Role Youre Instructional Text questions to 281-940-4118
  17. 17. Learn to walk before you run!One teacher at a time: New teachers Innovators Natural campus leadersOne department at a time: Different department each year Invite teams to hold a meeting in library Have resources ready Listen to their needs FEED them! Text questions to 281-940-4118
  18. 18. Time for a Wordle...Ok, fess up - why dont YOU want tocollaborate?Text words to: 281-940-4118
  19. 19. Librarian Resistance to Collaboration• Abundance of administrative tasks• Time• Lack of support from leadership• Budget• Personality conflicts• Lack of confidence in technologies Text questions to 281-940-4118
  20. 20. Dont run in circles!• READ Posters• Library PR videos• Read It Forward• Library flyers, advertisements• Book Trailers For All• Train student aides, if available Text questions to 281-940-4118
  21. 21. Get off the bench & set some goals! Set SMART Goals.(Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Results-centered, Time bound) Compile annual "goals" portfolio. Invite your principal. Text questions to 281-940-4118
  22. 22. Budget BuildersRe-evaluate your library policies: Printing/copier charges Late feesFundraisers and book salesBook-swapsDonations, business partners,sponsors, PTA Text questions to 281-940-4118
  23. 23. From http://vulcanstev.wordpress.com/2010/12/16/demotivational-poster-teamwork/
  24. 24. Be willing to learn from students, teachers, and other librarians. Attend technology training, professional development, or webinars. Share what you know. Collaboration is not a spectator sport! Text questions to 281-940-4118
  25. 25. Does your workspace look like this?Save time withtechnology…and add value!
  26. 26. "American children now spend 7.5hours a day absorbing and creatingmedia...more and more of theseactivities are happening onsmartphones equipped with audio,video, SMS, and hundreds ofthousands of apps." 2009 Parent-Teen Cell Phone Survey, conducted by Princeton Survey Research Associates International.
  27. 27. Social NetworkingValue - creates relationships, interactive, fun Text questions to 281-940-4118
  28. 28. Google Formshttp://docs.google.comPaperless, fast, and easy.Post on web/email.Creative uses:Faculty/staff surveysLibrary lesson feedbackQuizzesContestsData collectionLibrary student aide applicationsParent volunteer informationLibrary reservations Text questions to 281-940-4118
  29. 29. Hot Bloggin It!EDUBLOGS: http://edublogs.orgFree educational blogging software.Example: Coyote Library BlogThings to include:LocationHoursResources availableLibrary feesEvents Things to exclude:Reading programs Excessive graphicsTeacher resources Long articlesTechnology tips More than 3 clicks to find Large files/downloadsDushinski, K. The mobile marketing handbook: A step-by-step guideto creating dynamic mobile marketing campaigns. Medford, N.J:CyberAge Books/Information Today, 2009.
  30. 30. Tweet Your LibraryTwitter: http://twitter.com/Instantly spread the word - library events, new materials, bookclub announcements, important dates, author visits, displays, etc. Keep it simple - 140 characters or less."Over 800 million people worldwide will be participating in a socialnetwork via their mobile phones by 2012, up from 82 million in2007.“ -eMarketerDushinski, K. The mobile marketing handbook: A step-by-stepguide to creating dynamic mobile marketing campaigns. Medford,N.J: CyberAge Books/Information Today, 2009. Text questions to 281-940-4118
  31. 31. http://www.shelfari.com/ Create a virtual bookshelf, http://www.goodreads.com/communicate with other readers, Decide what to read next, find out find new books. what your friends are reading. Add new library arrivals to your shelf. LibraryThing http://www.librarything.com/ Enter what you’re reading or your whole library. An easy, library-quality catalog. Community of 1.5M book lovers.
  32. 32. Crossing the Finish LineText questions to 281-940-4118
  33. 33. Winning StoriesYouTube Math VideoTerrys Prezi
  34. 34. Winning StoriesREAD Posters/Library Videos
  35. 35. Winning StoriesTwilight Festival
  36. 36. Winning Stories Middle School Hunger Games FestivalHigh School Experiential Lesson
  37. 37. Winning StoriesGoal: Increase use of NoveList database by 10%.Method: Show 10 patrons/week how to use it. Collect 15 testimonials for future promos.Tools: Bookmarks promoting NoveList for various age groups.Impact: In one year, saw a 375% usage increase.
  38. 38. Winning Stories Bluebonnet Programs Text final questions to 281-940-4118
  39. 39. Works CitedBarber, Peggy & Linda Wallace. Building a buzz: Libraries & word-of-mouth marketing. Chicago: American Library Association, 2010.Dowd, Nancy, Mary Evageliste and Jonathan Silberman. Bite-sized marketing: Realistic solutions for the overworked librarian. Chicago: American Library Association, 2010.Dushinski, K. The mobile marketing handbook: A step-by-step guide to creating dynamic mobile marketing campaigns. Medford, N.J: CyberAge Books/Information Today, 2009.Hartzell, Gary. "Invigorate Collaboration." University of Nebraska at Omaha: TLA Conference Session, 2007.Kvenild, C. & K. Calkins. Embedded librarians: Moving beyond one-shot instruction. Association of College and Research Libraries: Chicago, 2011.
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  41. 41. In what ways have you collaboratedwith your school librarian(s) this year?“I worked with the librarians in many differentways. They came to the computer lab todiscuss research and MLA citations. Also,they helped pull books for my freshmanstudents and helped teach them aboutplagiarism.”-Megan ChrissEnglish Teacher
  42. 42. In what ways have you collaboratedwith your school librarian(s) this year?“They have helped us create interactivelessons aligning novels being read in class(with) modern novels. The librarians arephenomenal with helping our classes withresearch.”-Katie ParkerEnglish Teacher
  43. 43. In what ways have you collaboratedwith your school librarian(s) this year?“Any time I need some extra help developinga lesson or planning research, the librarianshave always gone the extra mile to help medevelop materials and to teach my studentsabout the library.”-Teacher (anonymous)
  44. 44. In what ways have you collaboratedwith your school librarian(s) this year?“...research, relevant sources, high-interestreading for ELA course(s), writing styles,and useful media and web materials.”-Teacher (anonymous)
  45. 45. In what ways have you collaboratedwith your school librarian(s) this year?“They have assisted in adjusting my lessonto fit the library more effectively. Additionally,they assisted in teaching the students howto use library resources.”-Melissa K. SmithConsumer Science Teacher
  46. 46. In what ways have you collaboratedwith your school librarian(s) this year?“The librarians have been instrumental in thedevelopment and execution of not only research,but also several projects my AP students did thisyear, including book reference material as wellas online materials.”-Chad ScottEnvironmental Science Teacher
  47. 47. In what ways have you collaboratedwith your school librarian(s) this year?“Our librarians are a wealth of information ontheir inventory. They can match the mostreluctant reader to the perfect selection atthe appropriate reading level and it makesthe students’ interest SPARK!”-Georgia DuncanSpecial Education Reading Teacher
  48. 48. In what ways have you collaboratedwith your school librarian(s) this year?“We collaborate on all sorts of lesson ideas andresources for students. They help plan theresearch project and pull resources for students.Also, our librarians keep us all updated on thenewest YA titles. They plan events for teachersto bring more people into the library. They are avital part of our campus.”-Kristin A. SimmonsEnglish Teacher