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Coakley & williams driving revenue november 2010






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    Coakley & williams driving revenue november 2010 Coakley & williams driving revenue november 2010 Presentation Transcript

    • Driving Revenue Coakley & Williams
    • Introduction Amber Fox National Director of Sales - Hospitality (614) 766-5101 amberfox@signatureworldwide.com 5115 Parkcenter Avenue Dublin, Ohio 43017 (614) 766-5101 www.signatureworldwide.com
    • Agenda REVIEW • What are our current competencies? • Where can we grow? DEFINE • What is old is new again • What’s really new • Integrating the two ENGAGE • Six Hats thinking methodology GROW • Action plan presentation
    • C&W Sales Competencies Internet Prospecting Traditional Sales
    • C&W Marketing Competencies • Advertising • Brochures/Rack Cards • Public Relations • Direct Mail/E-mail • Special Promotions • Cooperative Promotions • Websites • Internet • Mobile Web
    • C&W Personal Sales Competencies • Market and Product Knowledge • Prospecting • Initial Contact • Qualifying • Presentation and Demonstration • Addressing Concerns • Closing the Sale • Follow-up and Relationship Building
    • Traditional Selling • Elevator story (your voice, USP) • Prospecting • Growing current business • Account retention • Cold calls • Backyard marketing • Networking
    • Prospecting • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YCQvdsm6nsg
    • Where to Prospect Finding a Lead • SalesPro • Competition • Backyard marketing • Organizations • Cold calls • Current accounts • Internet • Front desk
    • Quality of a Lead Competition Questions?
    • Sales vs. Prospecting Calls Sales is . . . Prospecting is . . . Building relationships Networking Creating interest in your product Researching Creating value Looking for new opportunities Generating revenue Suspects-Prospects-Customers
    • Sales vs. Prospecting Calls Prospecting Sales Attention Desire Interest Action
    • The Sales Call • Goal of a Sales Call
    • The Sales Call Objective Continuance- When the next step is not clearly defined Advancement- When the next step consists of: • Action • Date • Time • Call objective
    • The Sales Call Objective Identify which statements below are Continuances (C) vs. Advancements (A) and place the appropriate letter in the corresponding blank: C • I’ll send you a proposal and call to follow-up next Friday morning. C • Why don’t you call me when you’re ready to make a decision? A • I’ll speak with you next Monday at 9:45 a.m. and we will finalize the order. A • Does next Thursday at 3:15 p.m. work for you? We can place the order at that time.
    • Approaching • Greeting or Introduction • Reason • Opening Reinforcement (ORS) or Interest Building Statement (OIBS) • Immediate Follow-up Open-ended Question
    • Opening Reinforcement Statement • Elevator Story • USP
    • Our Signature Elevator Stories 1.) We develop employees who will listen to your guests, act upon their requests in an exceptional manner and you will see your people truly connect with your customers. 2.) Would you be interested in discussing this further?
    • Our Signature Elevator Stories 1.) After one day with us, you’ll see higher revenues, you’ll hear a real difference in how your employees interact with your customers and we will continue to raise the bar when it comes to performance. 2.) Does that sound like something you may have an interest in?
    • Did You Know . . . • 95% of salespeople said they can SELL – they just need to get in front of more prospects. • Most salespeople HATE to prospect. • “Prospectors” close more business than the best “salespeople.”
    • Increasing Your Client Contacts Within 30 days of receiving a lead, how many times does a salesperson attempt to follow up on the lead? 48% averaged 1 client contact per lead 13% averaged 2 client contacts per lead 7% averaged 3 client contacts per lead 1% averaged 4 client contacts per lead Telephone and Email Prospecting
    • Increasing Your Client Contacts 80% of closed sales take a minimum of five client contacts per lead!
    • Phone vs. E-mail Prospecting
    • E-mail Prospecting Advantages Disadvantages • Cost effective • Not personal • Time effective • Easy to ignore • Alternative • Delay in response marketing tool
    • Gaining Access to Executives Always Usually A direct call/e-mail 0% 20% A contact at an off-site 0% 44% An e-mail and follow-up 4% 20% External referral 8% 36% Internal referral 16% 68%
    • Tips for E-mail Prospecting • DO write a strong subject line • DO write why you are contacting them – (FIRST SENTENCE) • DO write why you are contacting them now – (SECOND SENTENCE) • DO ask for an internal referral – (LAST SENTENCE)
    • E-mail Example Subject Line: Your unique branding at _______ - December 2009 Good Afternoon ________: I read with interest how you have positioned your hotels as something that’s unique and slightly original. We can assist you in pushing the STAR ratings for all of your hotels. Our clients rave about how we create legendary customer experiences through our innovative training approach. Some of our notable clients include the Four Seasons, Wynn Resorts and Biltmore Coral Gables. Who is the best person at _______ I may contact to introduce to our programs? Best regards, Kristy Westfall 222-817-5319
    • Phone vs. E-mail Prospecting
    • Phone Prospecting Do you What have any do you NEWS to KNOW? share? And the REASON I’m calling is … ?
    • Phone Prospecting Advantages Disadvantages • Cost effective • Gatekeepers • Time effective • Perceived as an • Initiates annoyance relationships • Time consuming Telephone and Email Prospecting
    • What if They’re Not In? Know anything? Call objective? Any news? Benefits to them? WHO? WHO? WHAT? Your WHAT? WHERE? Elevator WHERE? PHONE! Story PHONE!
    • Cold Calls • Goal • ORS • WIIFM • News • Internal Referral
    • Existing Business • SalesPro • Account Penetration • Goal for % of Business • Internal Referrals
    • Organizations • Choosing • Qualifying • Follow-up
    • Tips for Successful Prospecting 1. Keep in mind that your goal in prospecting is to get their attention and interest. 2. Try to start at the top of the organization with your first contact. 3. Always ask for an internal referral. 4. Always have a reason for being there that benefits the contact. 5. Never sell until you uncover need.
    • IDEAS IN MOTION Version 1 November 08
    • Social Media http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sIFYPQjYhv8&p=F4771355157B225C&playnext=1&index=22
    • Social Media
    • What is Social Media? Social media is more of a two-way conversation that encourages discussion, feedback, voting, comments and sharing of information from all interested parties. Ron Jones, Social Media Marketing 101, Part 1
    • Resistance to Change Photo by Archie McPhee Seattle on Flickr.com
    • Explore • Tweetdeck • LinkedIn • Blogs • Google Alerts • Review sites • Facebook • Foursquare
    • Set Up Columns in Tweetdeck
    • Explore – Tweetdeck Columns • Your own hotel • Your competitors • Events nearby • City-name weddings • City-name conferences • City-name meeting planners • City-name family reunions
    • Explore – LinkedIn
    • Explore – LinkedIn • Look at your connections contacts • Join groups – Dallas meetings – Texas hotels • Search for prospects – Dallas bridal consultants • Search for events – Dallas events • Search answers – Dallas
    • Explore – LinkedIn Answers
    • Blogs – Technorati - Alltop
    • Technorati • Click on Lifestyles, Travel • Search for posts – Garden weddings – Your hotel name – Your competitors – Dallas family reunions • Search for blogs – Texas family reunions
    • Google Alerts
    • Google Alerts • Yourself • Your biggest customers • Your competitors • Events • Your market segments
    • Review Sites
    • TripAdvisor – Forums
    • Foursquare
    • Agenda Explore - Where are your prospects? Define - What do you want from them? Engage Grow
    • Define In the offline world – what are your prospecting goals? • Get them to buy • Get them to come for a site inspection • Get an appointment at their office • Get a referral
    • Define What are your online prospecting goals? • Get them to buy • Get them to come for a site inspection – to your website, your Facebook page, your YouTube channel • Get an appointment at their office – make offline contact • Get a referral – have them like you on Facebook, share a link, retweet
    • Agenda Explore - Where are your prospects? Define - What do you want from them? Engage - What is your social media voice? - Tips for responding Grow
    • What is Your Social Media Voice?
    • Tips for Engaging • Be transparent & genuine • Use your social media voice • First, be helpful • Be specific • Offer contact info • Stand out from the crowd • Be an expert (but not a know-it-all) • Share not sell
    • Example
    • Example Hi Deb – I’m Amber and I work at the Staybridge Suites in Dallas. Of course we would love to have you at our hotel, but if you are determined to stay in Arlington then there is a great Holiday Inn Express off of Route 20. They have a great free breakfast including melt-in-your-mouth cinnamon rolls! And they do have a pool too. If you want any tips on sites in Dallas, call me at the Staybridge!
    • Agenda Explore - Where are your prospects? Define - What do you want from them? Engage - What is your social media voice? - Tips for responding Grow
    • Campaign Grand Geneva Resort, Lake Geneva, WI Objective: Grow customer base and revenue for the Mountain Top Ski Hill
    • Promotion Free ski hill access on opening weekend. Only Facebook visitors that became fans could download a printable voucher.
    • Pre-Event http://www.facebook.com/grandgeneva#!/grandgeneva?v=app_57675755167
    • During Event
    • Post-Event Analysis Successful campaign by all measurements: • 1,800 vouchers redeemed. • January ski hill revenue up 9% year-over-year. • Grand Geneva social media community grew 30 times. • Online engagement and evangelism has skyrocketed.
    • Execute You can’t Do it all, Pick your priorities
    • IDEAS IN MOTION Version 1 November 08
    • TIME MANAGEMENT http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mDIKhqbcexw
    • What Is Time Management? Time management is somewhat of a misnomer as time passes without regard to what we do; the only thing we can manage is our self. Hence, time management is mostly about self management. - BambooWeb Dictionary, www.bambooweb.com
    • A Typical Day • What does your typical day look like? • What percentage of your time is spent on urgent activities? • What percentage of your time is spent on important activities? • What do you consider to be your “time wasters”? • What percentage of your time is spent on traditional sales vs. internet marketing?
    • An Ideal Sales Day What would your ideal day look like?
    • A Typical Day Vs. An Ideal Day • There is no guarantee that every day is going to go according to plan. • The key is to prepare yourself to adjust your “Ideal Day” agenda to accommodate those unexpected, urgent requests, emergencies, or last-minute changes.
    • Time Management Tips • Know what you want from your time. • Set goals and make them reasonable and action-oriented. • Number of calls, number of e-mails, number of outside calls, amount of time on social media.
    • Time Management Tips • Learn to see the difference between urgent and important. • Important tasks are those that lead you to your goals and give you most of the long-term progress and reward. • Urgent tasks are those that require immediate action or attention. • Important tasks are very often not urgent; many urgent tasks are not really important.
    • Time Management Tips • Know and respect your priorities. • Aim to do the important things first. • Refocus your mind to give more time and attention to those most important things.
    • Time Management Tips • Plan your actions for achieving your goals. • Preserve contingency time to handle the unexpected.
    • Time Management Obstacles • Over-scheduling • Over-accessibility • Urgency • Distractibility • Procrastination
    • Time Management Strategies Over-scheduling • Review priorities. • Ask self: What is best use of your time right now?
    • Time Management Strategies Over-accessibility • Answer phone or respond to e-mails during designated times only. • Prioritize and determine what is most important – don’t try to be all things to all people. • Be assertive – sometimes you have to say no!
    • Time Management Strategies Urgency • Identify priorities. • Delegate less important, but urgent tasks. • Plan actions related to important tasks to identify potential issues. • Budget extra time for unexpected complications.
    • Time Management Strategies Distractibility • Build concentration with short, focused bursts of attention and effort. • Tackle sales calls during times of peak performance. • Outbound sales time – shut door, turn off ring, turn off e-mail.
    • Time Management Strategies Procrastination • Reframe “have to” with “want to.” • Break sales week into sub-goals. • Replace perfectionism with being human. • Time box – designate a pre-set amount of time to work on internet marketing – do not go over.
    • Creating Actions • Look at your typical day vs. ideal day. • Identify time management obstacles and propose potential solutions. • Not just number of calls but when. • Structure your week to support goals. • Identify goals and funnel down by week/day.
    • Action Plan
    • Thank you!