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Game on Game on Presentation Transcript

  • 1Effect on PAPersonality /Behaviour on SalesPerformance –Suggestion toimprove PA Skills.• Building on customer management withpersonalized tough• Pump attendant are image ofcorporation• Motivational Program/Trainingpump boys/New uniform/• Role of pump attendants in retail outlet saleperformance
  • 2• Delighted Customers• Satisfied Customers• Dissatisfied CustomersCategories of Customer
  • 3Categories of Customer: Dissatisfied Customers>What youpromised/ Whatthey expectedDissatisfiedCustomersStop Purchasing/ Look for an alternativeTell 9 to 10 people about their experienceExaggerate their Bad storiesTell your competitorsUsually won’t tell you( only 1 in 25 will report to you )Generally don’t come back( up to 90% NEVER COME BACK)What youprovide
  • 4Categories of Customer: Satisfied CustomersWhat youpromised/ Whatthey expected=Continue to purchase till they find a better alternativeAre likely to provide 3 to 5 referralsMay continue with you for life time (rarely)SatisfiedCustomersWhat youprovide
  • 5What youpromised/ Whatthey expected<DelightedCustomersStay loyal to the Business for LifeTell 17 to 20 people about their DelightfulexperienceMay bring 17-20 referralsCategories of Customer: Delighted CustomersDelight = Expectation + 1+ 1 more smile+ 1 additional item ( a surprisegift)+1 service ( Free air , ATM, In&Out)+ 1 extra minute of your time ( Dusting ofwind screen)+ 1 information ( product, services )What you provide
  • 6Categories of Customer: Delighted Customers• Life time Value (LTV): Average Annual Purchase X Potential lifetimeof Purchasing• LTV = 12 * 1500 * 60 =10,80,000/-Assumptions : Consumption – fuel worth 1500/month( Car Customer)Life time : 80 yrs ( customer is enrolled at20 yrs)• LTV = 12 * 300 * 60 =2,16,000/-Assumptions : Consumption – fuel worth 300/month(2 wheeler Customer)Life time : 80 yrs ( customer is enrolledat 20 yrs)Lifetime Customer Values
  • 7Potential Customer Values ( CAR CSUTOMERS)Potential worth of average customer : 10,80,000Potential worth of Satisfied Customer : 54,00,000Potential worth of delighted customer : 2,16,00,000Potential cost of Dissatisfied customer : - 1,08,00,000
  • 8• Tank FullRole of PAs in RO sales Promotion-Touch point
  • 9• LubricantsRole of PAs in RO sales Promotion-Touch point
  • 10• Coolant & Break fluidRole of PAs in RO sales Promotion-Touch point
  • 11• Bill & CardsRole of PAs in RO sales Promotion-Touch point
  • 12• Toilet facilityRole of PAs in RO sales Promotion-Touch point
  • 13• Air facilityRole of PAs in RO sales Promotion-Touch point
  • 14• Wind Shield CleaningRole of PAs in RO sales Promotion-Touch point
  • 15• Cash handlingRole of PAs in RO sales Promotion-Touch point
  • 16• Showing “0” to CustomerRole of PAs in RO sales Promotion-Touch point
  • 17• Handling car keysRole of PAs in RO sales Promotion-Touch point
  • 18• Handling fuel capRole of PAs in RO sales Promotion-Touch point
  • 19• GreetingsRole of PAs in RO sales Promotion-Touch point
  • 20• SalaryMotivational Program for Pump Attendants
  • 21• ESICMotivational Program for Pump Attendants
  • 22• Bonus & AdvanceMotivational Program for Pump Attendants
  • 23• Kabhi Khushi Kabhi GumMotivational Program for Pump Attendants
  • 24• Salary Cut on HolidaysMotivational Program for Pump Attendants
  • 25• Dispute ResolutionsMotivational Program for Pump Attendants
  • 26• Gutka, Alcohol & HIV - Health ClinicsMotivational Program for Pump Attendants
  • 27• Toilet Cleaning & HousekeepingMotivational Program for Pump Attendants
  • 28• Working hours & Weekly offMotivational Program for Pump Attendants
  • 29• Loan for Two WheelersMotivational Program for Pump Attendants
  • 30• Insurance & Children Education AssistanceMotivational Program for Pump Attendants
  • 31Appraisal Form
  • 32Appraisal Form
  • 33• Sales Promotion under 06.07.(C)Motivational Program for Pump Attendants
  • 34Training and Developmentfor Pump Attendants
  • 35Minimumwages, PFand ESI Bonus andincentive –from Dealerand IOCRecognitionfrom IOC/ DealerPersonalGrowthexperienceJobSecuritySecurity forfemaleemployeeWorking withdignity andpride insocietyProductknowledgeSafepracticeCustomerDealingsROOperationsStatutoryobligations& licensesCompanyprofileDos &Don’ts RecordKeeping Competitor’s activitiesTechnicalknow howhygienicpractices Smart turn-upFirst aidEthicalPracticesPettyemergencyrepairSpiritualLectures
  • 36Who should impart Training………
  • 38The uniform of the Pump Attendant shouldhave the identity of company
  • 39The color shade of the uniform should be ofthe same combination of the company color theme
  • 40There should not be any loose endof the uniform
  • 41If the uniform is of full hand sleeves.The sleeves should not cross the wrist
  • 42The uniform should be visible at low light
  • 43The uniform should able to dischargeany kind of static electricity
  • 44The uniform should be flame resistance.The apparelshould be made of fire resistancefiber or should have coating of protective layer.
  • 45The pump attendantshould wear shoes
  • 46
  • 47Thank you