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  • 1. AFC Great Commission Training Center Transforming Lives Inspiring Service Revitalizing Leaders We would like to invite you to consider partnering with us in this exciting step towards AFC’s vision to carry out the Great Commission worldwide by building a new facility that inspires, revitalizes and transforms a new generation of Chinese intellectuals in the United States into ambassadors for Christ. “For Such a Time as This…” Ambassadors for Christ, Inc. Esther 4:14基 督 使 者 協 會
  • 2. Executive SummaryVision AFC believes that God is moving us to build the Great Commission Training Center to provide an environment where the Holy Spirit will transform lives, inspire service, and revitalize leaders.1. We seek to transform lives through providing discipleship and leadership training seminars, nurturing community building, and presenting life-changing conferences2. We seek to inspire service for the Kingdom of God through giving people the opportunity for retreat, rest and reflection on the message of the Great Commission and cultivating community through group activities3. We seek to revitalize leaders through enriching seminars and a supportive atmosphere where leaders can encourage each other in uplifting conversations and experience personal spiritual growth before returning to their respective mission fields.A Forward Vision to Fulfill New Opportunities and Challenges• 39,613 Chinese students in America in 1995• 120,000 Chinese students in America in 2010• AFC desires to see these students have a personal relationship with the Lord• AFC desires to disciple these students to serve Him on their campuses in the US, China, and around the world.AFC’s modest headquarters in Paradise, Pennsylvania, which has been a blessing to our growing ministries, is now insufficientin meeting the new opportunities and challenges in reaching this new generation of Chinese intellectuals. It is now the appro-priate time to prepare ahead for the demanding needs of reaching this new generation for the future work that must be donefor God’s kingdom. 2
  • 3. Details About the Opportunity Building a nurturing training center to further our reach We are moved to provide an environment of spiritual learning that nurtures spiritual inspiration, group activities, relationship-building, intensive training, private reflection, and uplifting conversations. Moving from the present training center to this new facility will: • Expand our capacity from 40 to 204 participants • Allow AFC to offer two-day to two-week intensive training programs in a community-nurturing atmosphere and to provide attendees with comfortable homely living accommodation • Modernize technological capabilities allowing AFC to broadcast training experiences worldwide • Encourage interaction in the learning environment with additional smaller training rooms Timetable (2012-2015) Fundraising Goal*: (Financial gifts will be sought with (Fundraising and Construction) pledge payments payable over three to five years) Phase I: Training Center: $2.5 million Phase I: Training Center Phase II: Housing Units: $1 million Phase III: Endowment: $1 million Groundbreaking *AFC will proceed with each phase in order, ensuring that each phase is Architectual Design completed before advancing to the next phase. Leadership Major Public Gifts GiftsAPRIL Grand 80% of Goal*2012 Opening (TBD) Fundraising * 80% of campaign goal reached in donor commitments 3
  • 4. Christiana Tsai Training CenterWe have been blessed to have our current training center held at a home-style farmhouse at AFC’s headquarters.Christiana Tsai Training Center:• Built in 1870’s• Farmhouse• Training, retreats, housing, dining, recreation• Faces overcrowding due to AFC ministries’ growth Current Training Center Exterior Future Training Center ExteriorAfter prayerful consideration, careful study and deliberation over alternatives, its has become apparent to AFC board andstaff that a new training center is needed to fulfill AFC’s vision. We understand that this is a large undertaking and are deeplyhumbled to be partakers of this vision that we believe to be a turning point in God’s plan for AFC. So that we may responsiblyuse our facility as ambassadors for Christ, we are prayerfully considering the development of various new training programsand are working with staff to make this facility a place that will faithfully support and reach the Chinese intellectual communityupon its grand opening. 4
  • 5. Comparison of the Current and New Training CenterWe believe that our CMC conference motto aptly describes our sense of urgency to the Spirit’s leading on this next step forAFC. “For Such a Time as This” highlights that we are at a turning point in AFC’s history, and you may be a vital partner in thiseffort to bring God’s plan for us into fruition. Christiana Tsai Training Center Overcrowded Housing Great Commission Training CenterTypical Training Capacity 20-40 people Projected Training Capacity 126-204 peopleTypical Housing Capacity 38 people Projected Housing Capacity 20-28 people (first phase)Housing Style Bunk Beds/Dormitory, 6-8 persons/room Housing Style Private Residences with common area, Families and Doubles, 1-2 persons/roomTypical Training Duration 2-3 days Projected Training Duration 2-14 daysUsage: Days/Year 78 days Usage: Days/Year 120 days Current Training Center Lobby Future Training Center Lobby Current Training Center Future Training Center Lecture Room 5
  • 6. Expanding Our Potential for Training ProgramsSince its founding in 1963, Ambassadors for Christ (AFC) has been pursuing God’s heart to reach out to the Chinese intellectuals studying orteaching in the US. God has graciously given AFC the opportunity to support 52 campus ministers and associates in 48 universities in the US, Europe,and Asia in their efforts to spread the gospel and to disciple students and professionals. Many former students now play a vital role as churchleaders and ministers, serving God in mission fields worldwide.In its many years of ministry, God has led AFC to focus its efforts in these key areas: • Publishing and distributing compelling apologetic and life-changing discipleship resources • Organizing large mission conventions to mobilizing Chinese as a vital mission force • Initiating follow up Next Step retreat for attendees of our Chinese Mission Convention and who have dedicated themselves to the Lord’s service • Creating new training programs for various discipleship needs • Connecting Christian leaders who reach Chinese intellectuals inland and overseas through its support networkWithin the last few years, it has become apparent that many people are looking to AFC to provide training programs to equip them for evangelism,discipleship, leadership, cross-organizational collaboration, and overseas missions. Having our own facility will significantly reduce the cost of ourtraining programs, as well as provide a more affordable and effective location for many churches to come together for retreats and churchprograms.The design of the training center will fit the needs of all kinds of Christian gatherings. We believe the new facility will become a welcominggathering place for Chinese Christians in the peaceful rural countryside atmosphere of Paradise, Pennsylvania. Visits to our new training center willalso benefit our headquarters by providing an increased potential for ministerial and organizational opportunities. 6
  • 7. The Ideal Site of Paradise: God’s ProvisionWe believe the plans for the Great Commission Training Center are the result of God’s perfect timing and provision. Given as a donation by formermissionaries to China, the farmland that surrounds AFC headquarters provides a countryside atmosphere that is ideal for the fulfillment of ourvision this Training Center. We have found that God has indeed provided us with more than we could ever ask for.• AFC headquarters is located on 99 acres of farmland• Plenty of room for future development• Proximity to headquarters will allow AFC staff to partner in the efforts of our training center ministries• Mainland Chinese Literature resources will further strengthen the ministries of the training center• 1 hour drive from Philadelphia, 1.5 hours drive from Baltimore, 2 hours drive from DC, 3.5 hours drive from NY• Place of retreat, quiet reflection, away from distracting, busy urban environment• Extensive and focused training• Programs lasting more than a week• Additional housing for attendees to supplement the currently cramped training center housing AFC Headquarters Christiana Tsai Training Center 7
  • 8. AFC’s Ministry Growth Highlights (2010-2011)Campus Ministry: Chinese Mission Convention: • 52 full-time and associate campus staff working in 48 universities in • 2,700 attended the Chinese Mission Convention East Coast Dec the US and Europe. 2010 with 407 people dedicating themselves to the Lord’s service. • Over 300 students and scholars accepted Christ in the past two years. • 400 attended the Chinese Mission Convention Europe April 2011 • Over 137 were baptized in the past two years. with 71 people dedicating themselves to the Lord’s service. • Co-sponsored a gospel camp for Europe in Spain and Italy with ORTV • 2,910 attended the Chinese Mission Convention West Coast Dec • Co-sponsored with ten other organizations a returnee retreat to 2011 with more than 233 people dedicating themselves to the reach students who will be returning to China. Lord’s service. • Since 1983, over 16,000 people have attended Chinese MissionTraining Ministry: Conventions with more than 3,000 dedicating themselves to the • 150 from 8 states and 35 local churches attended the Great Lord’s service. Commission Discipleship Seminars in Philadelphia/ New Jersey in September 2011. Literature Resources Ministry: • 100 church leaders and laymen representing 5 states and 11 local Mainland Chinese Ministry: churches attended the Great Commission Discipleship Seminars in • Mainland Chinese Literature Ministry (MC Lit) has distributed Boston in November 2011. more than 4 million books and other resources worldwide • Over 130 have attended our annual Chinese Christian Faculty including 1.15 million copies of Song of a Wanderer and 150,000 Network in the past two years. apologetic videos since 1990. • Over 778 have attended our annual Love for Life Family Conferences in the past two years. Ambassadors Magazine: • Over 60 attended our annual campus staff retreats in the past two • Bi-monthly Ambassadors magazine reaches readers from 30 years. countries with distribution of more than192,000 copies since 2010. • Over 50 attended our latest Next Step retreat in March 2011. Bookstore: • Over 170,000 books were sent out around the world in the past two years. 8
  • 9. AFC Great Commission Training Center Design Overview• Includes a large conference hall: • Large open lobby with lounge chairs and couches • Seminar-style seating accomodates about 126 people • Lecture-style seating accomodates about 204 people• Several smaller seminar rooms • Housing units for attendees• Audio and Media Room with the latest technological • Additional office space capabilities 9
  • 10. Training Center Upper Level Plan UPPER LEVEL PLAN: 9,305 S.F.10 UPPER LEVEL PLAN: 9,3
  • 11. Training Center Lower Level Plan LOWERLEVEL PLAN: 4,3274,327 S.F. LOWER LEVEL PLAN: S.F.11
  • 12. AFC Land Development Master Plan 12
  • 13. PartnershipWith adequate funding and prayer support, AFC will be able to provide effective training programs to meet the needs of reaching a newgeneration of Chinese intellectuals for many years to come.Please prayerfully consider partnering with us in this ministry project. If God is calling you to join us in this exciting step, we encourageyou to support our efforts in the following ways: • Prayer: Please pray for our training center project to become a reality and for our various training ministries to grow in service and outreach. • Referral: Consider referring AFC to others potential partners. • Gift: Help us make this project a reality through your financial gifts. 13
  • 14. Board of Directors Senior Staff Members Warren Xia, Chair of the Board David Chow Sr. Analyst, Bloomberg, Inc Executive Director Lucille Liang, Chair of the Capital Campaign Committee Gershom Lee Realtor, William Raveis New York Director of Campus Ministry Yin. S. Soong, Chair of the Land Development Committee Jim Brubaker Retired University Professor, Millersville University Director of Mainland Chinese Literature Ministry Yeou-cherng Bor Fengsuey Chen Research Scientist, Thaler Center for AIDS Research, Director of Administration University of Virginia Cindy Hwang Director of Development Race KaoProfessor and Chair of Excellence, East Tennessee State University Chuck KwokProfessor of International Business, University of South Carolina Ben Liu Professor of Marketing, Quinnipiac University William Shen Marketing Director, Citifinancial Yinkann Wen Honorary Professor, National Dong Hwa University, Taiwan 14
  • 15. List of AFC Training ProgramsStudents, Scholars, and Professors • Short-term or mid-term stay of Christian writers for quiet study and • Undergraduate students Gospel Camps writing (to be published by AFC) • Graduate students and Scholars Gospel Camps • Leadership Summit • Intensive discipleship-training camps • Expository preaching training camps • Campus minister development program • Inductive Bible Study training camps • Student Ministry consultation meetings • Pastors and Church Leaders Consultations • Returnees Consultation and Retreats • Writer’s Camp Missionaries, Ministers, and Mobilizers • Chinese Christian Faculty Network Retreat (CCFN) • Mission mobilization training • Missionary and ministers development programs (Next Step Ministry)Churches • Great Commission Discipleship Seminar Families and Singles • Leadership Seminars • Family and Marriage Enrichment Retreats • Discipleship Training • Singles Retreats • Changing Heart, Changing Life series • Co-workers retreats • Counseling Training • Youth and children’s camps • Short term in-depth trainingChurch Leaders • Expository Bible Preaching • Media room for broadcasting through Webinar, Live Screen, or other innovative communication technology, toward different regions of America, Europe, and China 15
  • 16. Testimonies “ AFC Ministry Opened a “I’m Stepping Out!” New Path for Me” A Next Stepper ’s Voice In the summer of 1998, I came to the U.S. CMC is a triennial mission conference held to obtain an advanced American degree in by AFC. I remembered a few years back order to break the “glass ceilings” in China. I responded to God when Rev. Paul Shen I left behind my wife and daughter in China called us for missions. My prayer was to and embarked upon an Executive MBA offer my life like a blank check for God to program at Johns Hopkins University (JHU). use freely. Then God started preparingHowever, God had other plans. At JHU’s AFC student fellowship, my heart. At CMC 2007 once again God called me to go forwardthe power of the Holy Spirit led me to know Jesus Christ, the Son of because I knew God was leading me to a turning point in my field ofGod who died for my sins on the cross. When I submitted my life to serving at church. But in my heart, I had no idea how God was goingHim, God opened a new path for me. to work.I began serving in AFC JHU student fellowship and at the Chinese In May 2008, AFC held a Next Step retreat at AFC Retreat Center toChristian Church of Baltimore. God revived my spiritual life at AFC follow up on us. I learned the importance to have a mentor so thatRetreats and Marriage & Family conferences. And an AFC staff we can grow spiritually in a healthy way. Thank the Lord that Hecouple took us under their wing and mentored us to be a godly hus- provided me with the right one. Our desire is to be well equippedband, wife, and parents. Their small group Bible study and personal for God to use to bring glory to His name.counsel benefited us greatly. Our family life, spiritual life, and careerchoices are all closely connected with AFC ministries. Not long after I returned from Russia, there was an opportunity to serve in France. I was no longer going alone, but went along withI am a fruit of AFC’s ministries. my husband. Through AFC’s ministry, God has been using my husband and I to do His works. William Shen, Marketing Director; Citifinancial Ammie Chao, Homemaker 16
  • 17. Reaching Chinese Intellectuals for Christ in this Generation! 21 Ambassador Drive Paradise, PA 17562Ambassadors for Christ, Inc. (717) 687-8564基 督 使 者 協 會