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Traditional marketing isn’t going away. Far from it. …

Traditional marketing isn’t going away. Far from it.
But it’s changing like never before at a faster pace than we’ve seen in the last 100 years. With the quickening pace of innovation and change
on the Web, consumers are now in control. They expect much more from companies, and are more fickle with their affinity. Companies that learn the new marketing lessons, and implement them well will be big winners going forward. Those that play by yesterday’s rules will lose.

So what are the new rules? How can you take advantage of new technology, evolving behaviors and hyper-connected consumers to benefit your business? What is the future of content marketing?

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  • 1. CLICK PREDICTIONS key content marketing trends and Predictions for 2010 from clickDoCUmENTS, sponsored by Credit : Original Painting by Peter Thomas Ryan, used with Permission
  • 2. CLICK PREDICTIONS trAditionAl mArketing isn’t going AwAy. Far from it. But it’s changing like never before at a faster pace than we’ve seen in the last 100 years. With the quickening pace of innovation and change on the Web, consumers are now in control. They expect much more from companies, and are more fickle with their affinity. Companies that learn the new marketing lessons, and implement them well will be big winners going forward. Those that play by yesterday’s rules will lose. So what are the new rules? How can you take advantage of new technology, evolving behaviors and hyper-connected consumers to benefit your business? What is the future of content marketing? we’re glAd you Asked. We dusted off our trusty crystal ball and passed it along to 39 of the top content marketers, B2B marketers, e- mail marketers and social media gurus, and asked them one straight- forward question, “What are their key marketing trends and predic- tions for 2010?” Photo Courtesy: Kasturi Rangam The answers are fantastic. You’re going to get a first-hand look into and Priya Balasubramanian Ambal S. balakrishnan is the future of content marketing from the people that live and breathe President and co-founder of ClickDocuments it every single day. clickPredictions eBook is a great collaboration of many of the sharpest marketing professionals. Each contributor has added a unique url: perspective and guidance on how marketers should tackle 2010 suc- twitter: twitter: cessfully. ClickPredictions eBook is also packed with over 100 recom- subscribe: mended resources from the experts. 2 A click DoCUmENTS Ebook | sponsored by want more?
  • 3. CLICK PREDICTIONS toP 10+1 tiPs for content marketing in 2010 Before jumping into messages. It’s time about your custom- tent, such as video, good idea to listen. the e-book, click- to re-allocate budget ers – where are they, will become staples. Your customers will documents put (from list purchases what are they doing remember: You’re know, and appreci- together our the and tradeshows) to and how do they want telling a story, and ate, that you’re pay- top 10 + 1 tips for content production to be interacted with? video is a great me- ing attention. content marketing – for brand build- dium for storytelling. in 2010 based on the ing, and generating 3. get visual! If you 5. think about trends that we saw awareness. think about content 4. grow more ears. engagement. Push- in the predictions. (white papers, blog Listening is a skill that ing ads is a thing of 2. don’t follow the posts, etc.) as just you have to master in the past. Interacting 1. interruptive, “tell- crowd. It’s tempt- text, you’re missing order to succeed. You and engaging with and-sell” marketing ing to copy everyone huge opportunities can’t ignore the tidal consumers – wher- is a thing of the past. else. It’s tempting to to really connect with wave of activity on ever they are (mobile You can’t expect busy jump blindly into the your audience. Your social sites like Twitter will be big!) – will consumers to listen or latest, coolest new content has to look and facebook, but help you stand out care when you inter- trends, but before great and include before you jump into from the crowd. It’s rupt them with mar- you do so, make sure plenty of visuals. And the water and realize not about how many keting and branding you’ve really thought different styles of con- you can’t swim, it’s a Twitter followers > 3 A click DoCUmENTS Ebook | sponsored by want more?
  • 4. CLICK PREDICTIONS > you have, it’s 7. don’t forget the lishing something, audience properly, our Bonus tiP about how many you recession. We know really give some and provide a unique It’s not the size of actually know and it’s an ugly word, and thought as to whether experience to each your megaphone that engage with. hopefully we’re well your readers would group. matters; it’s the size past the worst, but truly value the content of your customers’ 6. roi realities the reality is that con- and benefit from it. be 10. Find the writers megaphones. Create emerge. You can’t sumers will be nerv- rigorous in your filter- inside your organiza- content that encour- ignore the need to ous about spending ing. If something isn’t tion. Content writing ages your customers explain a return on their money. They’ll going to be hugely and marketing is so and audience to do Investment to your be looking for good valuable to your audi- important that out- the marketing for boss and C-level corporate citizens and ence, don’t publish it. sourcing it completely you. Create content executives. The real- increased levels of is a huge risk. further- that your audience ity is that analytics trust. Content market- 9. understand your more, content market- absolutely has to tools are significantly ing can help position sales process and ing is tied too closely share because it’s that improving, and you your organization funnel. You need to to social media mar- good! Provide a level can start to measure effectively in both really understand keting – and that’s all of customer support real roI. Automation regards. your sales cycle and about building real, and engagement that tools will mature and your customer’s buy- transparent relation- inspires your custom- be available to help 8. scale back the vol- ing process. make ships. So find quality ers to tell the world. with increased efforts ume; it’s quality that sure you clearly know writers and content Then: You win. in content and social matters. Too much how your prospects & producers within your media marketing. content isn’t a good customers make deci- organization: nurture Automation is help- thing. but that’s what sions. Then, provide and train them. make ful when it speeds we’re starting to see, relevant and mean- sure you keep them up certain processes as publishing content ingful content that happy. And then find to help improve the becomes easier and helps drive customers outside help to fill overall roI. easier. Quality rules efficiently through the important holes. the day! before pub- funnel. Segment your 4 A click DoCUmENTS Ebook | sponsored by want more?
  • 5. CLICK PREDICTIONS CLICK PREDICTIONS We hope you enjoy ClickPredictions: Key Content Marketing Trends and Predictions for 2010 from ClickDocuments, sponsored by Mar- keto. You’ll find predictions and suggestions from 39 of the top content and social media marketers out there. You can get 2010 started on the right foot with a bit of inspiration, prognostication and no-nonsense marketing straight-talk. ABout clickdocuments ClickDocuments is your one-stop- shop for information and best practices on whitepapers and ebooks. We believe in the power of content as a powerhouse of marketing and sales tools; and want to share that with you through our blog, publishing services platform and of course, our own content. That’s why we put together this eBook, alongside the great folks at Marke- more from to, and a group of top-notch experts, to empower your content writ- ing and marketing efforts in 2010! clickdocuments If you’d like more information about how we can take your content to the next level, please let us know! We’d love to speak with you and » learn about your marketing goals. » » subscribe to our blog! » Follow @clickdocuments » Ambal on slideshare » clickideas 5 A click DoCUmENTS Ebook | sponsored by want more?
  • 6. CLICK PREDICTIONS ABout mArketo Marketo is the sponsor of “Click Prediction: Key Content Marketing Trends and Predictions for 2010” We couldn’t have put this together without them, and want to thank them for their support! Marketo is the revenue-focused marketing automation company, revolutionizing how marketing and sales teams of all sizes sell and succeed at every stage of the revenue cycle. Delivered in the Market- ing Cloud, Marketo’s powerful and easy solutions provide the fastest click here for a sPecial ebook PreVieW: time to value and ignite explosive revenue growth from the earliest stages of demand generation and lead management to the pursuit of creating content that sells, revenue and customer loyalty. A guide to content marketing for demand generation Marketo Lead Management helps Marketers acquire, nurture and qualify more high quality sales leads with less effort, while Marketo Sales Insight helps Sales understand, prioritize and interact with the hottest leads and opportunities to close business faster. Known for providing breakthrough innovation and the utmost in usability, Marketo was voted ‘Best Marketing Automation Application’ by Salesforce customers on the AppExchange. As of October 2009, more than 300 enterprise and mid-market clients in 12 coun- tries have selected Marketo. url: blog: twitter: @marketo 6 A click DoCUmENTS Ebook | sponsored by want more?
  • 7. CLICK PREDICTIONS retweet Prediction In 2010 a when brands create market- the birth of this growing number of compa- nies will break with their old, interruptive tell-and- ing that consumers choose to engage with and adver- tising that itself improves a meaningful sell habits and adopt the next evolution of marketing. They will accept that con- people’s lives. marketing sumers cannot be hood- winked or annoyed into buy- ing their products and realize model that the only way to earn attention and sales is to add value to their lives through the marketing itself. It’s a concept called “Marketing with Meaning” and works recommended resources » marketing with meaning » the next evolution of marketing: connect with your Bob gilbreath is Chief marketing Strategist at customers by marketing with meaning Bridge worldwide (one of the nation’s largest » marketing with meaning on twitter digital advertising agencies) and author of “the next evolution of marketing” url: twitter: mktgwithmeaning subscribe: Resolve to abandon the advertising interruption model and begin to evolve to Marketing with Meaning. 7 A click DoCUmENTS Ebook | sponsored by want more?
  • 8. CLICK PREDICTIONS retweet Prediction It’s safe to Yet a few inspired firms stand out this say that in 2010, many B2B marketers will imitate each another. Many will talk in will dare to create content that’s helpful, useful, enter- taining, accessible... and not With great buzzwords. Many will glom onto the latest gimmicks. Many will use B2C tactics a sales pitch. Those few will tower over the rest of the pack, and be remembered content! like branding for B2B marketing. Many will waste money on advertising, and when it’s time to buy. squander time on social networking. And many will wonder why their compa- nies don’t stand out in the crowd. recommended resources » content marketing resources at idea launch gordon graham is That White Paper Guy, » that white Paper guy an award-winning writer who helps b2b technol- » content marketing today ogy firms tell their stories with crisp, compelling white papers. url: twitter: WhitePaperGuy Stop “copy-writing” and start creating great content: it’s the most sure-fire thing you can do. 8 A click DoCUmENTS Ebook | sponsored by want more?
  • 9. CLICK PREDICTIONS retweet Prediction Social Me- relevant to this savvier new the ‘short- this dia will generate significant changes to white papers in the future. As readers media audience. Starting in 2010, we will see a host of new white pa- attention’ grow accustomed to short, hyperlinked, colorful, and stimulating Social Media, per formats, designs, colors and visual enhancements that engage today’s short White PaPer their growing interest with information that appeals to their limited attention spans attention Social Media reader. These changes will prove to be more effective in will require white papers delivering critical solution- that compliment these new oriented business messages media formats. As a result, than conventional white the traditional text white paper formats. paper will become less recommended resources » the white Paper Pundit Blog » crafting white Paper 2.0 Jonathan kantor is a 26-year veteran of the technology industry, the author of the » ensuring that your white Papers Appeal new book “crafting white Paper 2.0” , and the primary contributor to the to Busy executive readers blog url: twitter: Jonathan_kantor subscribe: Use Visual Enhancements to Engage New Media, ‘Short Attention’ White Paper Readers. 9 A click DoCUmENTS Ebook | sponsored by want more?
  • 10. CLICK PREDICTIONS retweet Prediction After many on the brand. It’s time to mobile, this false dawns, we’ll finally see mobile explode. Google’s Android, Apple’s iPhone, look at Consumer ROI. What value are brands pro- viding in exchange for all the measurement along with clever apps and new developments like Augmented Reality have effort consumers are putting in to engaging with brands via blogs, Twitter and even the consumer primed. offline activities like store We’ll also see new visits and Customer Service developments in the area interactions. of measurement. Social Media has changed the game, putting power in the hands of the consumer, yet measurement is still focused recommended resources » radian6 Blog » content decoded rick liebling Social media, marketing communications, » get content get customers brand counsel, creative development and strategic insight. You can follow rick Liebling on his blog, eyecube. From collaboration to measurement, url: twitter: eyecube subscribe: brands need to work with, and for, the consumer. 10 A click DoCUmENTS Ebook | sponsored by want more?
  • 11. CLICK PREDICTIONS retweet Prediction Social me- and monitoring of global better this dia marketing will become a mainstream method for businesses to connect di- social media activities. We will move from a discussion of “Which tools engagement rectly with customers and prospects. Leveraging social media marketing strategies should I use” to a discussion of “How can I better engage with my customers, wher- on will be as commonplace as ever they are.” Talking about using a fax machine—every mobile consumers will business will need to be in the become an oxymoron as all social media game. Facebook users will top consumers will have mobile 450 million. access to data, opening up Sites like Twitter, LinkedIn the social media marketing and Facebook will announce floodgates. strategic partnerships with Google will announce a search engines that will series of new services that bring real-time social media will give Facebook a run for actives to the masses. Serv- its money. Early movers are ices will emerge that greatly sure to become unstoppable simplify the management forces. Hold on to your hat, it’s gonna be a wild ride! mike stelzner is author of the book ‘writing white Papers,’ founder of socialmediaexam- recommended resources and an organizer of summits such as social media » social media examiner success summit and copywriting success summit. url: twitter: mike_stelzner subscribe: Social media strategies will be as commonplace as using a fax machine— every business will need to be in the game. 11 A click DoCUmENTS Ebook | sponsored by want more?
  • 12. CLICK PREDICTIONS retweet Prediction Vendors who comPelling this deliver compelling content to match buyer information needs will be the big rules winners as B2B dollars begin to flow again. recommended resources » made to stick rebel Brown is go-to-market » emarketing strategies for the complex sale strategist and Spin Doctor spe- cializing in start ups, turnarounds » the regis touch—still the standard! and start-around. She’s also an author and speaker. Her business is Peoplewhoknow. url: Vendors who understand buyers twitter: rebelbrown subscribe: and communicate relevant value will capture the next wave of spending. 12 A click DoCUmENTS Ebook | sponsored by want more?
  • 13. CLICK PREDICTIONS retweet Prediction Twitter is place for current answers to tWitter this going to overtake Yahoo! and Bing for search market share. Yeah, you heard me: all kinds of questions, from “what’s a good place to eat on 1st Avenue?” to “How do oVertakes Search market share. As Twitter’s user base grows, more and more folks go I fix a bug in Windows 7?” yahoo!, bing there to ask questions, and get answers. It’s a vast, self-answering community. Search the community, find your answers. More and more users are figuring that out, and Twitter search is gaining popularity as THE recommended resources » trust Agents by Brogan/smith ian lurie is chief internet » chris Brogan’s blog marketing strategist at Portent Interactive. He is also the author » laura roeder of conversation marketing: internet marketing strategies. url: twitter: portentint subscribe: Twitter is a vast-self answering community. It’s also the ultimate search engine. 13 A click DoCUmENTS Ebook | sponsored by want more?
  • 14. CLICK PREDICTIONS retweet Prediction With in- mobile devices, Google social media: this creased time spent on social media marketing, C-level executives will pressure will continue to expand and refine the social media and mobile device/browser Where’s their teams to demonstrate measurable ROI from these programs and because of the tracking capabilities that were recently added to Goog- le Analytics, putting the same my roi? necessarily labor-intensive nature of social media, com- panies will seek type of pressure on social media monitoring vendors as it has on traditional web to automate efforts where analytics providers. possible, using tools such as analytics. Recognizing this need as well as the convergence of social networking and recommended resources » the Brandbuilder Blog tom Pick is an online » social media today marketing executive with minneapolis-based b2b » B2B marketing Zone marketing and Pr agency kc Associates, and writes the award-winning webbiquity. url: twitter: TomPick subscribe: Marketers need tools to measure social media results the same way as other marketing programs. 14 A click DoCUmENTS Ebook | sponsored by want more?
  • 15. CLICK PREDICTIONS retweet Prediction Content what’s next? In 2010, new social’s this consumption and the social behavior of consumers are more fragmented than ever; ways for filtering and meas- uring the social web will emerge and marketers will neW Value: there is no longer a “one size fits all” social or content experience. We’re in a period realize that technologies and targeting techniques won’t measure up unless they can sharing of massive content inflation, and one of the major activi- ties that aids rapid spread of deliver mass adoption and an aggregated, measurable view of social media value. content in the social media sphere is sharing. The ability to share everything from 140 character opinions to news and videos has allowed consumers to direct the flow of information online. So recommended resources » sharethis blog nanda kishore is Chief » six degrees: the science of a connected Age Technology officer at and in previous role had overall » razorfish digital outlook report responsibility to develop a new advertising based product for Amazon merchants. url: twitter: nkishore subscribe: Marketers must be able to measure and target their influencers across any interest or social channel. 15 A click DoCUmENTS Ebook | sponsored by want more?
  • 16. CLICK PREDICTIONS retweet Prediction Content • Not so much mobile web disruPtion this Marketing will go from strength to strength. But response rates may start to sites but useful apps. • Vertical search will start to rattle Google’s cage. fall due to ‘mutton dressed • Unless they strengthen as lamb’ eBooks. their vertical chops. • Web video will become • ‘Personal brand’ a B2B staple. coaches will • It’s such a good way to tell disappear up their own a complex story. arses • The whole social thing will • Leaving nothing but a calm down a bit. trail of tweets. • Still valuable – just not the whole enchilada. • Mobile marketing will make inroads in B2B. recommended resources » the B2B content marketing workbook » marketing myopia doug kessler is the Creative Director and cofounder of Velocity Partners, a London-based b2b marketing agency » information rules: A strategic guide to the specializing in technology companies. network economy url: twitter: dougkessler subscribe: AccelerationAgencyforTechnologyCompaniesourblog If B2B marketing is both art and science, science is winning. And it’s kind of fun. 16 A click DoCUmENTS Ebook | sponsored by want more?
  • 17. CLICK PREDICTIONS retweet Prediction The Glo- corporate citizens. With the 2010: this bal Financial Crisis (GFC) continues to drive consumer behaviour in 2010. Content economy still raw, companies have an obligation to more than profit margins. Business consumer marketing will gain mind- share with businesses be- cause a tight economy means must not underestimate the contained anger developed from widespread corporate education considered purchasing decisions are the norm. The sales cycle will lengthen and malfeasance. People will buy with their conscience. and csr consumers will continue to expect value for money. An emerging trend is the insist- ence from the public sector on purchasing from good recommended resources » david connor’s blog on csr » Joe Pulizzi’s content marketing blog sarah mitchell is the owner of Global Copywriting, based in » csr, social media and the recession from Western Australia. Specialising in Content marketing for b2b development crossing companies, Sarah loves working with sme clients. url: twitter: globalcopywrite subscribe: With the economy still raw, companies have an obligation to more than profit margins. 17 A click DoCUmENTS Ebook | sponsored by want more?
  • 18. CLICK PREDICTIONS retweet Prediction Do you have Companies should dedi- Personality this a personality? (Or, does your content show some?). Com- panies, of all sizes, are find- cate pages on their sites to the people who work there. Written content should re- marketing ing success with the use of personas and spokespeople because people prefer to buy flect the personalities of the authors, rather than being anonymous company copy. Will driVe from other people, not from large, anonymous brands. Small businesses should no Along with more personality in their marketing content, company sites are making in- success in 2010 longer act like large corpora- creasingly good use of video tions. Owners are the natural clips and audio files. voices of their companies. In many ways, small is the new big. Personalities matter, they always have, and they are now emerging as a strong marketing advantage. recommended resources Patsi krakoff, Psy.d. » content marketing with Blogs aka the Blog squad, is a content market- » content marketing for online Profits ing specialist helping professionals and small businesses with content strategies including smart blogging. url:, twitter: Patsiblogsquad You can’t master social media without subscribe: vibrant personalities creating content that connects with your core clients. 18 A click DoCUmENTS Ebook | sponsored by want more?
  • 19. CLICK PREDICTIONS retweet Prediction As more and and moving towards private the rise of this more people find web video to be valuable and entertain- ing, web video for corporate channels, while committing internal resources to pro- duce quality content quickly. PriVate media story telling will continue to expand. While many public sites, such as channels have gained huge popularity, they are not always the best vehicles for business-based communication. The threat of viruses, competitive ad- vertising and lack of qual- ity control are reasons why companies are steering away from public media channels recommended resources seamus walsh founder of Vazt » Booz & company, the Promise of Private-label media Global Inc., a b2b content and research publishing platform » Fish media thinktank comprised of a sg&A taxonomy and micro-sites » Private media channel focused on optimizing people, process and technology Publishing your videos on a private url: twitter: SeamusWalsh subscribe: user_timeline/15086121.rss media channel can be the most effec- tive way to reach your target audience. 19 A click DoCUmENTS Ebook | sponsored by want more?
  • 20. CLICK PREDICTIONS retweet Prediction I think those who focus on quality. reader- this content will continue to be a driving force in B2B marketing in 2010, espe- Only exceptional, reader-fo- cused content will stand out. focused cially as companies try to take advantage of social media. However in a rush to content create content, I also predict there will be a glut of me- diocre content: blah content is key that doesn’t inspire. Not all content is king! While many companies may be focusing on quantity, I think the ones that will succeed will be recommended resources » Junta42 Blog » marketing interactions Blog » the B2B content marketing workbook michele linn is a b2b marketing consultant and writer who specializes in producing buyer- focused content and providing insights on how to market it. url: twitter: michelelinn subscribe: Only exceptional, reader-focused content will stand out. 20 A click DoCUmENTS Ebook | sponsored by want more?
  • 21. CLICK PREDICTIONS retweet Prediction Welcome, derground” persona nurtured lo! the this come in, sit down. I feel an aura from you, but the crystal ball, she’s the temperamental in social media… Oh, what’s this? I see world- famous advertising agencies ProPhet sPeaks! type who prefers some sign of appreciation, something green… perhaps with a presi- rattling tin cups on Madison Avenue street corners – but rattling them in clever, award- dent’s picture on it… winning ways of course. The I see confusion as previ- economic upturn has not led ously unemployed or under- to significant increases in tra- employed workers return to ditional media buys. There is their cubes. Will they retain much wailing and gnashing the social media habits that of teeth - very white teeth. occupied their long, lonely Ah, but there is good news! hours? Will their task masters Perhaps more of that green…? let them blog, text and Twit- Thank you! ter to their hearts’ delights? I Previously unknown B2B see escalating conflict in the brands are making great workplace. I see brands with strides with relevant content, parallel identities: an “offi- forming communities that cial” mask sanctioned by the welcome their ideas with in- Jonathan kranz is the author of the eBook’ eBook: How to powers that be, and an “un- terest, respect – and money! turn your expertise into mag- netic marketing material’ and coauthor of ‘the content marketing Playbook. He’s all about writing helpful content. url: twitter: jonkranz subscribe: Prospects with desires (and money) seek wisdom; create a content strategy that lures them your way. 21 A click DoCUmENTS Ebook | sponsored by want more?
  • 22. CLICK PREDICTIONS retweet Prediction 2010 will be ers, the value and measure- the changing this an interesting year for B2B marketers because a number of trends will coalesce to ment of significant social influencers will increase tre- mendously. Third, as buyers buyer in 2010 fundamentally change the way we interact with buyers and engage them in a buying gather more and more infor- mation and insights that they need online, sellers are able process. First, as data on in- to close larger transactions dividual prospects becomes remotely, the role of field more readily available, the sales will fall precipitously. value of a true relationship will increase dramatically. Second, as social media pro- viders become more focused on understanding true influ- ence, rather than just raw counts of friends or follow- recommended resources steve woods is the CTo and co- » digital Body language founder of eloqua, author of digital Body and is recog- nized as one of the top influencers » digital Body language, the Book in the crm blog post: http:// digitalbodylanguage.blogspot. com/2009/11/marketing-auto- mation-and-b2b-marketing.html url:, twitter: stevewoods subscribe: Buyers gather the information and insights they need online, the role of field sales will fall precipitously. 22 A click DoCUmENTS Ebook | sponsored by want more?
  • 23. CLICK PREDICTIONS retweet Prediction B2B market- it’s difficult – if not impos- b2b marketers this ers will increasingly realize that one of their key chal- lenges is to guide decision sible – to engage decision- influencers/makers in these media without compelling confront teams through challenging decisions using compelling thought leadership and perspectives to offer. guidance other forms of decision- driving content. One factor driving new investments in imPeratiVe rich content will be grow- ing disillusionment with returns on search engine and social media marketing. They’ll increasingly realize recommended resources » “in a downturn, Provoke your customers,” Harvard Business review Britton manasco helps firms become » dirty little secrets thought leaders and trusted authori- ties through value-rich content such as white papers, success stories and » emarketing for the complex sale executive presentations. britton is the producer of the thought leadership marketing blog Illuminating the future url: twitter: brittonmanasco subscribe: Companies engaged in a complex sale must link thought leadership to intelligent client discovery. 23 A click DoCUmENTS Ebook | sponsored by want more?
  • 24. CLICK PREDICTIONS retweet Prediction Social media I think in 2010, we’ll see seek Quality this has become the norm. What was new and cutting edge a year ago is now an important a turn toward localization both geographically and by niche. Businesses should be not Quantity element of most marketing campaigns. As more people come looking for ways to incor- porate this localization into their marketing. online in 2010, the stream will become more and more crowded making it even harder to hear above the noise. This will place an even larger emphasis on making personal, quality connections. recommended resources » social media today » Advertising Age Jim lodico is a marketing » social marketing consultant and copywriter specializing in helping companies create engaging content and developing pow- erful campaigns designed to captivate their target audience. He is the owner of and and is currently working on his latest project, lemonade Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook…these are stand marketing. url: the starting points. Look for ways to move to higher level, quality connections. twitter: jlcommunication subscribe: Socialmarketing20 24 A click DoCUmENTS Ebook | sponsored by want more?
  • 25. CLICK PREDICTIONS retweet Prediction Long form often referred to as content keeP it short this blogs are being replaced by microblogs which are being replaced by Tweets. Sixty sec- “snacking.” The shortest distance between two points is a ond TV spots have given way Tweet (or a txt), the win- to 30 second and 15 second ners are those who can pack spots. We don’t buy albums, the most meaning into the we download singles. fewest words. To stay in touch with our friends, we don’t email, we check their Facebook up- dates. Kids prefer texting over email and phone calls. This seismic shift in the way we consume media is recommended resources » Flying Fingers: text-messaging overtakes monthly chi modu is a renowned phone calls photojournalist and cultural observer. His company » the news leader in mobile marketing didigital creates concise, interactive content for the new “content snacking” era. url: twitter: subscribe: The winners are those who can pack the most meaning into the fewest words. 25 A click DoCUmENTS Ebook | sponsored by want more?
  • 26. CLICK PREDICTIONS enjoying this content? Please share this e-book With eVeryone hoW can you Who needs it! share it? Anyway you want! Here are some ideas: » copy and paste this url ( clickpredictions2010) and link to it » email the file » click here to tweet about it » share it on facebook click Here For more Predictions! 26 A click DoCUmENTS Ebook | sponsored by want more?
  • 27. CLICK PREDICTIONS retweet Prediction Content write well and effectively the rise this marketing will become the first priority of top B2B mar- keters because of its power- package content market- ing. The pursuit of thought leadership positioning and of content ful role in positioning, lead generation & nurturing, social media and organic long-tail search will drive a sharp increase in multi- author corporate blogging. In marketing search. The focus and investment on SEO will increase sharply as 2010, I think we’ll also see the pace of adoption of marketing automation quicken, but most B2B marketers seek to lever- B2B adopters will struggle age content marketing across with its effective use. multiple search channels. B2B marketers will strug- gle to source people who can recommended resources » the Buyersphere Project galen de young, managing director Proteus b2b and » lead generation for the complex sale Proteus SEo, helps b2b clients integrate content marketing, » emarketing strategies for the complex sale social media, email, and SEo to generate and nurture leads. The smartest B2B marketers will url: twitter: GalenDY subscribe: master how to optimize content across search, email, and social. 27 A click DoCUmENTS Ebook | sponsored by want more?
  • 28. CLICK PREDICTIONS retweet Prediction Tradition- tion of marketing automa- lead this ally marketing departments focused on creating leads for their sales teams by gather- tion and a focus on content marketing. This will be enhanced by the use generation ing names at trade shows or capturing emails from “contact me” web forms. In of inbound marketing as part of the demand genera- tion process. to demand gen- 2010, we will see hundreds of medium and large sized B2B companies stop focusing on The result of this change will be greater brand recog- nition, shorter sales cycles, generation the number of lead created, and improved customer instead improving the quality retention. of leads passed to sales. The switch to demand generation will happen be- cause of the growing adop- recommended resources » modern B2B marketing blog maria Pergolino works as Inbound marketing manager at marketo, » B2B lead generation blog leading their efforts in adoption of social media channels for brand » emarketing strategies for the complex sale awareness and demand generation html. maria also writes for many marketing blogs, and is a frequent contributor to marketo’s popular blog, modern b2b marketing. url: twitter: @inboundmarketer Marketers will focus on creating leads with subscribe: modern_b2b_marketing_blog_subscribe.html marketing automation and inbound mar- keting as part of their demand generation. 28 A click DoCUmENTS Ebook | sponsored by want more?
  • 29. CLICK PREDICTIONS retweet Prediction Marketing will wring out more oppor- b2b gets this Automation is hot but Sirius Decisions research says that adoption is hovering at just tunities by targeting above the funnel and injecting themselves into the conversa- serious 30%. This should increase as B2B marketers look to gain productivity while keep- tion – to ensure that no lead is left behind. Not surpris- ingly, marketers will demand about social ing their campaign costs to a minimum. Metrics-driven solutions that validate the reporting to track the success of these social initiatives. return of these efforts will be held at a premium. Forward- thinking marketers will get serious about “Social Mar- keting Automation”. They recommended resources » Paul dunay, Facebook marketing For dummies Parker trewin is currently the » Ardath Albee emarketing strategies for the complex sale Director of marcom at Genius. com and has over twenty years of experience in marketing » B2B marketing for Faster sales Blog communications, social media and product management. url: Time to ‘get social’. B2B organizations twitter: parkertrewin subscribe: b2bmarketingforfasterSalesblog that fail to embrace Social Marketing will fall dangerously behind. 29 A click DoCUmENTS Ebook | sponsored by want more?
  • 30. CLICK PREDICTIONS retweet Prediction Facebook Offer monetization and businesses this continues to grow. Google Wave sees early adoption. LinkedIn consolidates its virtual goods platforms, as well, social games provid- ers clean up their act. Direct get serious position. Email marketing goes social. Display adver- tising begins to shift from marketers begin to tap social media as a source for new customers, leads and sales. about social traditional banner ads to interactive and data-driven ad formats. Social market- Businesses establish 24x7 customer service channel via real-time channels media ing goes from test-and-learn (a la Twitter). phase to a growing slice of corporate marketing budg- ets in 2H2010. The Feds come down on deceptive online marketing practices. recommended resources » marketing sherpa mani iyer is CEo of kwanzoo, a social inbound marketing » mashable service for businesses. mani is a seasoned Internet Executive, » Altimeter group Serial Entrepreneur, Industry Speaker and Startup Advisor. url: Socially engage consumers through twitter: iyermani subscribe: user_timeline/12798862.rss all marketing channels, to drive peer recommendations of your brand. 30 A click DoCUmENTS Ebook | sponsored by want more?
  • 31. CLICK PREDICTIONS retweet Prediction For the first content marketing will be content this time, one third or more of small business marketing dollars will move away from online in formats including traditional websites, blog- powered websites, stan- marketing traditional marketing and ad- vertising move into content marketing efforts. Both b2c dalone blogs, eBooks, white- papers, podcasts, videos, and social media. Because caPtures small and b2b marketers will follow this path. This means that the rele- small businesses can meas- ure results precisely, they will get better and better at business vant and compelling content content marketing and do that small businesses deliver more and more of it in 2010 directly to buyers will be and beyond. vital to sustain and to grow sales. Almost all of their recommended resources » get content get customers newt Barett is the President and » the new rules of marketing and Pr Chief Content officer of Content marketing Strategies, a Division of Voyager media. He is also a » secrets of social media marketing leading thinker and evangelist for content marketing. url: Because small businesses can measure twitter: newtbarrett subscribe: results precisely, they will get better at content marketing and do more of it. 31 A click DoCUmENTS Ebook | sponsored by want more?
  • 32. CLICK PREDICTIONS retweet Prediction Over the last brand, buzz, and awareness the neW brand this 10 years, marketing invest- ments have moved from brand advertising to highly – but instead of mass adver- tising, marketers will invest more in smart ways to build inVestments measurable direct meth- ods. But even today, leads that come from word of brand such as social media, search engine optimization, and content marketing. mouth, referrals, and other inbound sources convert to pipeline and revenue at a much higher rate than leads from traditional demand generation sources. In 2010, the pendulum will begin to swing back to investments in recommended resources modern B2B marketing blog Jon miller is VP of marketing at marketo, the fastest growing sample social media Plan for B2B companies marketing automation vendor. He writes about modern b2b marketing at http://blog. url: Leads from inbound sources twitter: jonmiller2 subscribe: ing_blog_subscribe.html convert to revenue much better than leads from traditional sources. 32 A click DoCUmENTS Ebook | sponsored by want more?
  • 33. CLICK PREDICTIONS retweet Prediction Brands will help achieve their goals and What’s old this dial down the frenzy and win with basic, universal human needs at their organization’s yours quickest. Increasing demand for simple language and rejec- is neW again core—the need for love and acceptance, and mitigating daily challenges. Human tion of “insider” jargon across industries, especially healthcare and legal, will emotion drives buying deci- greatly improve brand expe- sions, and giving help is a lit- riences and tle known secret of success. customer loyalty. There will be fewer, gran- diose, me-too, “cool and edgy” strategies. Instead, simple messages and honest striving to make the lives of employees and customers easier, fulfilled, healthier will recommended resources » Anaezi modu is the founder and CEo of rEbrAND (Tm) and » diverse insights the rEbrAND 100 (r) Global » marty neumeier’s innovation workshop dVd Awards, among other ventures. rEbrAND 100 is the highest global recognition for effec- tive brand transformations at url: twitter: rEbrANDing, WomanCEo Declutter and simplify something. Any- thing. Sites, prescription information, con- subscribe: tracts, retail space, Powerpoint… ‘nuff said. 33 A click DoCUmENTS Ebook | sponsored by want more?
  • 34. CLICK PREDICTIONS retweet Prediction In 2010, or- trusted advisors by deliver- content this ganizations will increasingly deploy marketing automa- tion tools. Recognizing that ing relevant, valuable, and fresh content to prospects. Furthermore, they’ll seize takes center marketing automation tools are only effective when fed sufficient content to nurture the opportunity to set them- selves apart by making it easy for prospects to access stage leads throughout the buying cycle, more B2B organiza- tions will commit a growing and consume information specific to their role and place in the buying process. percentage of their budget to content creation. Savvy companies will embrace the opportunity to estab- lish their organizations as recommended resources » get content. get customers. stephanie tilton is a seasoned white paper and » emarketing strategies for the complex sale case study writer who helps b2b companies advance » savvy B2B marketing the sales cycle by engaging prospects and customers. url: Establish trust in your organization twitter: StephanieTilton subscribe: by delivering relevant, valuable, and fresh content to prospects. 34 A click DoCUmENTS Ebook | sponsored by want more?
  • 35. CLICK PREDICTIONS retweet Prediction In 2010, buy. This approach doesn’t b2b marketers this more B2B marketers will im- plement true nurturing programs to improve upon work.Launching a new cam- paign likely means marketers will change the story they’re embrace true the limited results possible with short-term campaigns. They will realize that engag- telling, still searching for the short-term sale. If the story changes enough, it will veer nurturing ing prospects consistently across the complete buying cycle drives more viable sales away from your prospects’ expressed interests and they’ll move on to another Programs opportunities into their pipe- company that’s providing the line. The problem with cam- information they need for paigns is that they’re usually the buying stage they’re in. structured over a quarter True nurturing is about pro- with a sales offer at the end. viding valuable information If your prospect’s buying related to your prospects’ top process is six months, or priorities regardless of their longer, you’re still trying to timing to buy. control how and when they recommended resources Ardath Albee is a b2b marketing Strategist whose » emarketing strategies for the complex sale firm, marketing Interactions, helps her clients create » lead generation for the complex sale customer-focused emarket- ing strategies that generate more sales-ready prospects. Marketers will employ nurturing url: twitter: ardath421 subscribe: programs across the entirety of buying cycles to fuel pipeline momentum. 35 A click DoCUmENTS Ebook | sponsored by want more?
  • 36. CLICK PREDICTIONS retweet Prediction Organiza- Mobile grows but remains social this tions consider social media more seriously If 2009 was the year where immature Mobile market- ing will continue to grow but will remain experimental for media goes social media began to break properly into the corporate world, 2010 will be another year or two as mar- keters figure out what works and what doesn’t. corPorate the year that companies start to fully integrate social media into their marketing efforts. Boundaries continue to blur We’ll continue to see the lines between market- ing, advertising and PR blur as departments and agencies execute cross-functional activities. recommended resources » six Pixels of separation dave Fleet is an Account Director at thornley » Altitude Branding Fallis communications, a full-service Canadian » trust Agents communications agency. read more of his work at or @davefleet on Twitter. url: twitter: davefleet subscribe: Boundaries between communications functions are blurring. Think outside your own discipline. 36 A click DoCUmENTS Ebook | sponsored by want more?
  • 37. CLICK PREDICTIONS retweet Prediction 2010 is the ing different parts of the content this year of widespread content marketing adaptation, aided by an increase in case studies story to the device where people access the content. This approach will migrate marketing: any- proving the method’s ability to drive engagement that drives brand devotion that into the consumer and B2B marketing space. Finally, Content Strategy time, anyWhere, drives conversion. Content marketing that drives engagement, devotion will drive Social Media and Social Networking strategy. any deVice and conversion will be ena- bled by the use of content to reach audiences anytime, anywhere and on any device. Transmedia storytelling, a strategy incubated in Hollywood, is about tailor- recommended resources » get content, get customers russell sparkman of fusionspark media is » trust Agents a veteran New media marketing communications » new media insights producer & consultant, having produced content marketing projects for the web since 1999. url: twitter: fusionspark subscribe: Content strategies that reach audiences anytime, anywhere, on any device drive engagement and conversion. 37 A click DoCUmENTS Ebook | sponsored by want more?
  • 38. CLICK PREDICTIONS retweet Prediction As marketers • Start figuring out where the daWn this are starting to understand that they are indeed pub- lishers, content marketing our customers are hanging out on the web • Choosing content tactics of content strategy is moving toward the forefront. What is con- tent marketing strategy? that tell a brand story that will resonate with custom- ers and prospects strategy It involves the following: Publishers have been • Clearly understanding the doing this, in one form or goals behind all pieces of another, for years. Now is content the time that marketers will • Knowing our customers’ begin to take the strategy information needs as it behind creating content se- relates to those goals riously, and figuring out how • Setting up listening posts to leverage content to grow to gather that information the business. recommended resources Joe Pulizzi is a leading author, » the new rules of marketing and Pr speaker and strategist for content marketing. Joe, founder of client-vendor matching » get content get customers site Junta42, is co-author of the highly praised book get content get customers. Content strategy is the most important part url: twitter: juntajoe,junta42 subscribe: Junta42-Contentmarketing/CustomPublishing/media of marketers’ toolbox. How we tell our story and educate customers is paramount. 38 A click DoCUmENTS Ebook | sponsored by want more?
  • 39. CLICK PREDICTIONS retweet Prediction International will help businesses to international this web marketing is heading for new horizons. • Recent ICANN legislation develop stronger interna- tional social media market- ing tactics. social media enabling URLs in non- Latin alphabets will im- pact the web environment Although international web marketing has its chal- lenges and limitations today, marketing in these countries. This in turn will increase opportu- nities to engage with it will become more effec- tive in the years to come. And social media market- people in these countries ing will play an important in a meaningful way. role in learning more about • Social media continues to how to market to different grow in different coun- cultures. tries and as it does we will see more trends emerging with regards to different cultural preferences. This recommended resources cindy king is a cross-cultural » international social media marketer and international sales strategies helping businesses » cindy king develop globally with international social media. url: twitter: Cindyking Businesses will improve their subscribe: international marketing by observ- ing different cultural preferences. 39 A click DoCUmENTS Ebook | sponsored by want more?
  • 40. CLICK PREDICTIONS retweet Prediction Customers sell statistics based the end this are far more educated now and will continue to be, thanks to the Internet (and strategies). • Word-of-mouth will continue to grow as media of consumer now Web 2.0 driven social media), and they will be more informed even before credibility falls. • Tools and technology will take a back seat and value ignorance marketing guys get clued in. • Artificial ‘loyalty’ pro- grams will be seen as just concepts will come to the fore. • Contact centers will die. that – ‘artificial’. One size will not fit all any • Marketing experts will longer. become extinct. • Segment-based market profiling will disappear. (Marketing experts will however, continue to hard- recommended resources sunil malhotra Change-the-world » Firms of endearment Entrepreneur [beta], founder & CEo ideafarms, Innovation champion, » the Past, 2010 and setting a direction Forward breakthrough business thinker, Industrial Designer, part-time blogger, amateur writer, die-hard Indophile, reluctant networker. url: twitter: sunilmalhotra subscribe: Customers are human beings, not sta- tistical aberrations. Trust those who say what they mean and do what they say. 40 A click DoCUmENTS Ebook | sponsored by want more?
  • 41. CLICK PREDICTIONS retweet Prediction Continued be asked to extract sales- 2010 b2b this micro-fragmentation in on- line media consumption will reveal deep flaws through- ready pipeline from the de- mand generation equivalent of oil shale. Sales leaders marketing out the B2B demand gen- eration value chain. Buyers, already budget-constrained will see their teams struggle more than ever to distin- guish between opportuni- Predictions and under-staffed, will be overwhelmed by terabytes of low-value content pub- ties, prospects, suspects, and noise. Also, the U.S. federal income tax filing deadline by @tlotl lished/re-published by will fall on April 15th. armies of self-branded ex- perts. Traditional online ad publishers will face pressure to maintain adequate lead quality and volume. Vendors will adapt, or not. CMOs will recommended resources » Focus tom scearce is the founder of Scearce market Development » conversation marketing and a 15-year marketing and sales veteran of leading media, technology, » the lord of the leads and business services companies including tippit, speakeasy (A best buy Company), good technology, and concur technologies. url: twitter: TLoTL subscribe: Micro-fragmentation and “mass expertization” make buyer attention elusive in 2010. 41 A click DoCUmENTS Ebook | sponsored by want more?
  • 42. CLICK PREDICTIONS retweet Prediction 2010 will see • Trust their peers more the buyer this marketers change the way they market to and interact with buyers. We have seen than anything else • Prefer third party, unbi- ased information versus has changed; fundamental changes in the buyer that once understood, will push marketers away information provided by the vendor. marketers from antiquated market- ing techniques. The main changes in the buyer: Will too • Buyers do the vast major- ity of their research online • Consume content in a frag- mented way • Suffer from “attention scarcity and information overload recommended resources » Focus craig rosenberg is the author of the b2b demand generation » emarketing strategies for the complex sales blog, The funnelholic, and the Vice President at tippit, a leading » sirius decisions b2b online media company. url: twitter: funnelholic subscribe: The buyer has changed forever— marketers that succeed in 2010 will adjust accordingly (and drastically). 42 A click DoCUmENTS Ebook | sponsored by want more?
  • 43. CLICK PREDICTIONS retweet Prediction I think as and that’s probably up from social media is this the US market comes out of recession the budget funds withdrawn from the multi- under a thousand from a year ago. Finally, 2010 will see the role of social media listen- about inVesting billion dollar interruptive advertising spends of years gone by will instead be in- ing and engaging move from the single entity or team to a distributed, enterprise- in relationshiPs vested in relationship-based initiatives – enter social me- dia. No doubt this will cause wide model with front line co-ordination team. Social media is a two-way commu- for the long run further bankruptcies in the nications channel and needs publication and broadcasting to integrate with many of the world. Secondly, by the end enterprise’s existing systems. of 2010 I foresee that at least 35000 people will have the words “social media” in their current job title on Linkedin. There are over 6500 now recommended resources david Alston leads the marketing and Community » media Philosopher teams at radian6, a social media monitoring, measurement » community instinct and engagement platform used by Pr, marketing and » Altitude Branding customer support specialists. url:, twitter: davidalston subscribe: Conversing with your community is the new now and the future. 43 A click DoCUmENTS Ebook | sponsored by want more?
  • 44. CLICK PREDICTIONS retweet Prediction Firms will out relevance of terms like camPaigns to this build online communities by collaborating with a content partner, using an existing “silent period” and ‘selec- tive dissemination” in this media. Marketing and legal conVersations platform such as Ning or cre- ating their own. From an em- ployee perspective organiza- will grapple over unsubstan- tiated claims and squatters. The first few high profile tions will deal with allowing mistakes will take place next workplace access to social year. Many will not cope networking tools, building with the sudden increase in “gated communities”, customer/employee or embracing cloud solutions interactions and will aban- like Yammer. don their outreach plans. This will raise issues of who will respond to que- ries, comments, and what is confidential. Listed com- panies will have to figure recommended resources » no money marketing Jessie Paul is Cmo for wipro technologies and a member » guy kawasaki’s Blog of Wipro’s Strategy and Diversity Council. She has 15 years of » gauravonomics experience in marketing and brand internationalization. url: Time to move from a campaign– twitter: jessie_paul subscribe: based approach to one of continuous conversations with stakeholders. 44 A click DoCUmENTS Ebook | sponsored by want more?
  • 45. CLICK PREDICTIONS retweet Prediction 2010 will from brands they like marketing this be the year that marketers must learn to adopt a new mindset. They must create and trust. Brands who create cam- paigns around experiences is a mindset experiences to fully engage their buyers. Buyers have too many choices. They will keep buyers interested, engaged and loyal. Those brands that continue to use want to be educated, en- outdated, uninteresting lightened and entertained. methods to shout messages Marketers who create “ex- to buyers will get lost and periences” where buyers can lose market share. engage with them in fun or interesting ways will differ- entiate themselves. These marketers will build trust and win customer mind- share. Buyers want to buy recommended resources » marketing 2.0 Bernie Borges is CEo of Find » Find and convert Blog and convert, an Inbound mar- keting agency and the author of marketing 2.0. bernie is also » get content get customers a frequent speaker, a blogger and a podcaster addressing the intersection of search and social media. url: twitter: berniebay subscribe: Marketers must transition from being seller to collaborator, advertiser to experience creator. 45 A click DoCUmENTS Ebook | sponsored by want more?
  • 46. CLICK PREDICTIONS retweet Prediction Like a fractal, micro- this marketers are going to be forced to explore smaller, more niche-focused online fragmentation communities in order to empower passionate digital influencers to drive revenue in online and reduce costs. consumPtion recommended resources » tippingpoint labs’ blog » Book – made to stick: why some ideas survive and Andrew davis is Chief Strategy others die officer and Co-founder at tipping point labs. Andrew’s passion for developing high-quality content » Junta 42 Blog and focus on measuring quality of content generated helps shape TPL’s strategies and those of its clients. url: twitter: tpldrew subscribe: You can’t be everything to everyone! 46 A click DoCUmENTS Ebook | sponsored by want more?
  • 47. CLICK PREDICTIONS mArketo is changing the way Marketing and Sales teams work together. Marketo Lead Management gives Marketers the power to automate demand generation campaigns and the flexibility to easily clone and customize them. The impact for Marketing? • Capture and nurture more high-quality leads with less effort. • Automate marketing processes and focus resources on more strate- sPonsored gic and creative projects. • Qualify and score prospects and measure marketing ROI. by marketo Marketo Sales Insight helps Sales prioritize, understand and interact with the hottest leads and opportunities to close more business faster. learn more: The impact for Sales? • Understand relevant actions with ‘Best Bet’ priorities and relevant ‘Interesting Moments.’ • Interact with trackable emails, smart campaigns, and find new prospects by monitoring anonymous web traffic. • Prioritize leads and opportunities with ‘Lead Feed’ updates to any device, empowering Sales to focus on the right leads at the right time with the right message. 47 A click DoCUmENTS Ebook | sponsored by want more?
  • 48. CLICK PREDICTIONS get more great click here free content! to doWnload creating content that sells, a guide to content marketing for demand generation Thank you so much for reading “Click Prediction: Key Content Marketing Trends and Predictions for 2010” We hope you’ve enjoyed it, and we’d love to get your feedback! To extend our thanks, please download a special sneak preview free ebook from Marketo, titled, Creating Content that Sells, A Guide to Content Marketing for Demand Generation. Here’s a quick synopsis: Acknowledgements: Content created by marketing to support online efforts includ- ing email, website, blog, and social media should be strategical- Cover illustrated by Peter Thomas Ryan used by permission ly different from other marketing materials used offline. This Thank you to all the contributors for giving their time, talent and content Edited and co-ordinated by Ambal Balakrishnan guide will introduce you to the basics of content marketing, Conceived by Ambal Balakrishnan, Rajesh Setty and StressLimitDesign explain how to match buyer personas with marketing materi- als to drive demand, and show you how to calculate the ROI on these efforts. PleAse HelP us sHAre tHis witH otHers! Post this, email it, tweet it. “Click Prediction: Key Content Marketing Trends and Pre- You are free to share this as far and wide as you’d like. dictions for 2010” is your crystal ball into the key content mar- Write your own predictions and trends for 2010. keting and social media issues for business in 2010. Creating Add your own ideas Content that Sells is your practical guide to making it happen! But please don’t sell this content or change any of the entries. A click DoCUmENTS Ebook | sponsored by A st r e ss LI m I t desI gn production for click DoCUmENTS 48 want more?