ClickInsights: Tips on How to Write a Better Case Study from Experts


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ClickInsights is an Expert Interview Series brought to you by Connect the Docs (ClickDocuments blog). In ClickInsights Expert Interview Series we feature top notch industry experts and thought leaders and get their insights, opinions and predicitions. We also ask for their suggestions on what reports, whitepapers etc to read to keep abreast with latest trends in their industry.

Case studies are the perfect marketing tool. The best way to convey your marketing message is throught the voice of a successful and happy customer. We have invited Case Study Experts to shed light on the following question: If you could give our readers one tip on how to write a better case study, what would that be? Read on to get their insights.

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ClickInsights: Tips on How to Write a Better Case Study from Experts

  1. 1. CLICK DOCUMENTS Tips on how to write a better Case Study Compiled By: Ambal Balakrishnan
  2. 2. CASEY HIBBARD Always write for the audience Blog Stories that Sell | Twitter Casey_Hibbard The best case studies will create an “aha” for your prospects. To do that, stay absolutely focused on the audience. From the questions you ask to customer quotes to the headline, everything should be focused on the messages you want your specific audience to know.
  3. 3. CINDY KING Remember the international reach of your case studies When case studies are used online these case studies reach international readers too.  If you want to avoid pushing away these international readers you should give a little thought into how you write your case studies. Blog CindyKing | Twitter CindyKing
  4. 4. MICHELE LINN Blog Savvy B2B Marketing | Twitter MicheleLinn Every case study should be targeted at one specific audience; a one-size fits all approach is not effective. Understanding your audience can impact who you will interview, what questions you will ask, what facts you will focus on, what format you will use and how you will promote your case study. Know your audience
  5. 5. STEPHANIE TILTON Break out of the "one-size-fits-all" mindset Continue to produce case studies that help prospects visualize how the solution will help them overcome business challenges or achieve their goals. But don't forget to offer stories that address common objections early in the buying cycle. And make sure you satisfy the needs of technical evaluators, who want to read lessons learned by customers that have already implemented the solution. Blog Savvy B2B Marketing | Twitter StephanieTilton
  6. 6. Recommended Resources from Case Study Experts Blogs Casey Hibbard's blog Stories that Sell Cindy King's blog CindyKing Michele Linn's blog Savvy B2B Marketing Stephanie Tilton's blog Savvy B2B Marketing Books Casey Hibbard's book Stories that Sell Jill Konrath's book Selling To Big Companies Joe Pulizzi's and Newt Barrett's book Get Content. Get Customers. Others Steve Slaunwhite’s Cracking the Case Study Market LinkedIn Group – Success-Story Marketing Group 6 Steps to Successful Case Studies Jonathan Kranz's eBook: Making Your Case: Everything You and Your Colleagues Need to Write Compelling, Lead-Generating Case Studies