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ClickDocuments: White Papers Cheat sheet
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ClickDocuments: White Papers Cheat sheet


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  • 1. CLICK DOCUMENTS White Papers CheatSheet Compiled By: Ambal Balakrishnan
  • 2. WhitePaper Blogs
    • Michael Stelzner's Writing White Papers
    • Jonathan Kantor's White Paper Pundit
    • Philip Dunn's Quality Writer
    • Jim Lodico's White Paper Solution
    • Stephanie’s Tilton’s SavvyB2BMarketing
  • 3. CopyWriting Blogs
    • Brian Clark's Copyblogger offers tips on how to write content for marketing success.
    • Robert Bly's CopyWriting has advise on copywriting and direct marketing.
  • 4. White Papers Book Recommendation Writing White Papers: How to Capture Readers and Keep Them Engaged
    • "There are really only two ways to write white papers: (1) by focusing on your self-interests or (2) by concentrating on the interests of your readers. The self-interest or "chest-beating" approach focuses exclusively on a product, service or solution by expounding on its benefits, features and implications. While effective in some circumstances, this approach is best left for something other than a white paper, such as a data sheet or product brief.“
    • - Michael Stelzner
  • 5. 5 key take aways from Michael Stelzner's book
    • Give value to your reader: The whitepaper’s underlying strength rests on this premise: If you give readers something of value, they will give you their loyalty, and ultimately their business.
    • Identify your reader: Asking many questions to clearly define the ideal reader will not only help you bring clarity to your white paper project, it will also enhance your credibility.
    • Adopt problem-solution approach: By leading with some challenges faced by your readers and suggesting how to solve their problems, you can develop a compelling white paper that engages readers.
    • Include a “call to action”: Provide an actionable step that guides readers once they reach the end of your whitepaper. This will help keep prospects engaged with your solution.
    • Interview experts: To obtain “content-rich” whitepapers interview experts to speed up the research process and get access to information that you will never find on your own.
  • 6. White Papers Book Recommendation The White Paper Marketing Handbook
    • "The best white papers have two things. The first is that they are conversational, natural language-driven. It’s really two people talking to each other in an informal tone. The second is to not focus on why your readers should use a certain product, but how it can benefit them. I like to give tips that the readers can use even if they don’t use my product. The main thing is they should be able to get value out of reading your white paper even if they don’t ultimately buy your product. Too often, people think writing white papers means 'sell this product'."
    • - Robert Bly
  • 7. 5 key take aways from Robert Bly's book
    • Focus on reader: White paper should focus on the reader’s issue or problem and offer information that will lead him or her towards a solution. A white paper should not be a sales brochure or company data sheet.
    • 3 U’s formula: “3 U’s” formula for crafting titles is also applicable for creating for a white paper as well. Be ultra-specific, unique and useful to your ideal readers.
    • Integrated Marketing: A white paper should effectively fit into successful Integrated Marketing Communications efforts. It should have consistency with the messaging in other marketing collaterals.
    • Edu-marketing strategy: Educate and inform potential customers. This will in turn lead to business success.
    • Don’t sell: White paper should be a "soft sell" and is intended to make a favorable impression with the reader about the product or service.
  • 8. 10 Key Content Marketing lessons to apply to creating and marketing white paper and Ebooks.
    • Plan in advance so your white paper or Ebook fits well into your intergrated content marketing strategy.
    • Find 3 strategic goals you want to meet with your white paper or Ebook.
    • Find out who is your target audience before you start.
    • Think about how you can influence your readers. e.g., case studies, ROI calculations, research, surveys.
    • Understand the informational needs of your prospects and customers and create what matters most to them.
    • Connect with you prospects and customers. Listen. Hold two-way conversations.
    • Use social media to leverage for your investment in producing white papers or Ebooks.
    • Have an ongoing update plan for your white paper or Ebook. Delivering consistently is important to building a relationship with your customer.
    • Use analytics to evaluate how readers engage with your white paper or Ebook.
    • Use metrics to measure what is the ROI(Return on Investment) for your white paper or Ebook. Use these metrics to fine-tune your content strategy.
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    • How to Write a White Paper
    • How to Write an Effective White Paper
    • How to Use Descriptive Paragraph Starters
    • How to start a white paper
    • How NOT to Format a White Paper!
    • How to Make Your White Paper ‘Good to the Last Drop'
    • How to Craft White Papers that Stick in Readers' Mind
    • How to Clone Your White Paper for Different Audiences
  • 10. White Papers “How-to” Blog Posts Blog posts on Writing White Papers  
    • How Many Pages Do You Really Need?
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    • How to Use Valuable Content to Attract Opportunity
    • How to write White papers
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    • 5 Tips for Better White Papers
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    • 7 Important Distinctions When Writing To Businesses
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    • 10 Words to Avoid in Your Writing
    • 11 Tips for Writing a Really, Really Bad White Paper
  • 14. White Papers “Lists” Blog Posts 10 Days to a Better White Paper – by Jim Lodico
    • Writing for both the Quick Read and Close Read
    • The Call to Action
    • Writing the Draft
    • The Power of Prewriting
    • Research and the Power of the Third Party Source
    • The Importance of Your Target Audience
    • Choosing a Winning Topic
    • Define Your Objectives
  • 15. White Papers “Lists” Blog Posts List of Lists on marketing white papers
    • Three Worthy White Paper Marketing Tips
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    • 6 Interviewing Tips (for Writers)
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    • 9 Easy Ways to Leverage a White Paper or Special Report
    • Ten Tough Questions to Ask Your White Paper Syndication Vendor
    • 12 Techniques to Increase White Paper Leads
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