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Content Marketing Quotes from Experts

Content Marketing Quotes from Experts

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  • 1. CLICK DOCUMENTS Great Content Marketing Quotes from Experts Compiled By: Ambal Balakrishnan
  • 2. ARDATH ALBEE UNDERSTAND CUSTOMER’S AND PROSPECT’S PERSPECTIVES Blog Marketing Interactions | Twitter Ardath421 With content marketing and custom publishing at the fore for marketing, unless marketers can perfect their ability to really listen and understand their customer’s and prospect’s needs, perspectives, objectives and uncertainties, the marketing content they develop won’t connect .
  • 3. NEWT BARRETT YOUR CUSTOMERS MUST TRUST YOU COMPLETELY Blog Content Marketing Today | Twitter Newtbarrett Old-school marketers are used to one-way marketing communication and a sales approach that talks at the customer rather than with the customer. That just doesn't work anymore.
  • 4. ROHIT BHARGAVA CREATE A CONTENT MARKETING STRATEGY The idea of content marketing is becoming more popular among marketing teams as a result of the growing influence of social media, but it has been around much longer than that. White papers, contributed articles, even infomercials are all forms of content marketing . Blog Influential Marketing | Twitter R ohitbhargava
  • 5. ROBERT BLY RISE ABOVE THE CONTENT POLLUTION Blog Robert Bly With all that content bombarding the consumer, how can we, whether we are content writers or copywriters, hope to grab even a small slice of the reader’s attention? Unable to read and consume information on which to base buying decisions, consumers will increasingly rely on brand preferences .
  • 6. CHRIS BROGAN CONTENT MARKETING WILL SHAKE THE TREE Blog Chris Brogan | Twitter Chrisbrogan Content marketing is the ability to produce useful and entertaining information that is worthwhile on its own, but that might also be useful towards a sale or subsequent action. Why spend time, money, and creative effort making fake, glossy, slick pieces of marketing material when something honest and informative (and ENTERTAINING !) would likely do a better job?
  • 7. BRIAN CARROLL CREATE CONTENT THAT IMPROVES LEAD GENERATION Blog B2B Lead Generation | Twitter Brianjcarroll B2B marketing efforts heavily rely on content as a lead generation incentive. To be effective in the lead gen cycle, this content has to be something your prospects yearn to read or view. You’ll want to create content that will actually help your sales team have a valid reason to follow-up.
  • 8. BOB GILBREATH CREATE CONTENT THAT CUSTOMERS WILL FIND VALUABLE Blog Marketing with Meaning | Twitter Mktgwithmeaning Marketing with Meaning is less about context – or finding the best time to get in front of a consumer’s eyeballs - and more about content - or creating something that people find valuable in itself. By definition, a good Content Strategy must be meaningful and is judged by consumers engagement level rather than eyeball impressions.
  • 9. PAUL GILLIN Blog PaulGillin | Twitter Pgillin GIVE AWAY CONTENT That’s always a dilemma in content marketing : how much do you give away? I know of no simple answers but the rule of thumb is to give till it hurts. When you begin to see a measurable effect on your business, then you’ve gone too far. But chances are you haven’t. I think most information companies don’t give away enough information and should push the envelope a little more.
  • 10. JOHN JANTSCH GREAT CONTENT GETS YOU PAST THE GATEKEEPERS Blog Duct Tape Marketing | Twitter Ducttape For many organizations, getting invited to the table is the most difficult task. Educational content minimizes the need for selling. Content draws leads to you and allow them to find your products and services and sell themselves.
  • 11. PATSI KRAKOFF BUSINESS BLOG CONTENT BEATS SELLING Content marketing wins over readers more than advertising. This means business bloggers have the clear advantage since blogs are the best way to communicate stories. Blog Writing on the Web | Twitter Patsiblogsquad
  • 12. IAN LURIE DISCOVERABLE MARKETING REQUIRES A CONVERSATION MINDSET Blog Conversation Marketing | Twitter Portentint Discoverable marketing - internet marketing - requires a whole different mindset: A conversation mindset . Award-winning creative is fun, but what you really need is valuable stuff: Content (text, images, video) that makes customers think "Dang, that's a great idea" and make a note to themselves.
  • 13. MARK NAGURSKI HOW WOULD YOU LIKE YOUR CONTENT SIR? Blog Really Practical Marketing | Twitter ReallyPractical When we create content as part of our marketing efforts, we have to make choices about style, format and err, content. How we answer those questions will have a huge impact on how effective our content is in achieving our marketing goals.
  • 14. JOE PULIZZI Blog J unta42 | Twitter Juntajoe LISTEN TO THY CUSTOMER. KNOW THEIR INFORMATIONAL NEEDS. A successful content marketing strategy is dependent on how well you know the customer's informational needs. Listening is required.
  • 15. DAVID MEERMAN SCOTT LEARN THE NEW RULES OF VIRAL MARKETING Blog Web In Know | Twitter Dmscott Today's marketing success comes from self-publishing Web content that people want to share. It’s not about gimmicks. It’s not about paying an agency to interrupt others.
  • 16. SONIA SIMONE CREATIVE CONTENT MARKETING Blog Copyblogger | Twitter Copyblogger The whole idea behind content marketing is that you can use your creativity and know-how to make something cool, then take that cool thing and use it to market a product. It’s often associated with Seth Godin’s notion of permission marketing, but content marketing can be a part of any promotion or selling you might do.
  • 17. BRIAN SOLIS RELEVANT CONTENT WILL FIND ITS WAY Blog PR 2.0 | Twitter Briansolis It is the digital curation of relevant content that binds us contextually and through the statusphere we can connect directly to existing contacts, reach new people, and also forge new friendships through the friends of friends effect (FoFs) in the process.
  • 18. MIKE STELZNER FOCUS ON CREATING VALUABLE CONTENT Blog Writing White Papers | Twitter Mike_Stelzner When opportunities start drying up, businesses focus their marketing efforts on creating valuable content .  White papers are still an important marketing tool. If you give readers something of value, they will give you their loyalty, and ultimately their business.
  • 19. LIZ STRAUSS CONNECT WITH YOUR READERS WITH EFFECTIVE CONTENT Blog Successful Blog | Twitter Lizstrauss Effective content connects with readers , gets them thinking, or leaves them with a satisfying feeling of having read something that affects or affirms their world view. Effective copy entices readers, points out their needs and desires, or leaves them wanting to improve their lives with a help from where the writer sends them.
  • 20. DENISE WAKEMAN CONTENT MARKETING WINS OVER READERS Blog Build a Better Blog | Twitter DeniseWakeman Content marketing wins over readers more than advertising . This means business bloggers have the clear advantage since blogs are the best way to communicate stories.