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  • 1. Become beautiful..!!!!!
  • 2. Your Skin• What’s the body’s biggest organ???.......... You might be surprised to find out it’s the SKIN, which might not think of as an organ. No matter how you think of it, your skin is very important.• It covers and protects everything inside your body. Skin holds everything together. It protects our bodies, helps keep our body at just the right temperature and allows us to have the sense of touch. The skin is made up of three layers.
  • 3. Keep It Clean……• Unlike other organs (like your lungs, heart, and brain), your skin likes a good washing . When you wash your skin, use water and a mild soap.• And dont forget to cover scrapes and cuts with gauze or a bandage. This keeps the dirt out and helps prevent infections. Its just one way to be kind to the skin youre in!
  • 4. Skin Care……• Our skin is the most exposed part of the body that has to inevitably endure the test of nature and time.• The weather along with additional support from pollution, dirt, grime can create problems for the skin. Problems of the skin are aplenty and so are their causes, all of which calls for a skin care regime .• The term ‘Skin Care’ carries a different meaning for different people. Hence to understand skin care tips and adhere to a skin care routine better.
  • 5. Skin Care Treatments…• Foremost, a good diet : A healthy diet leads to a healthy skin!• Sleep : You must sleep for eight or ten hours each night, because skin revives itself when you sleep.• Clean Bowels : Elimination of toxins helps maintain healthy skin• Emotions : Distress shows on the skin in an outburst of rashes or blemishes. So keep that anger in check!• Exercise : Deep breathing exercises are a beauty treatment in themselves especially when you are filling your lungs with pure fresh air. Oxygen is vital to your skin and blood cel1s carrying both oxygen and nourishment are circulated to every part of your body including your skin.
  • 6. Contd..,• There is more you can add to your skincare regime, but while you could do any of the above mentioned practices with a little bit of effort and self control, for our next step you will need a little effort, some product, brand and advertising awareness and a lot of decision making a skin care tip from experts.• Decision making in the context of choosing the right product among the various on the shelf!• The most popular and effective skin-care regime, which yields maximum benefit to the skin, comprises the cleansing, toning, moisturizing and conditioning routines.
  • 7. Contd..,• The skin-care, of course, varies from one skin type to another and the relative emphasis of the various routines in it also differs. Here is an important skin care tip• Cleansing is the most important aspect of skin-care. It is undertaken primarily to remove the stale make-up, clean the skin pores and exfoliate the dead cells which otherwise cause blockages on the skins surface.• Toning : The daily cleansing routine should be followed with toning. The toning exercise helps in the stimulation of the skin, pores and invigorates the blood circulation.• The moisturizing and conditioning routines conclude the daily skin-care. Moisturizing helps in keeping the moisture in the skin. The conditioning routine restores the acid balance on the skin and corrects other such imbalances.
  • 8. Tips for A Glowing Skin• A simple and very effective formula to fight problems of oily skin: In a tablespoon of warm milk squeeze a freshly cut lemon until the milk curdles.• Apply this milk to your face and keep it on for 15 to 20 minutes before washing it off. Does this every day for best results apply a mixture of honey and milk on your face for 20 minutes, for a naturally glowing skin.• Placing thin cotton pads (dipped in cold juice of the cucumber) on closed eyes will take care of dark circles around the eyes and also refresh the eyes
  • 9. Contd..,• Mash orange peel with milk to prepare a natural bleach Pure sandalwood paste is a natural skin conditioner. Apply it for few hours twice a week for a glowing skin.• Mix yoghurt with finely ground rice flour to make a paste. Use it as a face pack.• This removes the excess oil from the skin Papaya paste and banana paste make excellent face packs too.
  • 10. Contd..,• Prepare a face mask out off honey and eggs to combat undue tanning A mixture cucumber juice and milk makes a great cleanser Diets rich in fluids, fruits, and vegetables that are rich in anti oxidants will keep your skin looking young glowing naturally.• A glowing skin is an asset coveted by all women. It is easy to achieve a great complexion today with all the resources and knowledge available.• There is a three step regime to keep the skin well conditioned, cleansing, toning and moisturizing. There are several home remedies to have a glowing skin.• A healthy diet and drinking lots of water with proper sleep and exercise will make you glow like a star.