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eCommerce expo- Jasper Bell
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eCommerce expo- Jasper Bell


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How to use mobile to boost marketing and commerce effectiveness

How to use mobile to boost marketing and commerce effectiveness

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. The Mobile Imperative: How to use mobile to boost marketing & commerce effectiveness Jasper Bell, Strategy Consultant @jasperbelluk @amazeplc
  • 2. Agenda • • • • • Who are Amaze? The rise of mobile The mobile paradox 3 critical steps Your strategy
  • 3. Who are Amaze?
  • 4. Who are Amaze?
  • 5. The rise of mobile
  • 6. Mobile? 1 2 3 Other connected devices Smart metering Video surveillance Consumer electronics Machine-to-machine Wearable technology In store technology >7 billion mobile devices in use by the end of 2013 Source: Cisco - January 2013
  • 7. ‘M’ Commerce?
  • 8. A cluttered space with many, technologies, standards, platforms & players… Apps Positioning systems and wireless technology Payments & commerce ‘Connected’ retail Push marketing Responsive and mobile sites
  • 9. Mobile has changed our behaviour… “hyper-tasking” “micro-convenience” “look to mobile to maximise every moment” • • • • 1 in 3 minutes spent beyond desktop 68% checking phone hourly 18-24’s - 110 messages daily, 3.2k monthly ‘Portal erosion’ - we’ve embraced fragmentation Sources: Comscore - 2012 Harris Interactive - June 2012 Pew Research Centre - Sept 2012 DFKI - Nov 2011
  • 10. How we research and shop online… Sources: Inmobi - 2012 eDigital Research - 2013
  • 11. Mobile will become the primary way we buy online >50% Of eCommerce shopping sessions mobile by 2014 30% Of mobile users will be buyers by 2017 Sources: Forbes - 2012 Forrester - 2012
  • 12. The Mobile Paradox
  • 13. “64% of UK firms claimed mobile strategy was an important factor in their business success yet of these … Confidential and Proprietary. © 2011 Bazaarvoice, Inc. 60% had yet to implement plans … Just 11% had a mobile app or mobile-optimised website” 13 Source: Barclays Online Business Outlook survey - 2013
  • 14. “33% of luxury marketers do not use mobile optimised sites” Confidential and Proprietary. © 2011 Bazaarvoice, Inc. “40% of fashion brands released an app but did not support it” 14 Source: L2 Think Tank - 2013
  • 15. How many of you have developed a mobile strategy and/or roadmap?
  • 16. How many of you have built a mobile-optimised website or app?
  • 17. How many of you allow customers to buy from you using a mobile device?
  • 18. Why the confusion? “A rapidly evolving mobile landscape that is challenging in terms of knowing which platforms and mobile offerings to invest in” Source:Forrester - 2012
  • 19. Are you seeing a pattern here? Why are Gartner cutting their North American mobile payments forecast by 55%? “Low adoption of NFC payment services and many merchants launching mobile apps in a copycat fashion without a clear winning strategy” “Delays and adoption issues facing numerous mobile wallet initiatives, as well as a congested landscape of competing technologies" Source: Gartner - 2013
  • 20. But the consumer doesn’t care … “Consumers expect transactions to be easier on mobile than they are offline (51%) or on a desktop computer (50%)” Source: UBM
  • 21. A price will be paid for getting it wrong. 57% 75% 75% Won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile website Drop in shopping session conversion on mobile without a mobile-optimised UX Will return to a site if the experience on mobile is good Sources: Compuware - 2012 Forbes - 2013
  • 22. 3 critical steps
  • 23. Be optimal 3 Critical steps Be connected Be found
  • 24. Ensure audience can use your content and services and easily transact Strike the right balance with your mobile ecosystem Be optimal
  • 25. When it comes to design standard - there is no right or wrong … Be optimal Responsive? Adaptive? Mobile site? Apps? Source: Amaze client assessment
  • 26. Case studies are emerging in support of RWD’s commercial prowess … Be optimal Revenue from iPhone +388% Revenue from all devices +42% Conversion rate +14% Revenue from iPhone +101% Revenue from Android +591% Source: - March 2013
  • 27. However, the ‘cons’ of RWD are starting to be documented … Cost Page load speed Process change Be optimal Design constraints Source: Get Elastic – August 2013
  • 28. The rise of native apps remains exponential … Be optimal “49% said they are less likely to comparison shop when using a retailer’s mobile app as opposed to a mobile website” Source: ApTap – 2013,Comscore 2013
  • 29. For some, a mobile site is the answer. Be optimal
  • 30. Connect … Journeys and experiences to drive relevance & value-exchange Respond to the ‘omnivorous’ consumer in different settings Be connected
  • 31. Mobile influences us before and during the shop… Be connected 90% of smartphone shoppers use their phone for pre-shopping 57% to find hours … 44% to compare prices … 44% to find promo offers … 84% of smart phone shoppers use their devices while in a store Source: Google - 2013
  • 32. This has accentuated ‘showrooming’… Be connected Threat? • 80% of retailers surveyed expected sales to reduce 5% Opportunity? • 85% said they did not have the technology to share inventory across the web and store Source: Edgell Network & eBay local - 2012
  • 33. Brands must understand & embrace this behaviour … Acknowledge & respond Gamify, incentivise & delight Be connected
  • 34. Proximity marketing is gaining critical mass … Be connected
  • 35. Be connected • Applications beyond demonstration… • Inventory checking • Training, briefings. inter-associate contact • VOIP ‘push to talk’ connect remote experts to customers Mobile can enable staff to respond when it matters
  • 36. Second-screen, ‘meshing’ and ‘stacking’ will be game changers… Be connected Source: OFCOM - 2013
  • 37. Opening-up opportunities for ‘situational-selling’ Be connected Out of hours Lean-back Different rooms Different locations
  • 38. Mobile can offer retail and travel brands a unique opportunity to support moments of truth. Which of the following aspects of your airlines travel experience could be improved? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Disruption management – 42.4% Check-in / Baggage process – 33.8% Seating – 32.5% Changes to bookings 30.3% In-flight service - 28.7% Be connected Which of the following innovative features or services would you use? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Real time flight status – 39.9% Calendar display – 39.3% Real time baggage status – 36.7% Use mobile on board – 36.3% Receive directions (gates, etc) - 35.7% Source: Amadeus 2011 – airline customers
  • 39. Manage & generate demand Getting in front of the right person at the right time Thinking beyond the obvious to find your niches Be found
  • 40. Think ‘distributed’ commerce (and marketing)… • Deals & cash back on products you are searching for online or locally, P2P market place • Rewards for engaging in activities across network of apps • Affiliate offers pushed into passbook - triggered at opportune moments Be found
  • 41. Find interest-driven niches … • Customised, magazines + niche products • Harness native ipad features Be found • Deep linking to and from apps from tweets • On-the-move contextual messaging
  • 42. Optimise your email approach … Mobile email open rates higher (38%) than webmail or desktop (31%) YET… Be found 41% of Europeans close or delete emails unless mobile optimised Text too small… Complex layout… Links & buttons too small… Too much on the screen… Images not always displayed… Don’t want to zoom… Source: Fourth Source and Knotice - 2012
  • 43. And get found beyond the web (online to offline) • Inventory data from bricks & mortar retail outlets to serve geo-targeted mobile ads that draw online consumers to offline stores • Scale in location targeted display - Yoose and Blis offer 100’s of millions of monthly impressions • And let’s not forget Google local … Be found
  • 44. Your strategy
  • 45. Mobile ‘influence’ is bigger than mobile ‘selling’ … “Mobile is impacting retail revenues beyond purchases made on the small screen. Mobile advertising, mobile alerts, dual screen usage and show rooming drive 13X the revenues traced to mobile devices today.” Colin Gilbert, L2 Think Tank 2013 Source: Deloitte - 2013
  • 46. To attribute value, brands must identify the overlaps ... Impact on marketing channels Second screening & preshopping High street retail & ‘proximity’ mktg Social media context Where can mobile impact? Customer support & care Payment method
  • 47. Ask yourself, what are your target audience up to the 99.9% of the time they aren’t using your services?
  • 48. Don’t think ‘mobile’… think ‘mobility, ‘moment’ & ‘need’ … Multi-channel, multi-platform, multi-device Situational relevance and value-exchange Integrated retail & customer experiences, moments of truth The ‘local’ factor
  • 49. Added exposure In store uplift Retention Reach new segments Mobile Benefits Prime customers Measure and optimise customer value and efficiencies Acquire user data Channel efficiencies
  • 50. In summary. 1. Understand mobile behaviour & motivations, size your opportunity 2. Map your optimal mobile ecosystem 3. Assess & grow reach in the right places 4. Integrate systems & analytics to understand impacts & enhance experience 5. Take an iterative, permanent beta approach
  • 51. Thank you @jasperbelluk @amazeplc