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Fusebox Social Media Sessions - Social Media Marketing

Fusebox Social Media Sessions - Social Media Marketing






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Fusebox Social Media Sessions - Social Media Marketing Fusebox Social Media Sessions - Social Media Marketing Presentation Transcript

  • @brilliantnoise brilliantnoise.com Antony Mayfield 4 June 2014 Social media marketing for start-ups and innovators FuseBox Sessions
  • Be useful. Customer first. Earn advocacy. Transformative digital. 3
  • Interrogate the brief 4
  • Interrogate the brief 5
  • Interrogate the brief 6
  • Interrogate the brief 7
  • All of this is about change. 8
  • All of this is about leadership. 9
  • - Leading yourself Creating a digital mindset, threshold knowledge, creating an example of change. - Leading others Spreading mindset, collaboration. - Leading organisations Clear vision and communication, creating a culture that is flexible and open to change. Digital leaders 10
  • No rules. 11
  • No shortcuts. 12
  • Invention. Graft. Repeat. 13
  • “It is the individual, operating at the peak of his or her powers, who will revive our organizations, by reinventing both self and them.” Warren Bennis, Leadership studies pioneer and professor at USC. !
  • Fear. 15
  • You are what they fear. 16
  • Digital change comes in all directions… 17 Customer Competitor Staff Channels Company
  • Start-ups and Innovators 18
  • Don’t act big. (Everyone wants to be a start-up.) 19
  • “The constraint on the economy’s growth then becomes its ability to go through all these potential recombinations to find the truly valuable ones.”
  • - Companies need to focus on future, unstated needs of customers - Innovation can threaten your own certainties and understanding of your business - Necessary to create your own disruption before its done to you The Innovator’s Dilemma
  • 22
  • 23
  • 24
  • Social content platform. 25
  • Customer content platform? 26
  • “Advertising is the price companies pay for being unoriginal.” Yves Behar, Fuseproject ! ! Image (cc): http://goo.gl/jAo8ec
  • Marketing toolbox 28
  • Social media is just part of the digital. 29
  • All about the customer. 31
  • Advertising is an unwelcome caller...
  • Short-termism The story of SEO marketing
  • And it continue with social media… 34 http://goo.gl/iT4lcX
  • Model first published Harvard Business Review Bond Advocate Enjoy Buy Evaluate Consider Customer decision journey
  • IBM’s investment model
  • IBM’s investment model
  • Social content supply chain. 38
  • Customer decision mapping. 40
  • Search Engine Brand website Price Comparison Social Media 1 3 64 52 7 8 9 10 Consider Evaluate Buy Bond Advocate
  • Six Ps planning model. 42
  • Structuring now means building for scale. 43
  • Purpose Performance Principles Processes Platforms People
  • Often things are missing. 45
  • Purpose Performance Principles Processes Platforms People
  • The overarching reason why your social content exists. Purpose applies to every piece of content, not just specific campaigns. Purpose /ˈpəːpəs/ noun
  • Clear. Urgent. Compelling. Ours.
  • image (cc) Photon “To bring inspiration to every athlete* in the world. *If you have a body, you are an athlete.” Nike, http://goo.gl/XTLh7a ! !
  • The fundamental propositions that form the foundations of your content. How your team works to create and publish social content. Principles /ˈprɪnsɪp(ə)l/ noun
  • Guiding. Framing. Mantra-like. Ours.
  • More http://goo.gl/zJBSV
  • The places where and tools with which your create, publish and amplify your social content. Platforms /ˈplatfɔːm/ noun
  • Source Create Publish Amplify RSS ! Social listening ! Bookmarking e.g. Diigo ! Yammer ! Wiki ! Internet Word/Pages ! Spredfast ! Editorially ! Gather Content ! Scrivener ! ZenWriter ! CMS ! Blog ! 3rd party sites ! Social networks Social networks ! Email ! RSS ! Paid content promotion e.g. PPC, OutBrain, Zemanta
  • The systems and workflows required to create, publish and evaluate social content. Processes /ˈprəʊsɛs/ noun
  • Content supply chain
  • The people involved in the content process and the way they are organised in relation to it. People /ˈpiːp(ə)l/ noun
  • Teams
  • The benchmarks for success and the ways in which you measure the impact of your content. Performance /ˈpəˈfɔːm(ə)ns/ noun
  • What is your objective? What metrics will help you see if you’re meeting that objective? ! Visits, unique visits, page views, time on page, bounce rate, exit rate, return visits, new visits, shares, likes, links, views, downloads, comments, share of voice, brand mentions, customer satisfaction, number of calls/emails/ inquiries, sales, leads, donations, pledges, sign-ups... !
  • Be useful. Customer first. Earn advocacy. Transformative digital. 61
  • Social media and how you work with digital is even more pows 62 Design Your Day ! How to use design thinking and neuroscience to make every day work better Mobile Mastery ! How to make technology work for you, not the other way around Teams That Flow ! How high performing teams use technology and organise themselves Growing Agility ! How individuals and organisations become more flexible and thrive in a volatile world
  • Thank You brilliantnoise.com @amayfield antony@brilliantnoise.com © 2013 Brilliant Noise. All rights reserved 63