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Writing In The Content Areas


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  • 1. The Perfect Fire
  • 2. Meadowbrook Writing Project
    • Teacher as Writer
    • Various Writing Activities
    • Writing Marathon
    • Sharing
    • Peer Groups
    • E-anthology
    • Publication
  • 3. Chimney Tops   Look high to yonder chimney tops Watchmen holding strong Alternating spirals Entertaining lords and ladies with affection and companionship Once bringing heat to those on a frosty Michigan night Pleasing glowing hearths with radiant cherry hot coals Only a remembrance that is now caressed on lonely holidays        
  • 4.     You now fill the innocent passerby With curiosity What secrets were told by your side? Whose love did you manage to ignite? Why so many so different?    
  • 5.     Brick by brick you climb the sky Rising upwards with stately grace Twisting and turning You tell a tale that longs to be told A passageway to a point in time That has long past us by      
  • 6. Collaboration
    • Teacher teaching Teacher
    • A variety of workshops
    • Peer response
    • Community building
    • Collaborative Assessment
  • 7. Writing in the Content Areas Laura Amatulli
  • 8. Why Writing?
    • Only 1/3 of America’s students are proficient writers
    • Students need to write more
    • Students need to become fluent writers
    • 90/90/90 schools require written responses
    • Use short writing assignments in all classes
  • 9. “ A critical role for school leadership is to guide school community to examine the unique, individual strengths and needs of its students.” -Robert Marzano What Works in Schools, Translating Research Into Action
  • 10. Needs Assessment
      • What are the particular needs and abilities of students in your school?
      • Of teachers?
      • What beliefs do teachers hold about writing and learning?
      • How much writing do content-area teachers assign on a regular basis?
      • How much time do students spend writing in and outside school?
      • SUNSHINE and BLUES
  • 11. Examine Our Results
    • Are you getting results like the example students?? (share note cards)
    • A need for content area writing that is simple and to the point
    • Content area does not require long papers
    • Today we will concentrate on note taking and paragraph writing
  • 12. What can we do now?
    • Remember Jerry Jennings
    • -admit slips
    • -take the class pulse
    • - exit pass
    • -inquiry log sheet
    • Journaling
    • Three Column Notes
  • 13. Here at Meadows? Teacher Writing Groups -Personal Writing -Technology and Writing -Collaborative Assessment -Writing Workshops Student Writing Groups -Civic Literacy Conference with an advocacy essay -after school club -Writing Marathon
  • 14. Homework Visit my blog at Leave comments about the workshop or your needs as a teacher at Meadows Range Scoring Workshop coming soon! True or False Pretest!!