Abbott Locksmiths - Rekey


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Established in 1963, we are a family owned and operated business with over 40 years experience and we continue to pride ourselves on our high quality workmanship and service, reliability and quick response times.

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Abbott Locksmiths - Rekey

  1. 1.               ABOUT  US   Established  in  1963,  we  are  a  family  owned  and  operated  business  with  over  40   years  experience  and  we  continue  to  pride  ourselves  on  our  high  quality   workmanship  and  service,  reliability  and  quick  response  times.   We  can  cater  for  all  your  lock,  safe  and  security  needs  be  it  residential  or   commercial  and  offer  everything  from  quick,  reliable  and  professional  mobile   locksmiths  to  a  complete  lock,  key  and  safe  service  and  everything  in  between.   And  with  our  expert  advice  and  support,  friendly  staff  and  extensive  product   range  including  safes,  automotive  lock  services,  access  control  facilities  and   restricted  master  key  systems  we  can  provide  you  with  the  best  solution  available   to  meet  your  needs.   We  service  the  whole  Sydney  metropolitan  area  and  we  are  available  24  hours  a   day  in  case  of  an  emergency.      
  2. 2.     How  to  Rekey  for  Extra   Security   Moving   into   a   new   place   can   be   very   stressful   despite   the   excitement   that   comes   with   it.   Given  that  you  are  in  a  different  environment,  it   is   important   to   be   more   particular   about   your   safety.  One  way  to  be  extra  secure  is  by  opting   to  rekey  your  home’s  locks.   Rekeying   refers   to   changing   a   lock   so   that   a   different   key   may   open   and   operate   it.   This   is   practical   for   new   owners   of   businesses   and   homes   as   they   assume   possession   of   a   previously  owned  place.  It  is  a  good  investment   to  stay  secure  since  other  people  may  still  have   keys  to  the  property  that  you  have  at  present.   Who  can  get  it  done?   This   process   can   be   done   on   your   own   or   by   professionals.   If   you   seem   confident   with   your   skills,  you  may  look  for  instructional  videos  and   tips  via  the  internet.  Basically,  you  can  do  it  by   these  steps:   1.   Check   the   brands   of   the   locks   used   for   the   different  doors.     2.  Purchase  a  rekey  kit  for  each  brand.  You  can   buy  them  from  the  internet  or  home  stores.   3.  Unlock  the  door  and  remove  the  doorknob  by   means   of   inserting   a   wire   tool   from   the   kit.   Insert  the  wire  to  the  hole,  release  the  clip,  and   pull  off  the  knob.   4.   Push   the   lock’s   cylinder   out   of   the   knob.   When   the   knob   sleeve   drops   off,   use   the   retaining   ring   tool   from   the   kit   to   free   the   cylinder.   5.   Using   the   old   keys,   turn   the   lock   ninety   degrees  to  the  right  or  left.     6.  Take  the  key  out  and  push  the  plug  through   the   plug   follower   tool.   Be   sure   to   exert   even   pressure  on  the  plug  and  tool  to  ensure  that  the   springs  won’t  become  loose.   7.  Empty  the  plug  pins  and  put  the  new  key  in   the  lock.     8.  Use  tweezers  to  insert  new  pins  into  the  plug.   Follow  the  kit’s  instructions  to  see  to  it  that  the   new  pins  are  in  the  right  order.   9.  Reassemble  the  doorknob.   If  you  want  to  be  assured  of  maximum  security,   the   best   solution   would   be   investing   on   professional   locksmiths.   These   people   are   experts  when  it  comes  to  rekeying.   How  can  you  look  for  trustworthy  locksmiths?   Ask   around   for   recommendations   from   your   families   and   friends.   You   can   also   browse   the   internet   for   a   list   of   trustworthy   companies   in   your   locality.   Pick   those   who   have   been   in   business  for  at  least  two  years  and  those  with   good  reviews  and  testimonials  from  past  clients.   Also  check  whether  their  service  packages  and   rates  are  suited  to  fit  your  budge.  It  is  better  to   contact  their  representatives  for  a  price  quote.   Rekeying   is   indeed   a   wise   move   to   keep   your   loved  ones  and  possessions  safe.  If  you  want  to   invest   on   pros,   it   is   important   to   look   for   a   reliable   locksmith   company   given   that   you   are   giving  them  access  to  your  place.    
  3. 3.   Understanding   Why   Is   It   Important   to   Rekey   Your   New  Home   A   lot   of   people   become   overshadowed   by   the   thrill  of  moving  into  a  new  house  that  they  tend   to   forget   about   their   safety   needs.   One   important   aspect   to   take   into   consideration   is   rekeying.  This  post  helps  you  understand  why  it   is  essential  to  rekey  your  new  home.   What  is  rekeying?   This  process  involves  tweaking  a  lock  so  that  a   new  key  may  be  able  to  open  it.     Why  is  it  essential?   Just  because  the  previous  owners  of  the  home   that  you  have  just  bought  or  rented  have  given   back   or   passed   on   the   keys,   it   does   not   mean   that   they   no   longer   have   duplicates.   Worse,   some   even   give   off   duplicates   to   their   friends   and   family.   There   are   chances   that   they   can   easily  access  your  area  any  time.  If  the  keys  fall   into   the   wrong   hands,   this   can   greatly   compromise  the  your  personal  safety.  Changing   the   locks’   configurations   make   the   previous   tenants  unable  to  access  them  again  with  their   old  keys.   Why  is  it  convenient?   There  is  no  need  to  change  the  entire  lock  with   rekeying.   This   saves   a   lot   of   time,   money,   and   efforts.   Before,   people   need   to   spend   a   lot   of   money  because  they  have  to  buy  new  locks  and   replace  the  old  ones.  They  also  have  to  pay  a  lot   of  money  on  installation  fees.       What  does  it  have  to  do  with  insurance?   For   insurance   companies   to   cover   the   lost   or   damaged  properties  during  break-­‐ins,  they  will   first   do   an   investigation   on   whether   or   not   a   break-­‐in   really   transpired.   Although   it   is   true   that   burglars   have   entered   your   home,   it   may   be  hard  for  you  to  prove  the  break-­‐in  when  no   tampering   or   signs   of   forced   entry   is   involved.   Burglars   can   use   the   previous   keys   and   enter   your  home  without  a  sweat.   Who  can  get  it  done?   This  procedure  is  best  when  performed  by  the   most   trusted   locksmiths   in   your   area.   Locksmiths   are   experts   who   are   skilled   in   the   set-­‐up,   installation,   repair,   and   replacement   of   security  features  such  as  locks,  safes,  and  gates.   How   can   you   look   for   trustworthy   locksmith   companies?   You  can  find  a  list  of  the  top  providers  in  your   area   through   a   web   search.   Look   into   at   least   ten   options   and   assess   them   based   on   experience,   services,   rates,   years   in   business,   credentials,   and   client   testimonials   or   ratings.   After  choosing  the  one  that  suits  you  best,  give   them  a  call,  and  ask  them  for  a  price  quote  for   your  home.   Rekeying   definitely   helps   you   keep   your   new   property   more   secure.   It   allows   you   to   sleep   soundly   at   night   and   protect   your   loved   ones   and   possessions.   See   to   it   that   you   look   for   trustworthy  locksmith  companies  to  get  the  job   done  efficiently.        
  4. 4.   Why  It’s  Best  to  Rekey   Rather  than  Purchase   Brand  New  Alarms   Sure,  you  have  a  security  system  in  your  home   or  office,  but  how  sure  are  you  that  you  can  rely   on  it  entirely?  It  is  a  must  that  you  get  the  best   in   the   market   because   you   need   to   keep   everyone  you  care  about  safe.  You  also  have  to   find  the  best  locksmith  providers  if  you  wish  to   avoid  any  burglaries  from  taking  place.     These   alarm   systems   can   easily   help   detect   thieves.   They   can   be   activated   though   touch,   sound,  heat,  or  motion.  These  modern  systems   allow   your   home   to   become   protected   even   if   you   are   away.   They   can   also   be   linked   to   authorities  so  that  when  the  alarms  sound,  the   police   and   other   members   of   the   emergency   response   teams   can   come   to   your   rescue   at   once.   Alarms  are  great,  but  they  surely  can  burn  holes   in  our  pockets.  This  is  the  reason  why  you  can   always  rekey  your  locks  as  a  cheaper  alternative   in  keeping  your  home  secure.     Rekeying  changes  the  configuration  of  the  locks   that  you  have  at  home  and  makes  them  more   complex  so  that  crooks  and  criminals  would  find   it  hard  to  enter.   In  order  to  assure  the  quality  of  rekeying,  see  to   it   that   you   hire   a   professional   locksmith.   You   might  get  yourself  into  a  deeper  mess  if  you  do   everything   on   your   own.   Doing   so   will   ensure   you  that  your  doors  will  have  tighter  security.     Rekeying   is   also   highly   recommended   due   to   the  fact  that  you  won't  need  to  purchase  new   locks  and  key  and  have  them  installed;  you  just   have   to   have   your   current   locks   tweaked   by   a   professional.   In   addition   to   that,   rekeying   service   rates   are   very   affordable.   This   helps   you   save   a   lot   of   money   compared   to   spending   on   alarms.   The   extra  money  saved  can  be  invested  on  the  most   trustworthy  locksmiths  in  your  area.   If  you  want  to  keep  your  car  safe,  you  can  also   have  its  doors  rekeyed.  Since  high-­‐quality  locks   and   state-­‐of-­‐the-­‐art   alarm   systems   are   very   expensive,   this   is   a   practical   solution   to   your   problem   because   you   will   be   able   to   keep   yourself   safe   while   saving   money   at   the   same   time.   Since   there   are   a   lot   of   locksmiths   in   Sydney,   you   won’t   have   any   difficulties   with   regard   to   finding  one  that  will  match  your  requirements.     Just   keep   in   mind   that   it   will   require   a   bit   of   research   and   patience   on   your   part   when   you   are  on  the  hunt  for  one  because  it  is  a  must  for   you  to  be  thorough  if  you  want  to  be  sure  that   you  are  going  to  hire  the  best  in  the  business  to   guarantee  your  top-­‐notch  protection.