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  • 1. Amy Martiny
  • 2.
    • My first park visit was at Strouds Run. I spent a lot of time at Strouds until it eventually became too dark to see anything (hence the picture).
    • My second was Sells park. I spent so much time exploring off the path near the first half of the trail that I just got a picture with me and the woods instead of with the sign.
    • Lastly, I visited West State street park which I didn’t even know existed. I ventured off into the wooded area behind all the park stuff and found a lot of great things near the river.
  • 3. Strouds Run -Plants Birch Tree Box Elder
  • 4. Alisma subcordatum Green Onion Vine Typha Latifolia (Cattails)
  • 5. Pyracantha Thistle White Pine ( Pinus Strobus) Sagittaria latifolia
  • 6. -Animals Centipede Geese
  • 7. Robin Salamander Millipede Woodlouse
  • 8. Morning Dove Baby wolf spider chickadees Earthworm
  • 9. Sells Park -Plants Pyracantha Moss ( Bryophyta )
  • 10. Clovers Birch Tree Thistle Pine
  • 11. Wild Blue Berry Bush T. Angustifolia Wild Ginger Fern
  • 12. -Animals Baby Funnel Web Spider or House Spider Ecpantheria scribonia
  • 13. Crayfish Red-backed Salamander Millipede Chickadees
  • 14. Hypselistes florens ( eating dead millipede) centipede Small black jumping spider woodlouse
  • 15. West State Park -Plants Sugar Maple Tree Vine Tendril
  • 16. Locust Tree (with pods) Green Onion Large White Fungi Sycamore Tree Pod
  • 17. Lichen Pine tree Gum Tree Seed Pod fungi
  • 18. -Animals Tufted Titmouse North American Woodpecker
  • 19. Crows Traces of Rabbit Snail Smaller snail
  • 20. Spider web (trace) ant Tiger Moth (Caterpillar) Squished termite