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A presentation to the Portuguese .net community making a overview of the UX of Windows 8.1 new features and APIS

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  1. 1. Windows 8.1 Overview Alexandre Marreiros hashtag #netponto
  2. 2. About / Contact Who – CTO @ Innovagency – Software Dev/Arch as Independent – Technical Trainer and Speaker as Independent – Technical Writer Contact – – @alexmarreiros – Alexandre Marreiros
  3. 3. What
  4. 4. Agenda – Windows 8.1 chat – Windows 8.1 New Features – Windows 8.1 a Tech View
  5. 5. Is and Isn’t
  6. 6. Launch date “Final Windows 8.1 release date is likely to be September or October, as the OS looks like will be released to manufacturers to install on new Machines in August. ”
  7. 7. Install • Go to – pt/windows-8/preview – In Case of Win RT or 32 bit architecture use the Windows Store Updtae – For advanced users and 64 bit architecture use the ISO File with the Microsoft evaluation key. Ru the iso File from your actual FileSystem
  8. 8. Windows 8 removed features on the preview • Windows 7 Backup & System image recovery: Windows8 File History that included the backup tools of Windows 7 is not present on Windows 8.1. You can still import system images but to create a image looks like you would have to use a 3rd party software.
  9. 9. Windows 8 removed features on the preview • Experience Index: The tool was used to indicate the Machine potential, this feature was removed to grant a better resource management. You can still activate this feature on the Windows 8.1 preview version using the command tool winsat
  10. 10. Windows 8 removed features on the preview • Mesaging app was removed: Microsoft wants to make a push of Skype as the base comunication tool
  11. 11. Windows 8 removed features on the preview • Picture app had lost the integration with skydrive but win a lot of tools to transform images
  12. 12. Windows 8.1 “In Windows 8.1 Preview, apps continue to take center stage, introducing new ways to interact with the system and more opportunities for customers to immerse themselves in your content. Consumers and business users can experience Windows in ways that are familiar and comfortable, yet new and exciting.” “With Windows 8.1 Preview, we’ve refined the user experience to make it more familiar and natural, while keeping the focus on great apps.” Antoine Leblond, CVP @ Microsoft
  13. 13. Windows 8.1 Features • Tiles can became live after instalation • Tiles have now 4 sizes possible
  14. 14. Windows 8.1 Features • Start Screen Personalization • You can have paralax motion in your start screen
  15. 15. Windows 8.1 Features • App sizes are determined by the user with a minimum width of 500px, and apps can state in their manifest that they support a smaller minimum of 320px. • More than two apps can share the screen at the same time, and a single app can also use multiple monitors. • Windows Store apps can remain open and in the foreground when another app is launched, sharing the screen and staying in memory, instead of moving to the background
  16. 16. Windows 8.1 Features • Internet Explorer 11
  17. 17. Windows 8.1 Features • Websites get enhanced exposure on the Windows Start screen with customizable live tiles that connect to an RSS feed in minutes. You can add support for your website by adding simple meta tags to a page.
  18. 18. Windows 8.1 Features • For WebDevelopers Internet Explorer 11 offers more advanced Developer Tools
  19. 19. Windows 8.1 Features • Choose your own way to start
  20. 20. Windows 8.1 Features • Store had change
  21. 21. Windows 8.1 Features • All apps can be found just using a finger movement on the start screen
  22. 22. Windows 8.1 Features • Start Button has back
  23. 23. Windows 8.1 Features • Universal Search
  24. 24. Windows 8.1 Single Sign on • When a user logs on to a Windows 8.1 Preview device using their Microsoft Account.Windows 8.1 Preview provides an easy-to-use API that you can use to manage identity tokens and interact with web services. The net result for users is fewer requests to input credentials, as they stay authenticated across experiences.
  25. 25. Windows 8.1 a Tech View
  26. 26. Windows 8APIS
  27. 27. Windows 8.1 API Improvement
  28. 28. Windows 8.1 APIS
  29. 29. In Windows 8 we have Two UI’s Two Development Worlds
  30. 30. Windows 8.1 APIS from Desktop apps
  31. 31. Windows 8.1 APIS from Desktop apps Some Windows Store API’s are now also avaiable for Windows Desktop Apps
  32. 32. Controls
  33. 33. Controls
  34. 34. Controls To embeb Web in a store APP you use a I-Frame
  35. 35. Controls • XAML Controls XAML developers benefit from following changes in Windows 8.1 Preview: Access to the new Hub control Support for a new Flyout control, as well as Date and Time picker controls Improved interoperation with DirectX with SwapChainPanel Better performance for GridView and ListView • HTML and JavaScript controls Windows 8.1 Preview delivers these improvements for WinJS developers: Access to the new Hub control Support for a new WebView control, Item control, and Navigation bar ListView support of drag-and-drop operations
  36. 36. Assynchronous API • A new scheduler API lets you set the priority of tasks and manage jobs. • The Scheduler is a new object/namespace that consolidates all work queues into a single, universal queue. This new queue has a priority-based scheduling policy that supports fast and fluid apps and a more unified developer experience
  37. 37. Assynchronous API // Schedule some work. var job1 = S.schedule(function () { window.output("Running job1"); }, S.Priority.normal); window.output("Scheduled job1"); // Schedule more work. var job2 = S.schedule(function () { window.output("Running job2"); }, S.Priority.normal); window.output("Scheduled job2");
  38. 38. Network Improvements • “A new HTTP API for apps that target HTTP or REST-based services. This API offers more capabilities and better performance to support today’s connected apps. The HTTP capabilities are deeply integrated into Windows, and the API is flexible enough to support basic, site-specific, and advanced HTTP development scenarios.” • “Single sign-on, credentials are effectively shared from IE to the Web Authentication Broker, and to other services the user interacts with”. • “HTTP prefetching: Nearly every app is connected to a service. With Windows 8.1 Preview, apps can take advantage of prefetching app content via HTTP before it’s actually needed—that way the content is ready immediately when the user wants it. Using this API, a background task can download content using a list of URI resources that should be prefetched”
  39. 39. And what more? • Windows Store apps using C++ can now natively render PDF content directly to a DirectX drawing surface. This enables fast and fluid presentation of PDF-based content within a Windows Store app • Windows Store apps now support the same text-to-speech technology as other Windows apps, using easily invoked Windows Runtime APIs.
  40. 40. Devices • USB • Human interface devices (HID) • Bluetooth • 3D printing
  41. 41. Next Steps & References • The first thing you should be asking is how you start with Windows 8.1, the first step is the installation of the Operating system, for the preview of this you can go to • To start your own track in Windows 8.1 it will be useful to take a look at the following articles: • APIS: • Play with Samples: App-Samples • Expertise Forums: US/home?category=windowsapps81preview • Migration documentation from win8 to 8.1: • New Features presentations: • And of course take a look at build conference:
  42. 42. Questions Contacts – – @alexmarreiros –
  43. 43. 40ª Reunião Presencial @ LISBOA DateTime.Parse(“27-07-2013", new CultureInfo("pt-PT")); hashtag #netponto
  44. 44. Patrocinador “GOLD” Twitter: @PTMicrosoft
  45. 45. Patrocinadores “Silver”
  46. 46. Patrocinadores “Bronze”
  47. 47. Próximas reuniões presenciais 27/07/2013 – Julho (Lisboa) 21/09/2013 – Setembro (Lisboa) 19/10/2013 – Outubro (Lisboa) 23/11/2013 – Novembro (Lisboa) Reserva estes dias na agenda! :)