10 meeting hacks every startup should know about


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10 meeting hacks every startup should know about, that I've learned with my colleague and co-founder Pedro Rocha Vieira.

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10 meeting hacks every startup should know about

  1. 10 meeting hacks! Lessons from our Boston/NY tripI have learned from Pedro Vieira By @amarquet
  2. Beta-i went on a trip to US for one week - July 2012
  3. Rule #1!Be Pragmatic• Pedro is super pragmatic, looses very little time with smalltalk.• Conclusion: In western culture meetings are about business objectives. So, set yours and go after them.
  4. #2!Use technical jargon• Pedro masters jargon on entrepreneurship and talks with the best people about it.• Conclusion: read books, talk with others, go to conferences. Be among the top on your field.
  5. #3 !Ask lots of questions• Pedro makes a ton of questions on the company, on the strategy and on everything he needs to know.• He can be really pushy sometimes, making questions like "why dont you want to buy from us?"• Conclusion: you must make questions about what drives the other party.
  6. #4!Start with context setting• Pedro will start the meeting by giving the other party a context: why am I here, then he proceeds on who am I, and then what is beta-i.• Pedro only does the punch line at the very end of the meeting – sometimes he stays glued to the chair even after the meeting has ended.• Conclusion: Explain what you want, and why you want it. That simple.
  7. #5!Let others dreams!• “Imagine we can make Lisbon a startup hub, and you can be part of that transformative process.”• Conclusion: to sell you have to convince others about the big picture. The bigger the better.
  8. #6!Know your business• Mario knows how to save the princess, and Pedro invests lots time reading and talking about the latest trends on entrepreneurship.• Conclusion: try to be on top of your area of expertise and benchmark against the best.
  9. #7!LinkedIn Predator• In lots of meetings the other party will receive a LinkedIn invitation even before the meeting ends itself!• Conclusion: business cards are kind of obsolete but that means you have to fast online.
  10. #8!Cross-reference• Pedro will double check on people and facts, making questions like "what do you think about X?"• Conclusion: most people speak based on assumptions not hard facts so cross check your sources for higher degree of trust is crucial to a avoid bad decisions.
  11. #9!Gathering intelligence• Pedro gets his hands on brochures and other literature on the company, sometimes on the reception desk of the company prior to the meeting.• Conclusion: lots of companies expose valuable corporate information inside doors, try to give an eye to yearly reports and product brochures before you go to the arena.
  12. #10!Be a bull - never give up• Pedro does not loose his stamina after a first no - he will keep on fighting. • After an initial No, most people go, Ok he does not my product, I will go somewhere else - Pedro has a No filter, and he will just adapt and go on pitching.• Conclusion: in business dont let a NO affect your morale. Adjust and keep on fighting.
  13. This presentation was composed in Keynote on an iPhone 4S. Photos by André Marquet. Go grab your ticket to the top floor!