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  • Kdfprop

    1. 1. GET READY TO KISSDAFUNK March 2009 kissdafunk.com twitter.com/clubkissdafunk myspace.com/clubkissdafunk www.kissdafunk.com /www.twitter.com/kissdafunk
    2. 2. About Kissdafunk • The brainchild of International DJ Rob Tissera and Glyn Tolley, KDF started life at the Mint Club, Leeds in January 2004. Both decided to set it up after they noticed there was a gap in the market for a night that playing good house music that wasn’t pretentious. A night where people could really let their hair down. The aim was to recreate the vibe of the Hacienda but with an up- to-date twist. • From day one KDF hit the spot immediately, cultivating a firm and dedicated fan base; with word soon spreading. By its first birthday it was the place to be, attracting headliners such as David Guetta, which won an HMA. Since then it’s never looked back. • Five years on and it’s welcomed some of the biggest names in house, won awards, completed a successful season in Ibiza, released its on single and two albums, while travelling the world. • 2009 will see it return to Ibiza with the world famous Judgement Sundays and continue to welcome the biggest names as David Guetta, Steve Angello, Seb Ingrosso. Laidback Luke and more www.kissdafunk.com /www.twitter.com/kissdafunk
    3. 3. Ibiza 2009 2006- it broke the rules with its Monday night parties at Kanya 2007 - Successful season at El Divino 2008 - Season at Eden with Judgement Sundays 2009 - Returns to Judgement Sundays. Opening party June 7th www.kissdafunk.com /www.twitter.com/kissdafunk
    4. 4. The Digits Facebook: 5,000 fans Myspace: 4000 fans Twitter: 500 Followers Database: 5000 current names 40,000 flyers release monthly in Leeds Adverts: appear on Facebook, DSI, Mixmag and DJ Mag www.kissdafunk.com /www.twitter.com/kissdafunk
    5. 5. The KDF Soundtrack Judgement Sundays Album with Kissdafunk Released Jun 2008 Kissdafunk Album Released Apr 2007 www.kissdafunk.com /www.twitter.com/kissdafunk
    6. 6. KDF Guest DJs KDF Residents • David Guetta • Rob Tissera • Steve Angello • Trophy Twins • Sebastian Ingrosso • Filthy Rich • Erick Morillo • Micky Slim • Laidback Luke Dave Spoon • Drew Scott • Axwell • Robbie Rivera • Chris Lake • Shapeshifters • Howard Donald • Stonebridge • Tocadisco • Seamus Haji • Herd & Fitz • Lee Cabrera • Deepgroove • D Ramirez • Henrik B • Tom Novy • Mark Knight • Antoine Clamaran www.kissdafunk.com /www.twitter.com/kissdafunk
    7. 7. Where We’ve Been UK Ibiza Mission (Leeds) • El Divino, Ibiza (2007 Season) Victoria Works (Leeds) • Kanya (2006 Season) 02 Festival (Leeds) Pacha (London) • Eden with Judgement Sundays (2008 & 2009) Love Leeds (Leeds) Digital (Newcastle) Big Reunion (Skegness) • One off parties at Space and Es Paradis, Arches (Glasgow) • One off party at Es Paradis with PU (2005) Area51 (Manchester) • One off party at Eden with Dusted (2005) Air (Birmingham) Ministry of Sound International Venues (London) • Pacha (Egypt) Nation (Liverpool) • Attica (Singapore) Passion (Coalville) • Attica (Bahrain) Time (Derby) • The Lounge /Chi (Dubai) The Plug (Sheffield) • Prozak (Poland) Discoteque (Leeds) • Gibraltar Hidden (Birmingham) Pam’s House (Norfolk) www.kissdafunk.com /www.twitter.com/kissdafunk
    8. 8. Highlights • David Guetta won a 2005 House Music Award for his appearance at the KDF First Birthday • Voted one of the Top 40 Clubs to play in the world by DJ Mag. It was the youngest club ‘night’ to get on the list and one of only three promotions to make the list (the rest were established venues) • Trophy Twins Broadcast Essential Mix Live from Kissdafunk in 2006 • Had a live show broadcast on Galaxy in 2006 from Mission ahead of the Love Leeds festival • Has also been featured on other radio stations including support from Radio One, Kiss to local radio stations and worldwide specialist stations • Picked by Judgement Sundays to join them in 2008/09 www.kissdafunk.com /www.twitter.com/kissdafunk
    9. 9. KDF Highlights • Featured on Radio One’s House Rules in 2005 • Shortlisted every year for Galaxy UK Nightlife Awards • Has support from Mixmag, DJ Mag and M8, who regularly make sure it’s given editorial space. • Won Mixmag Club of the North in 2004 for Mixmag and is often featured in DJ Mag, Mixmag, M8, Metro and The Mirror Newspaper, Sun Online as a Top Club Night of the month. • Picked as a recommended party on My Space. • Monthly queues around the block. • Kissdafunk Ibiza 2007 was tipped on Radio One’s ‘Tips for 2007 Show’ as the party look out for this summer. • M8 Magazine Cover Feature in 2008 www.kissdafunk.com /www.twitter.com/kissdafunk
    10. 10. What Press & DJs Say? • The crowd at Kissdafunk is amazing, reminding me of the acid house days,’David Guetta (Winner of Best House Dj, House Music Awards 2005) • A music policy that goes from funky house to electro and techier stuff means it stands out from the competition. To be honest I’ would rather eat my own hand than go to 99% of the house nights in the UK. They are pretty much all rubbish and ruled by soul destroying funky house. KDF is different, it’s about a party so there’’ is never a dull record.’ Mixmag Features Editor Gavin Herlihy www.kissdafunk.com /www.twitter.com/kissdafunk
    11. 11. What Press & DJs Say? Ibiza is one of my tips for 2008’ Hugh Garry on the Zane Lowe Kissdafunk is one of the show, daytime Radio One (Jan clubbing success stories of 2008) the past few years’ Andi Durrant, Galaxy FM (Jan 2008) Kissdafunk is my favourite place to play in the UK’ Steve Angello (Nov ’09) I knew KDF had made an impact but it wasn’t until we teamed up with then in Ibiza that they were the party of the decade” Judge Jules www.kissdafunk.com /www.twitter.com/kissdafunk
    12. 12. What The Fans Say? • Kissdafunk at Kanya in Ibiza last year was the best night I went to in Ibiza. I hope they do it again in 2007; I’ll be there every day. Amy, Nov’08 • The Kissdafunk Boxing Day party just gone was probably the best KDF yet. It just keeps getting better. Daniel,Jan’08 • Laidback Luke and Steve Angello was definitely my favourite clubbing night ever. Nov 08 • There's no doubt it’s a great night - there's no such thing as a bad Kiss night…the atmosphere is unique. Judith, Dec ’08 • What a night. Off-the-hook is the only explanation. Best night of my life Mark, Nov ’08 www.kissdafunk.com /www.twitter.com/kissdafunk
    13. 13. The KDF Crowd • The typical KDF goer is from about 19 to late 20s. It attracts a well turned out group who are trendy, friendly & love to have fun. They have a zest for life and love to let their hair down. Forming a mixture of students, professionals and music lovers, they are musically open minded & knowledgeable and are just as likely to be at a Kissdafunk one night and a band, pop concert or a trance night the next • KDF Leeds not only attracts crowds from Leeds and Yorkshire but from throughout the UK with people often travelling from as far away as Scotland, Plymouth and overseas to enjoy the KDF experience; often queuing two hours to get in. www.kissdafunk.com /www.twitter.com/kissdafunk
    14. 14. Music Policy • KDF’s music policy is to play the best cutting- edge house. It must create a party and make you want to dance. Whether it is a vocal stormer, a driving tech house track or a minimal techno offering, it doesn’t matter as long as it vibrant and gets people on the dance floor. The DJs invited to play reflect this music policy. • The music range stretches from vocal, jackin’, electro, sexy grooves and chunky basslines with a little bit of tech house and minimal thrown in. The emphasis is on playing the best new music. There is only one rule, it must make you dance. • www.kissdafunk.com /www.twitter.com/kissdafunk
    15. 15. Press • Kissdafunk is supported by a full press and promotion campaign and is well represented by Mixmag, M8, DJ Mag, Radio One and Galaxy Radio • In addition to this is garners support from all the major dance websites and was recommended to myspace as a party to support. • The main PR campaign is bolstered by regional campaigns to support KDF tours both in the UK and abroad. It gains regular mentions Yorkshire and Leeds local press and the brand is known by house music lovers throughout the UK. To see more Press Coverage please contact annabel@kissdafunk.com • MTV Dance and other relevant lifestyle satellite magazines are also aware of KDF the phenomenon www.kissdafunk.com /www.twitter.com/kissdafunk
    16. 16. …..Plans for 2009 • Line-up for Leeds: include David Guetta, Steve Angello, Dirty South,Seb Ingrosso, Andy Cato, Laidback Luke • Return to Ibiza. KDF will return to Judgement Sundays at Eden in Ibiza after a very successful 2008. • KDF Tours: KDF has an organised Tour plan in place for 2009 which will see it extend its reach both the Uk and abroad at the best venues. This will include appearances at festivals www.kissdafunk.com /www.twitter.com/kissdafunk
    17. 17. Find Out More www.kissdafunk.com www.twitter.com/kissdafunk www.myspace.com/kissdafunk www.facebook.com Tours: Chris Barratt: 07946707121 chris@jaypidgeon.com Press: Annabel Marner 07711 604903 annabel@kissdafunk.com www.kissdafunk.com /www.twitter.com/kissdafunk