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Social media best practices for staff   august 2011
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Social media best practices for staff august 2011


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Published in: Technology, Education

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  • Action – use multimedia to show 2 minute clip to highlight the growth of social media.
  • Trim this clip.
  • Teachers don’t have a clear understanding about district expectations with social networking. Can they “friend” a student? Is there a clear understanding they won’t post negative comments about the school or administration? Should they have photos with them drinking?
  • Action – take a minute and do a search for your name in Google. You may want to add a word such as “Holland” or “teacher” or “blog” (or trouble) to see the links Google will provide. If you’ve searched Google before try searching
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  • What is the measuring stick?
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  • Transcript

    • 1. Social Media - Best Practices for School Employees What should school employees be doing about using social media? Created by Andy Mann, Kristin Tank, Stacey Tipler, and Randy Lindquist
    • 2. Did You Know 2010 – a 2 minute YouTube video about the growth of social media http:// =Z4gt62uAasE
    • 3. Benefits of Social Media …
      • Parents and students are already using it
      • Quick and easy way to share information
      • Encourages 2 way dialogue/engagement
      • Parents want to be heard, not just told
      • Variety of Options:
        • District approved Facebook fan page
        • Edmodo, a Ning, or Moodle site
    • 4. Spanish Class – FB Fan Page
      • Open to all
      • Events/Calendar
      • Customizable
      • Insights data
      • Sends updates
      • Must commit to monitor
      Friend vs. Group vs. Fan Page
    • 5. Dangers of Social Media…
      • Blurs the lines between professional and personal relationships
      • Do you want students or parents involved in your personal life, seeing what you post publicly to Facebook?
        • Details about your family life
        • What you did for vacation
        • Personal photos
    • 6.
      • How Can Social Media Impact Your Job?
      Chicago Tribune Video
    • 7.
      • The lines between public and private, personal and professional are blurred in the digital world. Where does one world stop and another begin? The truth is there is not a beginning and end. Social media has removed the barriers and thrown both worlds into one.
      • What we do online is how others see us: good or bad.
    • 8. Things to Consider…
      • Posts are usually date/time stamped.
        • What will parents say about you posting to a site during the instructional day
      • Portland, Oregon Public Schools blocks Facebook
      Why? “ It can be a huge time waster”
    • 9. Things to Consider…
      • Should you “friend” a student?
      • Should a coach text messages to players?
      • Should an employee be disciplined if they post a negative comment about a colleague or student?
      • Is it okay for your FB site to include photos of you in a skimpy swim suit?
      A parent?
    • 10. Have you searched for your name in Google? Learn what others would find out about you. If you’ve searched Google before try searching
    • 11. Just a few bits of information
      • and enter your phone number (616) 555-1212. Find map to house
      • and enter name and find phone number or reverse lookup; enter phone number and find address. Easily find neighbors
      • and enter name and zip code. Find phone number & map to address
      • http:// and enter a user name
    • 12. Michigan Teacher Lost Job
      • First year Bangor, Michigan teacher fired over her comments about a student on Facebook
      • “ It wasn't a criminal matter due to her right to express free speech." "However, it is inappropriate for a person in a position of authority to make remarks such as that about students.” Bangor Police Chief Gary Baker …“ wants to kill the ninth grade flute player who stole the school's $900 dollar piccolo and is denying it.” Reported by WOOD-TV8 in Grand Rapids
    • 13. What You Say Online Matters My principal is so stupid. Anthony’s parents needs to get him to take a bath. He has BO. My teaching partner is so lazy. There is no way I’m voting yes for the next bond proposal. I really got drunk last night. Now that I’m single again, I’m ready to get back into “action.” “ As an educator, your social network site must represent you in a professional manner.” Becky Rocho, Assistant Superintendent, Calhoun ISD
    • 14.
      • Cohasset, MA
        • Administrator asked to resign over comments made on Facebook regarding the district, parents, and the students.
    • 15.
      • “ Your Google results are your new resume”
      • Once something is online, you can never get it back.
      • 70% of surveyed HR Staff admit to rejecting a candidate based on his/her online behavior.
      • Does your online presence represent you the way you want others to see you?
      Microsoft Survey as reported in Switched, “70% of Employers Have Rejected Applicants Over Online Info”, January 2010
    • 16. Facebook Privacy Settings
      • Default Settings
      • Google search displays your profile
      • Friends of friends can see your relationship status and tagged photos
      • Are your friends as careful as you are about who they friend?
    • 17. Info accessible through your friends … your information is available to applications, games and websites when your friends use them . The more info you share, the more social the experience
    • 18. Public Search … people who enter your name in a search engine will see a preview of your Facebook profile
    • 19. Privacy Settings - Tagged Photos If unchecked – photo’s privacy will not be expanded. However, the person who is tagged will be still able to see the photo. Are photos being share without permission? If a friend tags me in a photo – now all my friends can see the photo.
    • 20. A Shared Photo can Change Your Image Michael Phelps Miley Cyrus
    • 21.
      • Brownsville Area Schools, Fayette County, PA
        • Teacher suspended over picture posted on someone else’s Facebook profile
    • 22. Disrupting Educational Process
      • The courts have ruled that a school district can discipline employees if their speech, including online postings, distracts from or disrupts the educational process.
      What is the measuring stick?
    • 23. Deleted does not mean gone
    • 24.  
    • 25. No matter where you are or what you’re doing. You are always representing your district 24 hours a day – 7 days a week. This includes what you do or say online.
    • 26. Assume Everyone Will See Everything
      • Nothing on the Internet is private
        • An alias provides only minimal protection
        • “ Confidential” items may be saved/forwarded
        • A photo may be altered and forwarded
      • Once online, you can never get it back
      • Posts are time/date stamped
        • A teacher posted to FB during school day
      • Nothing in school is private
    • 27. Cell Phones Record Teachers
      • Teachers have been recorded without their knowledge and the movies immediately uploaded to YouTube.
      http:// =N1ZJ6TUrNHQ
    • 28. Electronic Messages Live Forever
      • Messages live forever… consider the text messages from former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick
      • Keep all communications professional
      • It may be argued, your personal cell phone records could be FOIA’ed if used to communicate with students
    • 29. Communications - email
      • All work-related email should be done using school email. Do not use personal email
      • Your email can be reviewed at anytime
      • All communications through school networks are subject to FOIA
    • 30. Dangers of Miscommunications
      • Review text messages to be certain auto correct hasn’t changed the meaning of a message
      • text groups rather individuals
      • You can send text messages from your school email
      Just got off work lets bang under the stars umm I’ll have porn Yep, I nailed the teacher, nothing back yet
    • 31. Ontario Takes a Stand
      • Ontario College of Teachers advises not to accept Facebook friend requests from students
      • Don’t communicate with students through any personal means: IM, Facebook profiles
      • Decline student-initiated friend requests
      • Never initiate a friend request with a student When a teacher and a student become friends in an online environment, the dynamic between them is forever changed. An invisible line between professional and personal is crossed…
    • 32. Declining a Friend Request
      • Thank you for your friend request. I have a routine practice of only sharing information with students or parents through my professional email and web resources.
      • If you feel your request is directly related to my professional responsibilities, feel free to use my school email or professional web resources to contact me.
    • 33. The Moose on the Table
      • Should a teacher accept an invite to “friend” a student on their personal Facebook account?
      Employees are prohibited from establishing relationships with students that are unprofessional…unprofessional relationships include, but are not limited to: employees fraternizing or communicating with students as if employees and students were peers…
    • 34. The Front Page “Test”
      • Communications should be able to withstand the “Front Page” test
      • Would it be appropriate to have on the front page of the Muskegon Chronicle?
    • 35. In summary - concerns
      • You are who you are online
        • Nothing you do or say online will stay private
      • Review your Facebook privacy settings
      • Do not “friend” current students/parents using your personal Facebook account
      • Communicate with students only through school email and always keep it professional – apply the “ front page ” test
    • 36.
      • When used appropriately social media can be a powerful tool for building community and communicating and connecting with students and parents
        • Approved by district
        • Monitored daily
        • Regular updates
      In summary - positives
    • 37. Thank you for your attention Questions…