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Holiday in philippines
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Holiday in philippines


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Published in: Travel

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  • 1.
  • 2. Visitors Information on the Philippines
    Time Zone
    One time zone. GMT + 8
    Getting There
    The Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) in Manila is the premiere gateway. It is served by more than 30 airlines which fly to different cities around the world.
    Philippine Airlines, the country’s flag carrier, links Manila to 14 cities in 8 countries,
  • 3. Visitors Information on the Philippines
    Unit of currency: Peso (P) = 100 centavos. Bank notes: P10, P20, P50, P100, P200, P500, P1000. Coins: 5c, 10c, 25c, P1, P5, P10
    Foreign currency may be exchanged at hotel, and in most of the large department stores, banks, and authorized money changing shops.
    Most large stores, restaurants, hotels and resorts accept major credit cards including American Express, Visa, and Mastercard. Traveller’s cheques preferably American Express are accepted at hotels and large department stores. Personal cheques drawn on foreign banks are generally not accepted.
  • 4. Visitors Information on the Philippines
    The Philippines is tropical with just two seasons. March to May is hot and dry. June to October is rainy. November to February is cool.
    Average temperatures: 78 F / 25 C to 90 F / 32 C. Humidity: 77%
    What to Wear
    Light, casual clothes are recommended. Formal occasions require dinner jackets and ties (or the Philippine Barong Tagalog) for men and cocktail dresses or long gowns for women.
    While there are over 100 regional languages in the Philippines, the national language is Filipino. English is the business language and spoken widely.
  • 5. Visitors Information on the Philippines
    Dining Out
    Filipino food is an exotic, tasteful blend of Oriental, European, and American Culinary influences. There is a wide variety of fresh seafood and delectable fruits. First class restaurants offer gourmet specialties as well as Filipino cuisine.
    Entertainment and Culture
    Metro Manila is the center of entertainment and cultural activities. The premiere venue for the performing arts, the Cultural Center of the Philippines, features world-class performances by local and international guest artists.
    Museums located in Manila and in some parts of the country offer a glimpse of Philippine history and culture. Art galleries exhibit the works of the country’s leading and promising visual artists.
    Manila’s nightlife is one of the most vibrant in Asia, reflecting the Filipino’s love for music.
  • 6. Visitors Information on the Philippines
    Getting Around
    There are four modes of public transport in Metro Manila and surprisingly, they are easy to use.
    Metered and fixed rate taxis are widely available in key cities nationwide. Jeepneys and buses are inexpensive ways of getting around most places. In Metro Manila, the fastest way of commuting is via the railway system.
    The People
    The Philippines is known not only for the beauty of its natural environment, but also for the warmth and charm of its people. Filipinos are generally known for their hospitality.
    The Philippines’ rich and vibrant culture and tradition reflect a mixture of Malay, Hispanic, and Western influences.
  • 7. Details of trip
    7 day trip to Manila, Philippines
    Currency= Peso
    Exchange rate= 1 Peso=1.016 RS.
    Famous for= Beaches, Theme Park, Volcano
    Time difference= GMT+8 hrs
  • 8. Tourist spots
    Chinese cemetery
    Manila Bay sunset
    Rizal Park
    Taal volcano
    Enchanted Kingdom
  • 9. Air ticket cost
  • 10.
  • 11. Map to hotel
  • 12. Cost in Hotel/night
  • 13.
  • 14. Hotel map
  • 15.
  • 16. Transportation means
    Taxi cabs= 20 peso/km
    Pedi cab=10-30 peso
    Tricycles= 10 -35 peso
    Jeepneys= 7.50 peso < 4km only
  • 17. Language spoken
  • 18. Chinese cemetery
    Graveyards of Chinese people
    Temples depicting Chinese culture
    5km from centre of manila and 7 km from hotel
    Gatekeeper can be taken as a guide free of cost
  • 19. Map to reach cemetery
  • 20. Manila Bay sunset
    Famous for sunset view
    Music bands performance in nights
    Party area
    Eating joint
    8 km from hotel
  • 21. Map to reach Manila bay
  • 22. Rizal Park
    Located in middle of Manila
    Oceanic park
    Open-air concert hall
    Light and sound theatre
    Restaurants and many fountains.
    Bronze monuments
    Picnic spot
    Free band and orchestra performance
    6 km from hotel
  • 23. Map to reach Rizal park
  • 24. Taal volcano
    70 km or 2hrs ride from Manila to south
    Panoramic view of the valley
    Fishponds ,boating
  • 25. Map to reach Taal volcano
  • 26. Enchanted Kingdom
    Thrilling Rides most famous 11-storey roller coaster, huge Ferris wheel and the water ride
    Theme park in 17 hectare and south of the city
    Dance presentation
    Theatre presentations
    Fireworks on weekends
    14 km from hotel
  • 27.
  • 28. Map to reach Enchanted Kingdom
  • 29. Shopping
  • 30. Expected schedule
    Day 1= In Flight
    Day 2= Reach hotel, visit Chinese Cemetery
    Day 3= Visit Manila Bay
    Day 4= Visit Rizal Park
    Day 5= Visit Taal Volcano
    Day 6= Enchanted Kingdom
    Day 7= Back to India
    Full day will be spent on visiting points as lots of things are to be seen therealong with eating joints and shopping malls.
  • 31. Expected cost(in peso)
    Ludhiana to Delhi=115 RS VIA train (113.33 PHP)
    Air travel costs= 29,064.37 PHP
    Airport to hotel= 180 PHP(taxi cab)
    Stay at hotel= 12,827.22 PHP
    Hotel to Chinese Cemetery=140 PHP(taxi cab)
    Back to hotel=140 PHP(taxi cab)
    Hotel to Manila Bay=160 PHP(taxi cab)
    Back to hotel=160 PHP(taxi cab)
    Hotel to Rizal Park= 120 PHP(taxi cab)
    Back to hotel=120 PHP(taxi cab)
  • 32. Cont…
    Hotel to Taal Volcano= 100PHP (Train)
    Back to hotel=100 PHP (Train)
    Hotel to Enchanted Kingdom=280 PHP
    Back to hotel=280 PHP
    Eating cost= approx 3000 PHP
    Shopping cost= approx 10000 PHP
    Other= 5000 PHP
    Tips= 500 PHP
  • 33. Total cost(63,312.77 INR)
  • 34. Manila in pictures
  • 35.
  • 36.
  • 37. References
  • 38. Cont…