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Agriculture Engineering-chptr13

  2. 2. Objectives and Types of Planters• Planting equipment is any power operated device used to place seed, seed pieces, or plant parts in or on the soil for propagation and production of food, fiber and feed crops.• It is classified as follows :-1) Row crop planters - Trailing-Drill - Hill drop - Check row
  3. 3. 2) Front tractor mounted - Drill - Hill drop - Check row3) Rear tractor mounted - Drill - Hill drop - Check row - Transplanters4) Broadcast crop planters - Endgate seeders - Narrow & wide track & weeder mulcher - Airplane5) Seed Drills6) Planting attachment for other equipment
  4. 4. With appropriate planting equipment, seeds may be distributedaccording to any of the following methods or patterns:a) Broadcasting - scattering of seeds over the surface of the fieldb) Drill seeding - dropping and covering of seeds in furrows to give definite rowsc) Precision planting - accurate planting of single seeds at about equal intervals in rowsd) Hill dropping - placing group of seeds at equal intervals in rowse) Check row planting - accurate and indexed placement of hills or group of seeds to give rows in two perpendicular directions
  5. 5. Drill Seeders The seed drill consists of grain tank, furrow openers, tubes and fluted wheels. Some drill have fertilizer equipment at the rear section of drill Seed drills tend to give higher yields because of greater uniformity of seed distribution and the more uniform seeding depth Designed and built to place the seed of small grains and grasses in the ground in narrow spaced rows at a uniform depthThe principal parts are:- The main frame, transport and drive wheels, a box for the seed, a device to meter the seed out of the hopper in uniform quantities, furrow openers to open the furrows for the seed and covering devices
  6. 6. Seed DrillConstruction of major components:1) Full width seed box to hold seeds2) Furrow opener - to cut open a shallow furrow into which seeds are to be placed3) A metering device or feeding mechanism - meter out the correct amount of seeds for each row4) A seed hopper - to deliver seeds from feeding mechanism and drop into the furrow of each row5) A pair of land wheels - support the planter and to drive the feeding mechanism
  7. 7. Machines for Fertilizer Application3 common types used to broadcast dry chemicals are:-1) Drop type distributor Trailer mounted hopper with a series of drops or holes in the bottom The operator opens or closes the drops. The application rate depends on travel speed as well as the rate at which the chemical flows out of hopper Capacity between 1120-2240 kg/ ha, width ranges from 2.5-3.5 meters (8-12’)
  8. 8. 2) Spin spreader – Uses one or two spinning disks to distribute the material – The material is metered onto the disks by a drag chain running through the bottom of hopper – Hopper capacities range up to 9 metric tons – Spread pattern may extend to 60 feet – Application rate 28-2240 kg/ha – Mounted on trailers or trucks3) Airplane
  9. 9. THANK YOU