Video Production: Light and Sound
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Video Production: Light and Sound



Sound and Light Lecture from KSU Com: 3340

Sound and Light Lecture from KSU Com: 3340
Amani Channel, MA



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Video Production: Light and Sound Video Production: Light and Sound Presentation Transcript

  • Digital Media Production Com 3340 Amani Channel, MA
  • Class Schedule No Quiz! Assignment 1 Review/Critique Class Review Talk About Cameras Chapter 4/5/6 Light and Sound In Class Assignment - Interviews
  • Photo Assignment Do the photos tell a story? Are they visually interesting? Composition, Lighting, In focus? Write up? 5Ws and H Accurate, Spelling , Typos? Interview
  • Intro to Video Production Visual storytelling is the art and science of using visual images, sound, and graphics/text to create an emotional connection with the viewers. Visuals can be photos or video. Sound can be interviews (actualities) or music. Why do you like to watch films/video?
  • Why Light Light is the basis of visual media Quantity, Quality, Direction, Color and Sources The amount of light (Exposure) Lumen: Quality of light perceived by the human eye Illuminance: The brightness (foot candles/lux) Contrast: Comparison of the brightest and darkest area in the frame. Waveform Monitor: Displays the brightness range
  • Quality How the light creates the look and mood Direct light (hard/spotted) Sun, spotlight – hard shadows/dramatic Soft light (diffused/flooded) less intense, even or soft shadows
  • How to Light Three point lighting Key light Fill light Back light
  • Color Temperature All light isn’t equal Measured in Kelvin Incandescant bulb = 3200K Direct sunlight = 5000k You should always white balance
  • Sound With video, good sound is just as if not more important than video Microphone: Equipment that turns sound into an electromagnetic signal Sound waves: Vibrations that travel through air Crest: maximum air pressure - trough: release Frequency: Number of cycles that the sound wave travels in one second Pitch: high/low Amplitude: Height of the wave Decibel: How amplitude is measured
  • Microphones Need to know what kind of speech, instrument, or situation that you’re capturing Transducer: Transduction - converting sound Two main kinds of mics: Dynamic/Condenser Dynamic: Durable, no battery Condenser: More sensitive/phantom power/battery Ribbon: (sometimes called dynamic)
  • Pickup Pattern Mics hear sound differently pp. 130/149 Omnidirectional, bidirectional, unidirectional (cardiod) Omni – Picks up sound from every direction Bi – Picks up sound from two opposite directions Uni – Heart shaped-narrow range of sound
  • Type of Mics Handheld: Good for run and gun, need to move the mic – a bit obtrusive. Condenser/or dynamic Lavaliere: (Personal) Clip/lapel – condenser – good for sit down interviews – hands free Shotgun: Long mics (look like a gun) – captures sound from a distance (1-15 feet). Usually condenser
  • Quality of Sound VU/LED meters: Measures sound wave voltage Peak 0dB = 100% (above that audio will distort) Overmodulation: distortion Recording clean sound Monitor with headphones Test record Patience