Digital Media Production: Planning - Narration - Intro to Editing


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Kennesaw State University Com 3340
Professor Amani Channel, MA

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Digital Media Production: Planning - Narration - Intro to Editing

  1. 1. Digital Media Production Com 3340 Amani Channel, MA
  2. 2. Agenda Review Production positions Planning a shoot Narration/Voice over exercise Getting Started with Final Cut Pro Discuss next assignment
  3. 3. Production Positions Executive Producer: Finances Production Producer: Budget/overall execution Director: Insures scenes/action is captured. Directs talent Director of Photography: Lighting/Shooting Soundperson: Captures audio Production Assistant: Helps during shoot Talent: Performs on camera Editor: Assembles Video
  4. 4. Planning a Video Preproduction Brainstorm: Look for video examples Determine the purpose, objectives, audience, length, location, story Determine the equipment, crew, resources Write a proposal/treatment Determine production schedule: shoot, edit Write script/outline/shot sheet
  5. 5. Writing the Script News: Shoot first, write later Commercials, promo, marketing, how to: Plan out shots, action, and any spoken words Left/Right format: Audio on right/Video on left Should always fade up from black/fade to black Blank script handout
  6. 6. In Class Assignment Each production group selects a photo (1 per group). Producer, writer, voice over Producer and writer selects the order of the shots & writes a short :45 second script Narrator records the audio & saves .wav file to a flash drive. 3o minutes to complete this assignment
  7. 7. Intro to FCP 7 Final Cut Pro is Apple’s professional non linear editing program Linear editing involved 2 tape decks, recorder and player. Limited to one video track and 2 audio tracks (left/right). Edit in sequentially (in a line) Nonlinear editing allows full control over edits, adjustments, changes. Multiple audio and video tracks plus graphics, text etc. Latest version is FCPX, 7 is still used by professionals
  8. 8. Getting Started Open FCP7 Set Scratch Disks > Create a folder on your external drive > name (FCP Scratch). Import Photos Import Narration Start editing!
  9. 9. Assignment Produce a how to video or news package How to video: (1-3 minutes) Must demonstrate how to do something Can include text, narration, video News package: (1:15-1:30) Must be a real story or event Minimum of two interviews Related B-Roll Ideas must be pitched. Submit proposal by 10-3. Due 10/17