IEEM 2010 Conference Presentation

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IEEM Conference Presentation by Amang Kim

IEEM Conference Presentation by Amang Kim

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  • 1. Enhanced UX Design based on User Behavior Data by Using TRIZ/TIPS Dr. Kim, Song-Kyoo (Amang) Ph.D. in Management Sciences Technical Manager Carrier Requirements Compliance Team Mobile Communication Division SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD
  • 2. Agenda
    • Background
      • Mobile Standard Trends
      • Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TIPS/TRIZ)
    • Introduction
      • User Behavior Analysis
      • TRIZ Introduction
    • TRIZ Approach for New Technologies
    • UX Enhancement based on User Behaviors
    • Summary
    • References
  • 3. Background (1/2)
    • Location Based Services (LBS)
      • SUPL 1.0 and 2.0
    • Converged IP Messaging Client
      • Unified Messaging Client that covers SMS / MMS / E-mail / IM / PoC
    • BCAST, SCWS (Smart Card Web Server 1.0)
    • IMS (Internet Multi-media Services)
    • BONDI
      • Open Widget technologies which is the expansion of the current Widget technologies such as W3C
    • Visual Voice Mail
    • HW and SW Security
  • 4. Background (2/2)
    • TRIZ (Teoriya Resheniya Izobretatelskikh Zadatch) that is also called TIPS (Theory of Inventive Problem Solving) is a methodology and model-based technology for generating innovative ideas and solutions for problem solving.
    • TRIZ has been developed by Genrich Saulovich Altshuller who have believed that learning how to invent is feasible.
    • TRIZ has been evolved as the science of invention.
  • 5. Introduction (1/4)
    • Human behavior in behavioral economics is considered for innovative user experience enhancement
    • Behavioral economics is a separate branches of economics that is using social, cognitive and emotional factors in understanding the economic decisions of consumers.
  • 6. Introduction (2/4)
    • Recent trends of improving user experiences can make consumer electronics to have high performed features in simple way to access.
    • The key idea of the enhanced user experience is behavior analysis based on the typical statistical data that can be gathering during the regular user operations.
  • 7. Introduction (3/4)
    • TRIZ Process
  • 8. Introduction (4/4)
    • 40 Principles of Invention
      • Basic engineering parameters of common objects (mostly physical.) TRIZ methodology claims the causing a problem and the other parameters which are in conflict with it engineering solutions can be created for invention problems.
    • 76 Standard Solutions
      • Surface/Field Models
    • New DRM RO mehods are proposed based on the current problem statements by using TRIZ
  • 9. TRIZ (1/4): Problem Statement
    • Media Library in WM media player
      • Media player in Windows Mobile supports the playlist based on pre-defined policy to play media such as music, video and so on
      • Playlist can not fully reflect the user customizations
    • WinAmp Playlist
      • WinAmp player is very popular in PC and the playlist can be generated by users
      • A user can build the playlist but it requires additional operations
  • 10. TRIZ (2/4): RCA Diagram
  • 11. TRIZ (3/4): Technical Contradictions TRIZ/TIPS Methods Solution design and Problem Model ■ Solution: Music playlist with additional operations ■ Advantage: Design the playlist that a user wants ■ Pre-process for statistical data gathering methods are needed ■ Improvement via Preliminary actions Idea Background Final Solution Descriptions Expected Problems Solution Evolution ■ No. 10: Preliminary Action ■ No. 11: Beforehand Compensation ■ Idea from technical contradictions ■ 40 Inventive principles are applied Solution Explanation Solution Picture Design the playlist that does not have additional operations Solution
  • 12. TRIZ (4/4): Su-Field Model TRIZ/TIPS Method Problem Model and Solution ■ Solution Add on the additional element ■ Advantage: Additional process without using additional resources ■ Mathematical Modeling ■ Optimized mathematical modeling Idea Background Final Solution Descriptions Expected Problems Solution Evolution ■ Standard solution 1-2-1 ■ Based on Physical Contradictions ■ Su-Field model is applied Solution Solution Picture Add on the additional element for enhancement Solution
  • 13. User Behavior Data Gathering
  • 14. Enhanced UX Design (1/3)
  • 15. Enhanced UX Design (2/3)
  • 16. Enhanced UX Design (3/3)
    • Workflow of Playlist based Enhanced UX
  • 17. Summary
    • The playlist for MP3 player or smartphone has been targeted as case study
    • Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ) methodology makes possible to design the new types of user experiences implementations.
    • Even though the research is dedicated with mobile industries, the pattern of TRIZ approach in the paper can be also applied to other industries.
  • 18. References
    • Enhanced UX design based on user behavior analysis have been pending the patents at KR, US and EU
    • References (Related previous research)
      • Kim, S.-K., System and Method for Providing Region-based Mobile Advertising, US Patent 12/871,173 (2010), EU Patent EP10174690.7 , CH Patent 201010274219.2 , Pending
  • 19. Thank you