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    Mono Introduction Mono Introduction Presentation Transcript

        • Mono Platform Session Introduction
        • Alvaro del Castillo San Félix
        • [email_address]
        • GSyC/LibreSoft
    • Goal
        • «Understand the Mono platform opportunities, main technologies and trends.»
    • Topics
      • General introduction to the Mono Platform.
      • Mono Platform History.
      • Mono Platform Community.
      • Mono Platform Technical Details.
      • Mono Platform Development. Exercises: Desktop and Server applications.
    • Why Mono Platform?
      • Microsoft launched .NET initiative as a response to Sun Java Platform after the legal problems including Java technology in Windows.
      • .NET based partially in ECMA standards.
      • A complete development platform.
      • Free Software needed a complete development environment.
    • Why Mono Platform?
      • Development Platform to be more productive at Ximian: main goal after experiences like developing Evolution in C language (complex to maintain, debug, evolve ...)
      • The vision of writing APIs once, and using them in every language (CORBA, SOAP ... not really successful for that).
    • Why Mono Platform?
        • «Mono to me is a means to an end: a technology to help Linux succeed on the desktop.» Miguel de Icaza, Mono history.
    • Problems with Mono Platform
      • .NET no only the standardized modules: Windows Forms.
      • Microsoft aggressive posture against free software. Will they support a FLOSS .NET platform?
      • Patents inside the .NET technology.
      • Just copy and not innovation issues.
    • Problems with Mono Platform
      • Java is now really Free Software and it is more used that .NET in FLOSS. Do we need Mono?
      • GNOME experience showed an aggressive position against Mono Platform.
      • Evolving technology.
    • Best from Mono Platform
      • Really nice language: C# (evolved from Java, C and others).
      • Very complete platform with lots of APIs (similar to Java)
      • Multi platform: virtual machine approach.
      • Multi language support.
      • A great bridge between Windows a FLOSS developers.
    • Mono Platform License
      • The C# Compiler and tools are released under the terms of the GNU General Public License ( (GPL).
      • The runtime libraries are under the GNU Library GPL 2.0 ( (LGPL 2.0).
      • The class libraries are released under the terms of the MIT X11 ( license.
    • Mono Platform Business
      • Novell offers commercial developer support and services for Mono, for details see our Kickstart program.
      • Mono components are also available to be licensed commercially if the LGPL/GPL/X11 combination is not suitable for you. For licensing details, contact