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Companies and communities in FLOSS
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Companies and communities in FLOSS



Published in Economy & Finance , Technology
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  • 1. Companies and Communities in FLOSS Introduction and General Questions Master on Free Software
  • 2. Overview ● Introduction ● General Questions ● Do we need to know this? ● How to find out ● Our playground Master on Free Software
  • 3. Introduction ● What are we interested in? ● OSS ● How is it developed? ● Who is developing it? ● How are companies participating in it? <= ● How can it be improved? ● How can its quality be evaluated? ● What is its future? Master on Free Software
  • 4. Introduction ● OSS research ● Multidisciplinary ● Software engineering ● Economy ● Sociology ● Psychology ● Law Master on Free Software
  • 5. General Questions ● How do companies influence in OSS communities? ● What are the different models of relations between OSS communities and corporations? ● What are the different ways companies start these relations with communities? ● Dedicating employees to an OSS project? ● Employing people already working in OSS projects? ● Contributing code to OSS projects? Master on Free Software
  • 6. General Questions ● Offering bounties in OSS projects? ● Starting their own OSS communities? ● What is the effect of the entry of companies in OSS communities? ● How do OSS projects with companies involved and others without companies participation compare? ● In terms of code evolution? ● In terms of final product quality? ● In terms of visibility? Master on Free Software
  • 7. General Questions ● In terms of productisation? ● In terms of intellectual property management? ● How do these relations finish? ● What happens with the code then? ● What happens with the employees then? ● What happens with volunteers then? Master on Free Software
  • 8. Do we need to know this? ●Companies need it ● To know how to get involved in OSS projects ● To know how to have good relations with communities ●OSS communities need it ● To avoid problems with companies ● To understand how companies can help them Master on Free Software
  • 9. How to find out ● Qualitative studies ● Interviews ● Surveys ● Descriptive studies ● Quantitative studies ● Data mining ● Tools (CVSAnaly, Pythernity, MailingListStats) ● Interpretation and visualisation Master on Free Software
  • 10. Our playground ● Nokia 770 ● JBoss, Geronimo, JonAS ● Firefox ● Evolution ● Core | Features | Productisation ● Canonical, Ubuntu and Gnome ● Gnome and KDE Master on Free Software