SMPA Capstone

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  • Environment and Individual focus – system of interactions and relationships between individuals, conditions and situationsSocial marketing (behavior) – Product,Price, promotion, place


  • 1. Digital MyPlate: Empowering Healthy Eating Habits
    Amanda Eamich
    School of Media and Public Affairs
    August 4, 2011
  • 2. Obesity Trends in America
  • 3. Food Guide Pyramid (1992)
  • 4. MyPyramid (2005)
  • 5. MyPlate (2011)
    Simple and straightforward visual cue
    Recommended proportions of major food groups
    Easily personalized to diet, culture and preferences
  • 6. Health Communications and MyPlate
    Web Communications Strategy
    Health and Behavior Change
    Social marketing and a Transmedia Approach
    Strategic alliances and partners
    Empower consumers through an educational, fun and engaging online strategy
    Information -> Action
  • 7. Health Behavior Campaigns
    Ecological model
    Communication in a Social Context
    Social marketing – Health as a Product
    Call to action and Self-efficacy
    Individual within the Community
  • 8. Five-A-Day For Better Health
    General health promotion and encouragement
    Low sense of urgency, concrete benefits
    Social Networks critical to adoption
    Hands-on experience and personalization
    Quick tips for a busy lifestyle
    Simplify and incentivize healthy eating habits
  • 9. Anti-Smoking Campaigns
    Direct, relevant and engaging
    Confront social pressure
    Empower through education
    For youth, by youth
    Relevant, educational web-based social environment
  • 10. VERB: it’s what you do.
    Multi-channel, multi-year campaign for tweens
    Phased approach for behavior change
    Awareness -> Initiate -> Reinforce and Encourage -> Maintain
    Interactive, game-oriented design
    Broadcast/online communication inspires offline activity
  • 11. MyPlate Communication Strategy
    Engagement - General public, teens and nutritional gatekeepers
    Empowerment - Skill- and confidence-building
  • 12. Setting the stage
    61 % of adults online seek health-related information
    Older teens, lower-income households more likely to go online
    ¾ Teens (12 – 17) own and use cell phones
    Average 50 text messages per day
    11% send e-mail daily
    ¼ teens online will “fan” a Facebook page
  • 13.
    Social engagement
    Incentive to participate
    Online community
    Recipes and more
  • 14.
  • 15. Web-based tactics
    Blogger roundtables
    Twitter outreach and engagement
    School-based learning
    Journal and track healthy eating
  • 16. For teens: MyPlate, My Choice
    Social modeling for a healthier, more fulfilling life with friends
    Gaming and challenges
    Virtual Worlds
  • 17. Nutritional Gatekeepers
    Individual choices become family habits
    Tips for busy lifestyles
    Recipes, cooking techniques, coupons
    Social integration online and through strategic partners
  • 18. Amanda Eamich
    School of Media and Public Affairs
    Capstone Defense
    August 4, 2011