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Social Media & Online tools for educators Presentation Social Media & Online tools for educators Presentation Presentation Transcript

  • SOCIAL MEDIA & ONLINE TOOLS FOR EDUCATORS Valencia Community College Learning Day 2010
  • “If we teach today as we taught yesterday we rob our children of tomorrow.” —John Dewey
  • “Your goal should not be to discard social media, but to figure out how to make it a powerful tool, rather than a useless distraction.” —Ben Parr View slide
  • From the outside twitter seems like the dumbest idea ever. View slide
  • Twouble with twitters: SuperNews!
  • Until April 2008 I thought twitter was the dumbest idea ever too. Yet, there are 3,000,000 tweets per a day going on daily.
  • I started using twitter as an experiment to see how useful it really was. Many of my students agreed to give it a try.
  • A few Reasons to use Twitter. • Collaboration • Reach a larger audience • Share ideas • Inspire • Stay updated • Communicate • Networking • Interact
  • “Twitter is to professional development as HD is to television. You don’t know what you’re missing until you see it first hand.” — John Mikulski
  • If you give it a little time, you’ll learn that tweeting isn’t as geeky as some make it out to be.
  • Proof that Great things can come out of twitter.
  • Most that were involved with Help-portrait were Inspired & informed through twitter.
  • And of course in between taking photos We were twittering to excite everyone about the good we were doing.
  • Using twitter as an educator has been a life changing experience It allows me to connect in any many ways I couldn’t before.
  • Twitter can be an exciting way To share your work
  • Sharing how hard you work on something Can excite & inspire others.
  • Before long you begin to realize how much Twitter helps you inspire others.
  • Before this presentation I decided to try another little experiment To inspire students to try twitter. It didn’t take long to excite students.
  • Need to find a few other Advantages to using twitter?
  • 5,000,000,000 The number of minutes spent on facebook every day.
  • If facebook were a country It would be the world’s 4th largest country.
  • Instead of asking students to stop using it... Embrace facebook as a learning & communication tool
  • Groups & fan pages are a great way to reach users.
  • Fan pages can be used to promote & share.
  • Event pages can also help share news & info about events.
  • DELICIOUS BOOKMARKS. Become your own little resourceful search engine.
  • Using delicious to bookmark resources online is One of the best moves I’ve made as an educator.
  • Sharing resources with my students has never been easier. Many students, faculty, and professional use it.
  • Bookmarks can be organized and They’re easy to share from any location.
  • Internet browsers like firefox have plugins To help bookmarking resources a simple process.
  • 200,000,000 There are more than this many blogs.
  • There are many blog sites, but wordpress is best known. It’s free to create a blog that could someday inspire others.
  • Blogs like wordpress Allow you to create content easily.
  • Stats can be tracked to help you learn who’s reading your blog. The Graphics blog has had nearly 250,000 visitors in about 3 years.
  • 3,600,000,000 The number of photos archived on since June 2009
  • Flickr has become a great way for us to share student work & photos. For our graphics program it’s been an invaluable tool.
  • Flickr allows us to show the quality of our student work. Our student’s work is becoming a source of inspiration for other designers.
  • Our flickr photos have been viewed a total of 1,134,417 times as of February 2010.
  • After using flickr for our graphics program for over 3 years Our student’s work has been viewed internationally Turkey • Brazil •Chile •Colombia • Espana • Italy • Argentina • Vietnam Mexico • England • UK • India • Norway • Portugal • France • Philippines Canada • Indonesia • China • Kuwait • Malaysia • Finland • England Netherlands • Taiwan • Greece • Germany • Japan • Lebanon • Ireland Romania • Costa Rica
  • Linked in is Used by over 60,000,000 users.
  • Linked in is a great way to publicly Post your resume & recommendations.
  • Linked in is a great way To stay networked.
  • You can set up your own Network groups.
  • RSS RSS has changed the way web sites communicate RSS = Really Simple Syndication RSS is a fancy way of saying “news”
  • Anytime you see this icon you can subscribe to a web site’s “news” to stay up to date. You can use an RSS reader to keep up with RSS iGoogle offers a way to read RSS.
  • Instead of visiting separate web sites Visit the sites only when there’s updated “news”
  • There are many ways you can spread the news you read or write. Feedburner gives you the opportunity to republish RSS.
  • RSS feeds can be shared in many ways. Adding RSS feeds to a web site can help them stay current.
  • RSS feeds can even be shared in online courses. Adding an RSS feed can help share resources with students.
  • Google Buzz is a promising new Social Media resource worth checking out.
  • At a first glance Google Buzz seems like A convergence of current social media.
  • Google Buzz is The latest “hype” in social media.
  • “What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others.” —Percicles
  • CONNECT ONLINE Questions? email: