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B1 ged greaves


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Published in: Business
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  • 1. LGID Customer Led Transformation 10 March 2011 “ A healthy society” Ged Greaves Policy and Performance Manager
  • 2. The challenge
    • Place Survey 2008:
      • Almost a third of residents dissatisfied with dental services
      • Greatest for “Municipal Dependency”
    • Analysis of ambulatory sensitive care data revealed high admissions from groups O and K
    • Groups eligible for free or low cost dental care
  • 3. The prize at stake
      • Reduce the number of avoidable admissions to hospital for dental procedures in Group O households (child and adult patients) by 40% over two years.
      • 2 target wards:
        • Hospital treatment £982/patient = £110k per year.
        • Reduce by 40% in costs over two years.
      • What if we…..scaled up?
  • 4. Broader outcomes
      • Increased registration at dental practices – positive cycle.
      • Wider health and well being benefits.
      • Opportunities for collaboration between partners at at a time of widespread reform.
  • 5. Governance
    • Steered by councillor led task group
      • Helped discover the issue
      • Local ward members
      • Cross party
      • Experience with health issues
      • Champions for scrutiny committees
    • Project team; Council, NHS, V&CS
  • 6. How?
    • 1. Analysis of hospital attendance data by Mosaic group and type
    • 2. Local community sector commissioned to undertake health needs assessment
    • 3. Customer experiences mapped using CJM
    • 4. Feedback information from above to service providers and design improvements
  • 7. Where to start?
  • 8.  
  • 9. Devon ward
  • 10. Bridge ward
  • 11. Target segments Group O – Families in low rise social housing with high levels of benefit need Group K – Residents with sufficient incomes in right to buy social houses
  • 12. Progress so far
    • 600 surveys issued – 114 returns
    • 4 community (world café) events
    • 50 residents interviewed at Sure Start Children’s Centres
    • 7 CJM interviews scheduled
  • 13. Early findings?
    • Fear
    • Cost
    • Inconsistent service quality
    • Perceived shortage of NHS places less prevalent
    • Text message reminders
    • Advice on dental emergencies
  • 14. Influencing decisions?
    • Topic of discussion at dinner tables
    • Reform of the NHS Dental Contract
    • Fluoridation of the water supply?
  • 15.  
  • 16.
      • Ged Greaves
      • Policy and Performance Manager
      • [email_address]
      • Direct dial: 01636 655231