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Conference Director training for Theta Phi Alpha Fraternity

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  • Welcome to Conference Director training! Congratulations on being appointed. Thank you for volunteering your time to assist and support our chapters. This training will review expectations of the position, communication with your chapters, monthly reporting, transitioning into the role and some next steps.
  • Conference Directors are appointed by the Grand Council as National Officers. Currently there are 13 Conference Directors. You will report directly to one of four Conference Administrators. Your main overall responsibility is to manage the chapter administration structure for up to four chapters. These four chapters will be n=known as your conference. You should make and maintain contact with the Chapter Advisor and Chapter President of the four chapters you are responsible for. There may be times when you have communication with collegians from any of your chapters. That is ok and you are welcome to do so – in fact, we encourage it! The more connected the collegians feel to National Officers, the better their experiences tend to be! You should be monitoring the progress of all of the chapters in your conference and provide resources or advice as needed. If you are unsure of something, that is ok but it is an expectation that you will find out the correct answer and report back to the chapter. Contact your Conference Administrator if you are unsure of something – they will be your biggest resource! You will have the responsibility of reading any Incident Reports that may be submitted by your chapters. Once your receive an incident report you will need to follow up with the chapter to determine the outcome of the incident or if further follow up is needed.
  • You will oversee and review your chapter Compass Points Programs. A chapter may have the responsibility of completing one of these programs as a sanction from National Office or they may be a new chapter that needs to submit a completed program as evidence that they are meeting the Standards of Achievement. You should always report any information to your Conference Administrator that may need further attention. You may be asked to perform chapter investigations or membership reviews as needed, depending on your availability. You would receive further training on conducting an investigation prior to the scheduled date. You should plan to attend Leadership Conference and/or National Convention as needed and you will be given this information in advance. We ask that you maintain contact with the Greek Advisor for each one of your chapters at least one semester. It is important that the Greek Advisor understands that each chapter has a chapter administration team in place and you are part of it. You should also let them know that the chapter has a local Chapter Advisor for additional support. Please share your information with the Greek Advisor should they have any further questions. You also have the responsibility of submitting a monthly report through the National website.
  • Communication with all of your chapters in the most important part of being a Conference Director!! Again, we want to make sure that our collegians are feeling supported by National Officers. You should plan to be in contact with your chapter Presidents every two weeks. This contact should be a conversation that happens over the phone. In order to do so you may want to set up an individual schedule with each President via email to schedule your first call. During your first phone call you can then determine the best day and time to talk every two weeks. During your calls with each Chapter President it is important to review the status of the chapter, upcoming National Office deadlines, and answer any questions they may have. You can also use their most recent Presidents Report as a guide for your conversation. You need to be in contact with the chapter Advisors for your conference at least monthly. This is just a check in point. You will want to see how things are going from their perspective as well and offer and support or guidance that you can. It is important that you also check in with the Chapter Advisory Board Liaisons when appropriate, especially if something with the Advisory Board is currently happening. We ask that you outreach to the Greek Advisor of each one of your chapter at least once a semester. As stated before we want to make sure they are aware that each chapter has National support. This can be a phone call or a simple email just saying hello! Finally, please remember to talk with your Conference Administrator! You should check in with them as needed and ask any questions that you may have. They will more than likely check in with you throughout the semester as well.
  • Your Chapter Administration team should plan to have a conference call at least once a month per chapter. This call should include you, the Conference Administrator you directly report to, the Chapter President, Chapter Advisor and the Advisory Board Liaison. This call is sometimes challenging to set up due to the large amount of people on the call. With the assistance of your Conference Administrator, you are the person responsible for trying to schedule this call. There has been a google calendar created that the entire conference administration team has been given access to. This calendar is needed to make sure that calls don’t overlap on the chapter administration conference call line. Once you schedule a call, please make sure to add it to the google calendar. You will be provided the conference call line information prior to your scheduled call. Your conference calls may be very similar to your check-in calls with your chapter presidents, however you should plan to discuss the progress of the chapter overall. If the chapter is on any kind of probationary status or on a Compass Points program you should review what has been completed and what the chapter still needs to work on. This is just another way to make sure that everyone is aware of what is happening with the chapter and to offer any support or guidance to the chapter. You can also coordinate follow up discussions with everyone on the call as needed.
  • Your conference director monthly reports are due on the first of every month. You will submit your reports through the National website and will be given the direct link to the report. In order to do this you must also make sure that you have access to the private navigation bar on the website. If you do not see the yellow toolbar once you log in to the website please contact the webmaster immediately! Your monthly report is simply a status report. You should already have all of the information that the report covers from your check in calls with your chapter presidents. Once you submit your report all of your information is sent via email to your conference administrator. We ask that you answer each question as best as you can in order to give your conference administrator the most up to date information. The monthly report asks about latest chapter happenings, chapter accomplishments, any areas of improvement that the chapter needs to work on, resources the chapter may need in order to be successful and any questions you may have for Grand Council in regard to a specific chapter. You will need to submit one report per chapter. Once your conference administrator receives all of your reports she will compile all of the information she has gotten on the chapters she is responsible for in one report and submit that report to Grand Council for review. It is our hope that this monthly reporting structure will enhance communication and allow us to support any chapters that may need assistance and celebrate chapters that are doing well!
  • The transition into the role of Conference Director can be a little overwhelming so we want to make sure that you are set up for success and have all of the information you will need to fully support and advise your chapters. You will be transitioned into the role by either your Conference Administrator or the National Vice President – Collegians. During this transition you will be given the latest updates on the chapters you are responsible for and the team you will be working with. Remember it is now your responsibility to be in communication with the rest of the chapter administration team! You will also receive information on any sanctions or programs your chapters may need to complete as per National Office. It is also the responsibility of the outgoing Conference Director to plan a phone call or skype session with you in order to pass along any pertinent information they may have on the chapters that they are passing to you. Finally, you will receive some of the latest reports from National Office on your chapters so you can familiarize yourself with their past semester as well.
  • Once you are fully transitioned into the role, you can start to expect to receive reports from National Office on the chapters in your conference. These reports include, but are not limited to :-Term Report, Monthly Presidents Report, Financial Reports, Officers Report, Incident Reports, Leadership Consultant visit reports, new member list and all chapter programs. Please plan to review all of these reports as this is just another way for you to receive updates on your chapters and will also allow you to follow up with the chapter president on any questions you may have about what may be written in a report. It is important to note that if you do receive an incident report, it is your responsibility to follow up with the women involved in the situation to make sure that everything has turned out ok or to ensure that proper follow up has happened with a Chapter Advisory Board. The Leadership Consultant visit report should also be reviewed with the entire chapter so please make sure that your chapter president does so. You will also receive notification from National programming chairs on whether or not any particular chapter program has been approved or not approved and an explanation of why the program may not have been approved. Please make sure to follow up with the chapter president and determine the status of these programs, as chapters are usually given a deadline for resubmission.
  • As you are starting to become more familiar with your Conference Director role, you can also start to do a few things on your own. As long as you know that you have access to to private navigation toolbar mentioned earlier you can begin to review the National website for resources. Spend some time just looking at the website and reviewing where things are. We have found that many chapters just don’t know how to navigate the website to in order to find what they need, so if you can direct them that’s a great start! You can email your chapter presidents and introduce as their new Conference Director. Tell them how excited you are to start working with them and share a little of your background with them. You can ask the president to send you the latest copy of their chapter bylaws. This may come in handy later if any questions arise about how the chapter should function. This is also a good opportunity to set some ground rules about communication and what your expectations are. You should explain that your check-in calls will happen every other week and ask what day and time may work best for them, as well as sharing what your schedule looks like in order to set up the best time for both of you! All of our guides, the Chapter operations manual and the National Handbook which include all of our policies are all available on the National website so you should begin to review all of these documents as well. Take a few minutes to go to research campuses where your chapters are located. Most university websites are updates regularly so this is another good way to get fast information about campus culture. Finally, start to make a list of any questions you may have about the position so you can get your answers during your transitions calls!
  • So what happens now??? Once you have finished reviewing this powerpoint please reach out to your Conference Administrator or the National Vice President – Collegians. They will then schedule a call with you to review your chapters with you and answer any questions that you may have about the position. Don’t hesitate to ask any and all questions you may have. You may actually bring up something that we haven’t already thought of! You will also be contacted by the outgoing conference director to schedule another conference call to review all of your chapters in full. Again, don’t hesitate to ask questions! Once your transition calls are complete start contacting your chapter administration team and introduce yourself as another resource for the chapter to utilize. We are so excited to have you as part of our chapter administration team. Thank you for volunteering your time to the Fraternity and we wish you the best of luck as a conference director! Congratulations!
  • CD training

    1. 1. Conference DirectorTraining { Theta Phi Alpha Fraternity
    2. 2. Conference Director Expectations CDs are appointed National Officers Report directly to Conference Administrators Manage the chapter administration structure  Responsible for up to 4 chapters Maintain contact with Chapter Advisors and Chapter Presidents  Can include collegians in your conference as well Monitor the progress of all chapters in your conference and provide resources/advice as needed Read all Incident Reports that may submitted
    3. 3. Conference Director Expectations Oversee and review chapter Compass Points Programs  These programs could be a sanction or a standing program for new chapters Report any information to the Conference Administrator that needs further attention Perform chapter investigations and membership reviews as needed Attend Leadership Conference and/or National Convention as needed Maintain contact with Greek Advisors or other University officials at least once a semester Submit all monthly reports
    4. 4. Communication with Chapters The most IMPORTANT part of this position!!!  Contact Chapter Presidents every two weeks  Contact Chapter Advisors monthly  Check in with Advisory Board Liaisons when needed  Check in Greek Advisor once a semester Talk with your Conference Administrator!!!  Check in with them as needed  Ask questions!
    5. 5. Chapter Administration Conference Calls Your Chapter Administration team should plan to have a conference call at least once a month per chapter This call should include you, your Conference Administrator, Chapter President, Chapter Advisor and Advisory Board Liaison  Google calendar access You or your CA should be the one to coordinate schedules Discuss progress of the chapter Review programs chapter may be on Coordinate follow up discussions as needed
    6. 6. Monthly Reports Due on the 1st of every month Submitted online through National website This is a status report, so answer the questions listed as best as you can in order to give your CA an update  Chapter happenings  Accomplishments  Areas of improvement  Resources needed  Questions Your CA then takes all of your information and compiles all information in one report to be submitted to the Grand Council
    7. 7. Transitions You will be transitioned into your role by either your Conference Administrator or the National Vice President – Collegians  Updates on chapter and team  Review of any sanctions/programs chapters need to complete Call/skype session with outgoing CD Recent reports to review
    8. 8. Reports You Will Receive Term Report Monthly Presidents Report Financial Reports Officers Report Incident Reports  You will need to follow up on these Leadership Consultant visit Reports New Member List All Chapter Programs  Standards Board, Academic Excellence, MSMF Program, etc.
    9. 9. What You Can Do Now… Start reviewing National website resources Email your Chapter President  Ask for latest chapter roster and chapter bylaws  Coordinate best day/time for scheduled call Review all guides on National website Review Chapter Operations Manual and Policy Handbook Research campuses where you chapters are located  Provides good insight Make a list of questions to ask during your transition period
    10. 10. What Happens Now… Expectations call with CA or NVPC  Let them know once you reviewed this presentation  Ask questions Transitions call with outgoing CD Contact Chapter Administration team and introduce yourself Start setting up calls with Chapter Presidents