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  • Because employment laws are intricately linked to the way businesses operate, management must be well-versed in the most current laws governing diversity and sexual harassment, and their application in the workplace. The above shows several of the federal laws that are in place.
  • Because of federal and local diversity legislation addresses individuals as well as groups of individuals, the implementation of diversity in the workplace demands are that organizations be all-inclusive.
  • Let us examine some current challenges to diversity in the workplace in our American courts of law and American courts of public opinion regarding three large American Corporations: Chick-fil-A restaurants, Lowe’s and Home Depot home improvement stores. In light of the recent public storm of criticism leveled at Chick-fil-A for its unwavering opposition to gay marriage, our discussion of diversity hiring practices and guidelines takes on an urgency which I believe will impact companies worldwide. Let us look at these companies’ diversity practices as they apply to employee hiring and retention.
  • The groups it specifically endorses are: African American Pulse, Hispanics Organized for Growth and Responsibility’s (HOGAR), Limitless, Orange Shield, Pride Network’s, Pan Asian Waves and The Women’s Link. Interestingly, there are no Christian groups (or Male Rights groups) represented at Home Depot.
  • Lowe’s commitment to “diversity and inclusion,” focuses on four areas: workforce, suppliers, community and customers (Lowes, 2013). Although my research seems to indicate that Lowe’s has tried to stay out of the political, public fray of diversity or the lack thereof, controversy also has come knocking at their door. In December 2011, Lowe’s decision to pull its advertising from a television program, “All-American Muslim,” created a maelstrom of criticism.
  • Capstone diversity in the workplace videos

    1. 1. Amanda H. HardieCapstoneFlorida State College at Jacksonville
    2. 2.  Is diversity in theworkplace possible? Are the lofty goals ofdiversity and equalitydoomed to failure? Do the laws governingworkplace diversity containenough specificity to deemthem enforceable? Inclusiveness…does theterm itself promotesexclusiveness? How will it diversity in theworkplace affect my futureemployment goals?In my research paper Iexamined the currentstatus of diversity in theworkplace, its enforcementand the power of themedia, social networkingand public perceptioninfluencing diversity in theworkplace.
    3. 3. There are severalfederal laws:The Civil RightsAct of 1964,The Equal Pay Actof 1963The AgeDiscrimination inEmployment Act of1967The RehabilitationAct of 1973(sections 501 and505),Title II of theGenetic InformationNondiscriminationAct of 2008The Civil RightsAct of 1991.
    4. 4. While celebratingdiversity is asomewhat dauntingendeavor, it cantranslate intobottom-line profitsfor any company.From a marketingperspective, acompany thatcelebrates andimplements a diverseworkforce stands togain big in the publicperception of thatcompany and itsproducts or services.
    5. 5. President, Dan Cathy, of Chick-Fil-A recently made his views on Gaymarriage public. This created a storm among supporters and non-supporters.
    6. 6. In July 2012, HomeDepot faced aboycott of morethan 540,000 peoplebecause HomeDepot publiclysupports“homosexualactivism” (Vu, 2013).On the company website, HomeDepot defines it diversityprogram’s mission thusly: “Themission of The Home Depot’sSupplier Diversity Program is toform mutually beneficialpartnerships with diversebusinesses that allow us todeliver superior products andservices and superb customerservice, which ultimatelyincrease shareholder value.”
    7. 7. “Lowe’s longstanding commitment to diversity and inclusionis a core element of our business strategy and our mission toimprove the communities we serve. Diverse perspectiveshelp us solve everyday challenges, develop innovative ideasand grow our business. We’re dedicated to continuing tofoster an inclusive culture that promotes diversity of thoughtand celebrates the unique talents that each professionalbrings to Lowe’s. Together, we’re committed to treating everycustomer, employee, community, investor and vendor withrespect and dignity.”
    8. 8. It is clear that the path of diversity is neither simple nor clear-cut.To navigate the legal and ethical path to diversity, a company mustbe firstly committed to this endeavor and, secondly, committed toits implementation. This might mean investing in legal, humanresource employees and work group of employees trained and paidto navigate diversity in the workplace. As an employer oremployee, diversity will affect my future in business and myopportunities for advancement in business.
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