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Intro to Creating a Multichannel Marketing Strategy
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Intro to Creating a Multichannel Marketing Strategy


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Websites, enewsletters, blogs, social media, traditional media... how do they all fit together? In this webinar we will discuss creating a content strategy and how to start organizing your content. As …

Websites, enewsletters, blogs, social media, traditional media... how do they all fit together? In this webinar we will discuss creating a content strategy and how to start organizing your content. As we approach the end of the year, it is a time to get organized and make sure your marketing efforts are complimenting - not competing, with each other.

Published in: Self Improvement

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  • 1. Intro to Creating a Multichannel Marketing Strategy Photo credit:
  • 2. Who We Are Amanda O’Brien VP of Marketing [email_address] @amanda_pants
    • Hall Web Services
    • @hall_web
    • 12 Years in Business
    • Online Suite of Tools
  • 3. Got Questions?
    • Use GoToWebinar or “Ask a Question”
    • Twitter with @hall_web
  • 4. Multi channel?
    • View item online before purchasing at a store
    • Integrating social media into traditional media
    • Print ‘tease’ to website announcement
    • Coupon for web only deals
    • Marketing efforts supporting each other
    Photo credit:
  • 5.
    • Manage customer experience seamlessly,
    • align brand proposition, value, and message
    Your execution Photo credit:
  • 6.
    • Plan for creation, aggregation and delivery
    Photo credit:
  • 7. Define messages first Establish message architecture Photo credit: What are you trying to say? What do you want people to do? What is the best vessel for that communications?
  • 8. Tools second (or third)! Photo credit:
  • 9. How to keep your multi channel proposition consistent thru different channels Photo credit:
  • 10.
    • Have a home base
  • 11. Photo: Message Mapping
    • Prioritize key messages
    • Develop content around those messages
  • 12.
    • Message Mapping:
    • Mission or key message
    • Surrounding points
    • Points to re-emphasize
    • Stay on message
  • 13.
    • Define content around those messages (not the other way around)
    • Terminology, tone, style
    • Search engine friendly content (keywords)
  • 14. How to define tools Photo credit: http://
    • Determine what is appropriate
    • Choose pieces you can measure
      • Customer response
      • Consumer sales
    • What will pack the most punch?
    • Want pieces can build on each other?
    • Increase the efficiency of both, not cloud process
  • 15.
    • Define the role and goals of each tool:
    • Brand awareness
    • Website traffic
    • Sales
    • Etc. etc.
    Photo credit:
  • 16.
    • What are your companies capabilities?
    • A lot of online marketing takes your time.
    • In-house writer? Designer?
    • What you have, do you need it? Can you use it?
  • 17. Put people in buckets Photo credit:
    • Identify high value customers
    • Define their habits
    • Create content specifically for them
  • 18. Buyer personas Different types of customers
    • Competitive - driven, what is in it for him?
    • Methodical - asks a lot of questions
    • Spontaneous – Like me, buy me!
    • Humanistic – This company is really cool
    • Can start with data from your site, wordtracker
    • Target and tweak the data for each
    • When you try to reach everybody, you reach nobody!
  • 19. Analyze their behaviour: website Photo credit:
    • Inbound Links
    • Most popular pages
  • 20.
    • More targeted and actionable information
  • 21. Integrate Photo credit:
    • Wrap the old around the new
  • 22. Test and Learn Measure everything you can Photo credit:
    • A/B testing
    • Document findings
    • Clicks
    • Pages
    • Coupon codes
    • In store options
  • 23. You can’t be everything to everyone, everywhere. Photo credit:
  • 24. Is it working
    • What goals did you set in place?
    • Subscribers, fans, content sharing
    • Coupon codes
    • Foursquare checkins
    • QR codes
    • Website traffic
    • Conversion
    • Sales (sales funnel)
    • Brand reputation
    • Popular products
  • 25. Re-cap
    • Determine voice and goals first
    • What you want people to do
    • Define the best tools second
    • Determine what success looks like
    • Document the process
    • Keep your focus
    • Make changes as necessary
  • 26. Learn More!
    • Web Vision Blog -
    • Webinars – http://
    • Follow Hall on Twitter - @ Hall_Web
    • Call us! 1-877-425-5932 (HALL-WEB)
    • [email_address] ‏
    • Webinars – next week ‘Measuring and Tracking
    • Your Social Media Success’ with ME!
    Questions? Photo credit:
    • Use GoToWebinar “Ask a Question”
    • Twitter with @hall_web