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A Deeper Look at Blog Comments
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A Deeper Look at Blog Comments


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Blog comments are a big part of your blogging and Inbound Marketing strategy. In this webinar we will look at what blog comments can mean on your blog, how to increase comments on your blog and look …

Blog comments are a big part of your blogging and Inbound Marketing strategy. In this webinar we will look at what blog comments can mean on your blog, how to increase comments on your blog and look at some case studies of websites where blog comments are really working. We will also look at the other side and look at how leaving blog comments can help your own blog, build you as an authority and how to see if those comments are doing anything to help your search ranking.

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  • 1. A Deeper Look at Blog Comments Photo credit: Amanda O’Brien Hall Internet Marketing
  • 2. Who We Are Amanda O'Brien VP of Marketing [email_address] @amanda_pants Hall Internet Marketing @Hall_Web
  • 3. Got Questions?
    • Use GoToWebinar “Ask a Question”
    • Twitter with @hall_web
  • 4. Blog Comments Photo credit:
  • 5. Most Blog Readers ARE Lurkers Photo credit:
    • Don’t get frustrated with few comments.
    • Know your goals and track those metrics
    • Visits
    • Website conversions
    • Industry expert
    • Better search rankings
    • Blog commenters are not customers
  • 6. Photo credit: We want more blog comments!
  • 7. Getting More Blog Comments Photo credit: /
  • 8. Get started Check your tone Photo credit: Are you a know-it-all? Are you stating a fact? Not very inviting for someone to comment
  • 9. Photo credit: Be Human Humble, human posts have more interaction Expert Tips Personal
  • 10. Ask questions at the end Leave it unanswered Invite comments Leave it Open Ended
  • 11. Reward Comments Photo credit:
  • 12. You could always try controversial… Photo credit:
  • 13. Create blog posts around comments
    • Show how important comments are to you
    • Update your post to direct to the new one
    • Give credit to the comment author
    Photo credit:
  • 14. Make it easy to comment More on that later… Photo credit:
  • 15. Are social media sites stealing blog comments? Photo credit:
  • 16. How to Leave a Blog Comment
  • 17. Be genuine, links are ok if relevant, add value, be human, expand the conversation. Photo credit:
  • 18. Double whammy? Drop some knowledge and then promote someone ELSE – market your knowledge AND your network. Good juju all around. Don’t add too many links – spam filters get confused . Photo credit:
  • 19. Photo credit: Another 5 points if you tweet ‘I just left a comment on so and so’s post’
  • 20. What would you say IRL? ‘I agree’ ‘me too’? Photo credit:
  • 21. Make Your Comment Stand Out Add your business name to the name field?
  • 22. Never been there before do your homework? Read all comments on that post so far Read previous posts and comments Photo credit:
  • 23. How long should they be? Long enough but not too long.
  • 24. Be there first Photo credit:
  • 25. Don’t leave anonymous quotes Nobody likes ‘that guy’
  • 26. Blog Comments for marketing
  • 27. Build relationships with prominent bloggers and their readers (Branding and Awareness) Photo credit:
  • 28. Direct traffic to your website (think about the link) Photo credit:
  • 29.
    • SEO
    • No follow links
    • Author could update their post and add you later
    • Text in comments index-able
  • 30. Make it easy to comment and for people to leave comments
    • Types of Blog comments
    • Disqus
    • Gravatar
    • Facebook comments
  • 31. Examples
  • 32. Examples NEW OLD
  • 33. Examples OLD NEW
  • 34. Examples
  • 35. Examples
  • 36. Good news… bad news
  • 37.  
  • 38.
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