10 Simple ways to make your business more Joyful...and more productive


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Joy is the new competitive advantage!
Success in business is always about feelings – the the way we feel about a product, organization or person influences how we behave and informs our decisions about how we spend, or who we conduct business with. When compared with industry competitors at the company level, organizations with more than four engaged employees for every one
actively disengaged employee saw 2.6 times more growth in earnings per share than those with less engaged workers.

Create a work environment that is fear free and joy filled - especially if you are a leader. Fear inhibits performance, creativity and blocks the ability to experience joy at work.

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10 Simple ways to make your business more Joyful...and more productive

  1. 1. 10 Simple ways tomake your businessmoreJoyful…joy is the new competitive advantage!By Amanda Gore
  2. 2. Businesses That Have JoyfulWorkers Have:“…every business outcome shows improvement when the brain ispositive.” Harvard Business Review51% lowerturnover(Gallup)33%Higherprofitability(Gallup)19% less sickleave(iOpenerInstitute)43% moreproductivity(HayGroup)125%less burnout(HBR)
  3. 3. So what can you do tomake your business ajoyful place?
  4. 4. 1. Feel Good AboutYourselfThis is actually the mostimportant point.The most important thing in lifeis how you feel about yourself -because that affects everyother aspect of your life -especially your performance.A person whofeels goodaboutthemselvescan focus onmaking othersfeel goodaboutthemselves!This makes fora greatcolleague orboss.
  5. 5. 2. Value FeelingsSuccess in business is always aboutfeelings – the the way we feel about aproduct, organization or personinfluences how we behave and informsour decisions about how we spend, orwho we conduct business with.“Our research shows that people are less likely to buy from a company with an employee they perceive as rude,whether the rudeness is directed at them or at other employees. Witnessing just a single unpleasant interaction leadscustomers to generalize about other employees, the organization, and even the brand.” (HBR) The Price of Incivility
  6. 6. 3. Create a SafeEnvironmentCreate a workenvironment that isfear free and joy filled -especially if you are aleader. Fear inhibitsperformance, creativityand blocks the abilityto experience joy atwork.
  7. 7. 4. Understand thatwork + joy =profitabilityJoy at workmatters - it ISthe newcompetitiveadvantage!Amanda GoreWhen compared withindustry competitors at thecompany level, organizationswith more than four engagedemployees for every oneactively disengaged employee saw 2.6 timesmore growth in earnings per share thanthose with less engaged workers.(Hay Group)2.6 times moregrowth in earningsper share
  8. 8. GoodJob!The #1 thing people want inlife is recognition andacknowledgement .Being acknowledged makes peoplefeel good about themselves.Give people TA DAs; a thumbs up. ahigh five…or just celebrate changes andachievements in some way.5. Recognize andAcknowledge“Appreciation is a fundamentalhuman need. Employees respondto appreciation expressed throughrecognition of their good workbecause it confirms their work isvalued. When employees and theirwork are valued, their satisfactionand productivity rises, and they aremotivated to maintain or improvetheir good work.”From: The enthusiastic employee – how companies profit bygiving workers what they want.
  9. 9. 6. KeepLearning The brain loves change -it needs change to growand develop. Seek togrow, learn and developat work. Take all theopportunities offered.Ask for mentoring andguidance.
  10. 10. 7. Be GratefulGratitudeGratitude is the foundation for joy -put on your gratitude glasses so thatyou find things for which to begrateful in everyone and everything -it transforms life - and work.Gratitude reframes everything thathappens in your life.
  11. 11. Be a good finder! Find good ineveryone and every situation- there is always somethinggood. You may have to searchdeeply at times but you willfind something! And thathabit will change your life.People dont like workingwith pessimistic, energysuckers8. Be a GoodFinder“Research shows that when people work with a positive mind-set, performance on nearly every level—productivity,creativity, engagement—improves.” Harvard Business Review
  12. 12. 9. Have a PurposeFind some purpose and meaning in thework you do.“Of all the things that can boostemotions, motivation, andperceptions during a workday, thesingle most important is makingprogress in meaningful work.”The power of small wins (HBR)
  13. 13. We spend at least 50% of our lives at work soits critical to find purpose, passion and love foryour work, because for most people work lifebalance is not possible! Be aware of the needto unplug from the technology that keeps youtied to work in your home and family time.Exercise more . Sleep - at least 7 hours if youcan - you need it to recuperate. Take regularbreaks at work - its a paradox but we actuallyachieve more when we take regular shortbreaks. Relax, see friends, eat well, haveregular holidays and laugh a lot! You will livelonger and be more productive.10. Love your work
  14. 14. Amanda GoreAmanda Gore is one of Australias and Americas most popularexperience creating speakers. She blends the principles of ancientwisdom with new research in modern science to wake people up towhat really matters - in life and at work.Involving the audience in an entertaining way that gets them allconnected, she shares strategies, techniques and skills that allowpeople to adapt to change, transform their attitudes, eradicate fear,and improve relationships, communication, leadership, sales andcustomer service. The most important thing in life is how you feelabout yourself - because that affects every other aspect of your life -especially your performance. The ability to make others feel goodabout themselves is rarely taught, yet critical for success in any field.People are 80% emotional and 20% rational - they will never forgethow you made them feel! Amanda teaches people how to operate atthat feeling level!To read more about Amanda and subscribe to her newsletter visitwww.amandagore.comTo book Amanda as a keynote for your next event emailadmin@amandagore.comTo see Amanda in action go to her YouTube Channel –Amanda Gore TV