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  • 1. Do they Listen… when you talk? An effective presentation skills course
  • 2.
    • We will work with you to ensure that you …
    • Understand what does and what does not make a good presentation;
    • Identify the key techniques used by the most effective speakers; and
    • Are able to hone and polish your own presentations to great effect.
    Page Being a good communicator is one of the most critical business skills …
  • 3.
    • It’s as simple as telling a story …
    • Establishing the purpose and context;
    • Identification of the core message;
    • Understanding the relationship between the audience and that message.
    Page Is the message worth listening to …
  • 4.
    • Going with the flow …
    • Developing a strong opening;
    • Use of metaphor and analogy;
    • Building and then summarising the message.
    Page Tell them what they are going to hear, tell them…and then tell them what you have told them …
  • 5.
    • Give a bit of yourself;
    • Using voice modulation, pace and intensity;
    • Break out into three dimensional space.
    Page How do I connect with the audience … Turning self awareness to your advantage …
  • 6.
    • We use video to find out if…
    • Your message is convincing;
    • Visual aides are supporting the message;
    • You are finding confidence and poise.
    Page What does your body language say…
  • 7.
    • We recognise you are busy …
    • We fit in with you;
    • We minimise the time you have to spend out of the office;
    • Our tutors are experienced practitioners.
    Page Why us …
  • 8.
    • Effective public speaking is a key business skill …
    • Pitching for new business or educating the masses, we work with you to make the right impression;
    • Together we explore your message, structure and delivery;
    • Whether your audience is 3 or 300, our approach is the same but tailored to your individual need.
    Page So here’s what we’ve said
  • 9.
    • Contact us …
    • Steve Hyde or Andy Mintern
    • 0207 440 1497
    • [email_address]
    Page How do I find out more … Personal Brandspirit is a member of the 1801 Group Ltd