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Amanda Clay Powers CV -- March 2014
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Amanda Clay Powers CV -- March 2014


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Published in: Career, Education

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  • 1. AMAN   MSU Libr Mississipp MS State, apowers@ 662-325-7 EDUCA Simmons Masters o Wellesley Bachelor PROFES Mississip Mitchell Interim C Social M Associate Assistant Interim  R 2  M an st  L al C Emergi  A st  C  C NDA CLA raries pi State Univ , MS 39762-5 @library.mssta 7677 ATION s College Gr of Library a y College, W r of Arts in E SSIONAL E ppi State Un Memorial L Coordinator Media Resear e Professor ( t Professor ( m Coordinato Report to the 012 – June 2 Manage a dep nd Current J taffs three pu Lead the Refe llocating ma Collection De ing Technolo Assist faculty tudy of, imp o Embe o Suppo literac Chair the MS o Lead of ten o Invest Chair the MS o Engag o Led th AY POW ersity 5408 raduate Scho nd Informat Wellesley, M English Liter EXPERIEN iversity Libr Library, MS of Research rch Librarian (2012 – pres (2005 – 2012 or of Researc Associate D 2013 then In partment tha Journals coll ublic service erence Depa aterials for st evelopment ogies / Socia y and departm lementation dded in CO orting the Gr cy on campu SU Libraries social media MSU Libra tigate and in SU Libraries ged nationall he planning a WERS ool of Librar tion Science, MA rature, 1996 NCE raries State, Missis h Services n sent) 2) ch Services Dean of Publ nterim Coord at includes th ections, eigh e desks and i artment in a R torage, circu Policy as pa al Media (20 ments across of and resea 3083 as the raduate Scho us (2013 – pr Social Medi a strategic pl aries colleagu ncubate appli Emerging T ly known ke and executio libra twitt face linke ry & Informa 2005 ssippi (August 201 lic Services a dinator from he Reference ht library fac includes 17 s Reference C ulation, or de art of the pro 006 – presen s campus wi arch into soc Twitter Libr ool implemen resent) ia Managem lanning, pub ues. ications for s Technologies eynote speak on of the con ary.msstate.e ation Scienc 2 – present) as Interim C July 2013 - e, Governme culty, and thr student work Collection M e-selection, r ocess t) th research a cial media to rarian (Sprin ntation of a ment Commit blicity, and d social media s Summit (20 kers nference edu/amandac andaclay amandaclayp /amandaclay ce, Boston, M ) Co-Coordinat present ent Documen ree staff. Th kers. anagement R rewriting the and support ools. ng 2012 – pr grant to imp ttee (2012 – daily workflo a tools within 007 – 2012) claypowers powers y MA tor from Aug nts, microfor he departmen Review, e Reference related to th resent) prove financ present) ow with a tea n the library ) gust rm nt he ial am y
  • 2. AMAND    C  P General R      Virtual  S d  M em  C  P  L su MIT LIB Dewey L Library a  Pro  Par  Pro  Dev  Act gui Lib CHRON A Global Manager  Com  Cre  Hir DA CLAY P o Comb Chair the MS o Desig o Devel o Invest library rovide work Reference a Provide gen Develop an Served as li Extension S Collect and Served as th January 200 l Reference P upervised 13 esks Managed the mail and soc Created traini rovided asse Led the MSU ummer 2008 BRARIES Library for M and Referenc ovided refere rticipated as ocessed and m veloped and ted as a mem delines, cust braries transi OS ASSET l Equity Hed r (1999 – 20 mpiled a libr eated and gav red and supe POWERS bined with th SU Libraries’ gned and imp loped and m tigated and i y kshops for th nd Departm neral and in- nd teach gene iaison to the Service (MSU d provide sup he acting Bu 09 and Interi Project Man 3 chat opera operations o cial networki ing program essment from U Libraries’ t 8, and then fr Management ce Assistant, ence services a cross-train maintained s implemente mber of the S tomer servic ition to a new MANAGEM dge Fund Ma 01) rary of mark ve marketing rvised admin he Mid-South ’ Library 2.0 plemented an aintained the incubated ap he MSU com ental Liaiso depth refere eral and cour College of A U-ES) from pport for the usiness and S im Business ager (2007 – ators in provi of the virtual ing referenc ms for virtual m virtual refe transition fro rom Docutek and Social S Public Serv s for manage ned member serials and g ed instruction Service Desk ce guidelines w integrated MENT, INC anager, Cam ket research a g and sales p nistrative an   h eResource 0 Committee n in-house E e MSU Libr pplications fo mmunity on th n (2005 – pr ence services rse-specific Agriculture m 2006 – 201 Plant and S Social Scienc Librarian O – 2012) iding 56 hou l reference s e services reference st erence servic om consortia k Altarama t Sciences, Ca vices (2002 – ement, econo of the proce government d n programs f k Task Force s and a traini reference m . mbridge, MA and general presentations nd IT profess e Symposium e (2007 – 20 Emerging Te raries’ social or emerging he effective resent) s in person a research ins and Life Sci 13. oil Science a ces Referenc October 2011 urs of chat re services, incl taff based on ces data al chat refere to OCLC Qu ambridge, M – 2005) omics, and p essing team documents c for MIT’s lib e creating co ing and docu model for the A resource ma s for clients sionals m in 2012 12) chnologies T l media prese technologie use of emer and online struction wor iences (CAL and Poultry ce Librarian 1 – July 2012 eference from luding chat, n chat transa ence to local uestionPoint Massachusetts political scie collections brary staff ore competen umentation p e entire Publi aterial C.V. / Pag Training Ser ence es within the rging tools rkshops LS) and the M Science Dep January 200 2 m the public mobile IM, actions l-only chat in t in summer s ence ncies, referra plan for the M ic Services s ge 2 ries MSU pts. 08 – n 2012 als MIT staff
  • 3. AMAND   BANTAM A Divisio Assistant  Acqu  Wrot PUBLIC Powers, A Dave Tyc Powers, A (Septemb in-a-cultu Nolen, D Beyond A Libraries Powers, A Referenc http://rev discovery Powers, A Web Site 10.1080/ Powers, A Consortiu Libraries 10.1080/ Powers, A Normativ DOI: 10. Powers, A Libraries Brazzeal Agronom DOI:10.1 Powers, A iss. 3 (20 DA CLAY P M BOOKS on of Rando t Editor (199 uired and edi te and edited CATIONS Amanda Cla ckoson and J Amanda Cla ber 5, 2012): ure-of-chang David, Aman Assumptions s and the Aca Amanda Cla ce Suppleme views.library y-interface-e Amanda Cla e Design." Jo 19322909.2 Amanda Cla um to the Re s.” Internet R 10875301.2 Amanda Cla ve Library E 1080/01930 Amanda Cla s Find Friend , Bradley an my Case Stud 1016/j.serrev Amanda Cla 007): 74-75. POWERS om House Inc 96 –1998) ited book-len d cover copy ay. “The Futu John Dove). ay. “Learning : http://lj.libr ge/. nda Clay Pow s: The Use o ademy 12, is ay. “EBSCO nt. (Novemb experiences/ ay, Julie She ournal of We 011.573279 ay, David No eference Des Reference Se 010.500939 ay. “Social N Ethic.” Journ 8208021865 ay, June Schm ds on Facebo nd Amanda C dy.” Serials R v.2007.06.00 ay and Debo corporated, N ngth comme for mystery ure of Refer Purdue Uni g to Thrive i raryjournal.c wers, Li Zhan of Virtual Re ss. 1 (2012): O's EDS: Rel ber 15, 2011 m/2011/12/re edd and Clay eb Librarian olen, Li Zhan sk: Keeping ervices Quar Networking a nal of Library 522 midt and Cla ook.” Mississ Clay Powers Review 33, i 04 rah Lee. “Li   New York, N ercial fiction y fiction rence Assess iversity Pres in a Culture com/2012/09 ng, Yu Xu, R eference Dat 23 - 40. DO lying on Patr ): 14 - 15. ference/disc y Hill. "The R nship 5, iss. 2 ng, Yu Xu a Chat and Im rterly 15, iss as Ethical Di ry Administra ay Hill. “Wh sippi Librar . “Electronic iss. 3 (2007) ibrary 2.0 in NY sment.” Re-I ss 2014 (forth of Change.” 9/future-of-l Rachel Cann ta in an Acad OI: 10.1353/p ron Data To covering-wha Role of Virtu 2 (2011): 96 and Gail Pey mproving Re . 3 (2010): 1 iscourse: Bl ation 47, iss hy Can’t We ries 72, iss. 1 c Access to A ): 155-160. Mississippi Imagining Re thcoming) ” Library Jou libraries/lear nady and Jud demic Librar pla.2012.000 o Show the W at-works-lib ual Referenc 6 - 113. DOI yton. “Movin eference at th 169 - 188. DO ogging a Pra . 3-4 (2008) e Be Friends 1 (2008): 3-5 Agricultural i.” Mississipp C.V. / Pag eference. (ed urnal online rning-to-thriv dy Li. “Mov ry.” portal: 06 Way.” Librar brarians-com ce in Library : ng from the he MSU OI: actical and : 191 – 209. s? The MSU 5. l Journals: A pi Libraries ge 3 ditors e ed. ve- ving ry Journal. mpare- y An , 71,
  • 4. AMAND   PRESEN The Refe Academi Charlotte Social M Mississip Are Virtu Us. RUS Annual C Social M Annual M Doing As Your Lib Professio Program. Mining V Research 2011. Creating, Regional Web 2.0 Worksho Rejecting State Uni Cannady June 26, Libraries sponsore 2010. Analyzin Porter at Social Ne DA CLAY P NTATIONS erence Quest ic Library. P esville, VA. Media for Lib ppi Libraries ual Referenc A RSS/MAR Conference. Media and K- MegaResour ssessment w brary. Missis onal Network . Mississipp Virtual Refer h Forum, Am , Growing an l Public Rela for the K-12 op, MS State g Anonymity iversity. Pos y presented a 2010. s Creating Co d by Nation ng, Evaluatin Computers etworking T POWERS S tion has Left Poster session October 29, braries. Pre-C s Annual Con ce Services W RS Virtual R Anaheim, C 12 Students rce School L with What Yo ssippi Librar king Online: pi University rence Data f merican Libra nd Managing ations Assoc 2 Classroom e, MS. Febru y and Embra ster session w at the Americ ontext with P al Public Ra ng, & Comm in Libraries, Tools for the t the Room: n presented a 2012. Conference p nference. N Worth the Ef Reference Co CA. June 23, : What Does ibrarian Wo ou've Got: U ry Associatio : Leveraging y for Women for an Iterativ ary Associat g Identity in ciation Meeti m. Presented a uary 11, 2011 acing Comm with David N can Libraries Public Medi adio and Mis municating th , Washington 21st Centur   The Democr at the 2012 A presented wi Natchez, MS. ffort? What R ommittee pa , 2012. s It Mean Fo rkshop, MS Using Virtual on Annual M g Social Med n. Columbus ve Assessme tion Annual n Social Netw ing. Starkvil at the 11th A 1. munity: Virtu Nolen (lead) s Associatio ia Partners. P ssissippi Pub he Value of W n, DC. April y Learner. P ratization of ARL Library ith Roberto G . October 23 ROI Analys anel. Americ or Their Futu State, MS. F l Reference Meeting. Jac dia in Your C s, MS. Octob ent Cycle. 17 Conference works. Prese lle, MS. Febr Annual Mega ual Reference , Li Zhang, Y n Annual Co Presented at blic Broadca Web Presenc l 12, 2010. Presented at t f Reference D y Assessmen Gallardo at t 3, 2012. is and User can Librarie ure? Presente February 17 (VR) Transc ckson, MS. O Career. Hear ber 17, 2011 7th Annual R . New Orlea ented at the G ruary 16, 20 aResource S e Services at Yu Xu, Judy onference, W PubCampM asting, Jackso ce. Presented the 10th Ann C.V. / Pag Delivery in t nt Conferenc the 2012 Evaluations s Associatio ed at the 12t , 2012. cripts to Eva October 21, 2 rin Leadersh . Reference ans, LA. June Golden Trian 011. School Libra t Mississippi y Li and Rac Washington, MS 2010, on, MS. June d with Mich nual ge 4 the ce. Tell on th aluate 2011. hip e 26, ngle arian i chel DC. e 5, hael
  • 5. AMAND   MegaRes Bringing WebJunc /articles/c From the the MSU presented Social Ne Michael New Med Mississip Emerging Mississip Septemb 2.0 for Pu Hernando Facebook MS State Where D MS Libra 2.0 for th Worksho Institutio Presented 2.0 Summ Introduct Worksho INSTRU  Off Ser DA CLAY P source Schoo g Web 2.0 int ction (archiv content/6770 e Consortium U Libraries. P d at the Ame etwork Profi Porter at Co dia in Educa ppi Public Br g Technolog ppi State Un er 15, 2008. ublic Librari o, MS. Augu king the MS e, MS. June 2 Do You Go F ary 2.0 Summ he K-12 Libr op, MS State onalizing Lib d with Pattye mit, MS Stat tion to MySp op, MS State UCTION fered univers rvices Depar POWERS ol Librarian to Academic ved at http://w 01125). June m to the Publ Poster sessio erican Librar file Managem omputers in L ation and PR roadcasting, gies for Rese iversity Plan ies. Presente ust 7, 2008. U Libraries. 20, 2008. From Here? M mit. MS Sta rary. Present e, MS. Febru brary 2.0: A e Archer, Ste te, MS. June pace. Presen e, MS. Febru sity-wide lib rtment Workshop, c Libraries. P www.webjun e 30, 2009. lic Services D on with Li Zh ries Associat ment. Presen Libraries, W R/Marketing. , Jackson, M earch: Tools nt & Soil Sci ed at the Firs . Presented w Managing Y ate, MS. June ted at the nin uary 22, 2008 Case Study ephen Cunet e 15, 2007. nted at the eig uary 23, 2007 brary researc   MS State, M Presented vir Desk: Keepi hang, David tion Annual nted with Sar Washington, D Panel at the MS. Novembe from the MS iences Depar st Regional L with Pattye A Your Identity e 20, 2008. nth annual M 8. in the Missi tto, Deborah ghth annual 7. ch instruction MS. February rtually with vents/webin ing CHAT a Nolen, Gail Conference rah Houghto DC. March 3 e New Media er 10, 2008. SU Libraries rtment Semi Library Syst Archer at the y in Social N MegaResourc ssippi State h Lee and Ha MegaResou n in conjunc y 19, 2010. Ellen Hamp nars/webinar and Improvin l Peyton and , Chicago, IL on-Jan, Greg 31, 2009. a Conferenc s. Presented inar Series. M tem Staff Tra e MS Library Networks. Pre ce School Li University L arry Llull at urce School L tion with the C.V. / Pag pton Filgo at -archives/- ng Reference d Yu Xu L. July 19, 2 Schwartz an ce presented at the MS State, M aining Day. y 2.0 Summ esented at th ibrarian Libraries. the MS Libr Librarian e Instruction ge 5 t e at 2009. nd by MS. mit. he rary nal
  • 6. AMAND    Des stud Bus  Cre com  Ada Alt serv GRANT  Prim Sta  Co- Agr Mis AWARD  201 libr  200 Des  200 Dew ACADE National  Adv and  Cha Ref Ref  Sec  Me  Me Tec  Me  Me  Me  RS  Me (AS DA CLAY P signed and o dents and fac siness, Educ eated and pre mmunity and apted virtual arama produ vice related TS mary Investi tion.” Award -Primary Inv riculture." A ssissippi Sta DS 10 Mississipp rarian 05 MIT Libra sk Task Forc 04 MIT Libra wey and Hum MIC SERV visory Board d Land-Gran air, Virtual R ference User ference Sect cretary, Virtu ember, Virtua ember, Virtua chnologies/R ember, RUSA ember, MAR ember, RUSA S Liaison to ember, Virtua SERL) (2006 POWERS offered onlin culty in the C cation, Engin esented socia d the MSU L l reference s uct, the OCL to virtual ref igator: “Digi ded $3,125 b vestigator: “D Awarded $20 ate University pi Library A aries Infinite ce for work t aries Infinite manities Lib VICE d Member, V nt Universitie Reference D rs Services A ion ) (2010- ual Referenc al Reference al Reference Reference Se A President’ RS Mid-Wint A Technolog the Access al Reference 6-2008) ne profession Colleges of A neering, and al media and Libraries facu tandards and LC Questionp ference serv itization of A by the Cente Digitizing H 000 by the O y. Cross-Co Association P e Mile Awar to transition e Mile Awar braries Proce Virtual Arch es (APLU) (2 iscussion Gr Association ( 2011) ce Discussion e Discussion e Committee ervices Secti s Program / ter Survey T gy Task Forc to Informati e Committee   nal identity m Agriculture Forestry d emerging t ulty and staf d trained libr point produc ices Archival Mis er for Resear Historically S ffice of Rese ollege Resea Past Presiden rd for Innova the Librarie rd for Comm essing Team hives for Lan 2013-presen roup, Ameri (RUSA), MA n Group, AL n Group, ALA e, ALA, RUS on) (2009-2 MARS Prog Task Force (2 ce, ALA, RU ion Committ e, Associatio management & Life Scie technologies ff rary chat ope ct, databases ssissippi Sta rch Libraries Significant M earch and Ec arch Grant. 2 nt's Award f ation and Cr es to an Integ unication an m nd-Grant His nt) ican Library ARS (Emerg LA, RUSA, M A, RUSA, M SA, MARS/R 013) gram Plannin 2011) USA (2008) tee, ALA, RU on of Southea t workshops nces, Arts & s workshops erators on th s, referrals an ate Universit s (CRL) Sep Materials in S conomic De 2012-2013. for outstandi reativity with grated Servic nd Collabora story, Associ Association ging Techno MARS (200 MARS (2011 RSS (Emerg ng Committ RUSA (2007 astern Resea C.V. / Pag for graduate & Sciences, for the MSU he Docutek nd customer ty Experimen ptember 2013 Science and velopment, ing early car h the Service ce Point ation with th iation of Pub n (ALA), ologies in 09-2010) 1-2013) ging tee (2011-20 – 2009) arch Librarie ge 6 e U r nt 3. reer e he blic 012) es
  • 7. AMAND   State  Pre  Vic Ass  Tre 200 Mississip  Cor Sou  Me  Me  Me Mississip Standin  C  C  C  C  C  M (2  M  M  M  M COMMU  B  C ot  S pr  C C  A N  A A DA CLAY P esident /Exec ce-President sociation (20 easurer / Exe 09) ppi State Un re Faculty, C uth / CHASE ember, Unde ember, Unive ember, Cente ppi State Un ng Committe Chair, MSU L Co-Chair, MS Chair, MSU L Chair, MS Li Chair, Library Member, Con 2013 – prese Member, Mea Member, Libr Member, Elec Member, Libr UNITY SER Board of Dire Chair, Starkv ther writers tage Manage roduction of Costumes, Pr Catfish Moon o Amer Achie Assistant Dire Not Now Dar Assistant Dire Aspirin and E POWERS cutive Board / President-E 013) ecutive Boar iversity Center for th ES (2011 – p rgraduate Re ersity Facult er for Teachi iversity Libr ees Libraries So SU Libraries Libraries Em brary 2.0 Su y 2.0 Comm nsortium for ent) asurement an rary Coordin ctronic Reso rary Techno RVICE ectors, Stark ville Commu to have their er, Costume f Cabin 12, b rops, Stageha n by Laddy S ican Associa evement Awa ector and Sta rling by Ray ector and Sta Elephants by d Member (e Elect / Exec d Member (e e History of present) esearch and ty Grievance ing and Lear raries cial Media M s eResource merging Tech ummit (2007 mittee (2006 – the History nd Assessme nators Group ources Evalu ology Comm kville Comm unity Theatre r work read s, Props for by John Bish and, Starkvil Sartin (2009) ation of Com ard” and “Be age Manage Cooney at t age Manage y Alan Ayckb   lected), Mis utive Board elected), Mi f Agriculture Creative Di e Committee rning, Facult Management and Emergin hnologies Su 7 – 2008) – 2012) of Agricultu ent Committ p (2010 – pr uation Comm mittee (2007 – munity Theatr e Fourth Frid and discusse Starkville C hop (2012) lle Commun ) mmunity The est Ensembl er, Starkville the Starkville er, Starkville bourne (200 ssissippi Libr Member (el ssissippi Lib e, Science an scovery Com e (2013 – 20 ty Advisory t Committee ng Technolo ummit (2010 ural and Rur tee (2010 – p resent) mittee (2006- – present) re (2012 – 20 days forum f ed on the Ma Community T nity Theatre’ eatre Festiva le” Community e Communit Community 07).  rary Associa lected), Miss brary Associ nd the Enviro mmittee (201 15) Committee e (2012 – pre ogies Summi 0-2011) ral Mississip present) - 2013) 015) for local pla ain Stage (20 Theatre’s com ’s competitio al’s “Outstan y Theatre’s p ty Theatre (2 y Theatre’s p C.V. / Pag ation (2014) sissippi Libr iation (2007 onment of th 13 – present (2006 – 201 esent) it (2012) ppi (CHARM aywrights and 007 - presen mpetition on productio nding Backst production o 2006). production o ge 7 rary – he t) 11) M) d nt) on of tage of of