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Powers Vita

  1. 1. AMAND CLAY POWERS DA P C.V. / Pag 1 ge ContactMSU Libr raries amaandaclaypowwers@gmail.comMississipp State University pi twitt State, MS 39762-5 , 5408 face powersapowers@@library.mssta linke y662-325-77677EDUCA ATIONSimmons College Gr s raduate Scho of Librar & Informa ool ry ation Scienc Boston, M ce, MAMasters of Library and Informat o tion Science, 2005Wellesley College, Wellesley, MA y W MBachelor of Arts in English Liter r E rature, 1996PROFES SSIONAL EXPERIEN E NCEMississip State University Libr ppi rariesMitchell Memorial Library, MS State, Missis L ssippiVirtual Reference Pr R roject Manag Agricult ger, ture and Life Sciences Librarian, feAssistant Professor (2010 – present) t (Mississip State University Libr ppi rariesMitchell Memorial Library, MS State, Missis L ssippiReferenc Services Librarian, As ce L ssistant Prof fessor (2005 – 2010) Virtual Reference l  Supervise thir rteen chat opperators in providing 56 hours of cha reference from the pu p at ublic se ervice desks  Manage the operations of the virtual reference ser M o f r rvices, inclu uding chat, email and soccial networking reeference serv vices  Create trainin programs for virtual reference sta based on r C ng r aff review of all chat tr ransactions  Provide a monthly assessment of virtu reference services ual e  Coordinate te C echnical supp with the Web Servic team port e ces  Collaborate with the Instr C w ructional Me Center t design ma edia to arketing and publicity fo or re eference serv vices  Led the Libra L aries’ transiti from con ion nsortial chat reference to local chat i summer 2 o in 2008, in ncluding trai ining and sup pervision an assessmen nd nt Genera Reference and Liaison al n  Provide gen neral and in-depth refere ence services and through chat, consu s h ultations, em mail, instant messaging, Face ebook, Twitt and at ge ter, eneral refereence and info ormation dessks  Develop an teach gene nd eral and cour rse-specific workshops o bibliograp instruct on phic tion  Serve as liaaison to the College of Agriculture an Life Scie C A nd ences as well as the MSU l U Extension and Experim Stations with respon a ment nsibilities for related refe r erence and electronic collections. c  
  2. 2. AMAND CLAY POWERS DA P C.V. / Pag 2 ge   Collect matterial and pro ovide suppor for the Pla and Soil Science and Poultry Sci rt ant d ience departments.  Served as th acting Bu he usiness and Social Scienc Referenc Librarian January 200 – S ces ce 08 January 20009 Emergi Technolo ing ogies-relatedd  Chair the MS Libraries Emerging Technologies Summit (20 C SU T s 007 – presennt) o Engag nationally known key ge y ynote speake rs o Lead the planning and executi of the co t g ion onference  Chair the MS Libraries’ Library 2.0 Committee (2007 – pre C SU ’ 0 e esent) o Desig and implem gn ment an Em merging Tech hnologies Traaining Series to provide library faculty and staff with new tools an resources y d n nd o Devel and main lop ntain the MS Libraries’ presence o Facebook, Flickr and SU on Twitteer o Investtigate and in ncubate appliications for e emerging tecchnologies w within the lib brary  Manage the MSU Librari M M ies’ Faceboo presence, building a c ok community o nearly 100 of 00  Contribute to the MSU Libraries’ Tw C witter stream (@msu_libr raries)MIT LIBBRARIESDewey Library for Management and Social Sciences, Ca L M S ambridge, M Massachusetts sLibrary and Referenc Assistant, Public Serv a ce vices (2002 – 2005)  Proovided refere ence services for manage s ement, econoomics, and p political scie ence  Par rticipated as a cross-train member of a process ned sing team wi primary r ith responsibilit ties for serials and government documents g  Dev veloped and implemente instruction programs f MIT’s lib ed n for brary staff  Act as a mem ted mber of the Service Desk Task Force creating co competen S k e ore ncies, referra als guidelines, cust tomer servic guidelines and a traini and docu ce s ing umentation p for the M plan MIT Lib braries transiition to a new integrated reference m w model for the entire Publi Services s e ic staffCHRONOS ASSET MANAGEM MENT, INC.A Global Equity Hed Fund Ma l dge anager, Cam mbridge, MA AManager (1999 – 2001) r  Com mpiled a libr rary of mark research and general resource ma ket a aterial  Cre eated market ting and sale presentatio for clien es ons nts  Hir and supervised admin red nistrative an IT profess nd sionalsBANTAM BOOKS MA Divisio of Rando House Inc on om corporated, New York, N N NYAssistant Editor (199 –1998) t 96  Acqu uired and edi book-len ited ngth comme ercial fiction  Wrot and edited cover copy for mystery fiction te d yPUBLIC CATIONSNolen, David, Aman Clay Pow D nda wers, Li Zhan Yu Xu, R ng, Rachel Cann nady and Jud Li. “Mov dy ving  
  3. 3. AMAND CLAY POWERS DA P C.V. / Pag 3 ge Beyond Assumptions The Use of Virtual Re A s: o eference Dat in an Acad ta demic Librar portal: ry.”Libraries and the Aca s ademy. Acce epted, Forthc coming. (peeer-reviewed) )Powers, Amanda Cla Julie She and Clay Hill. "The R A ay, edd y Role of Virtu Referenc in Library ual ce yWeb Site Design." Jo e ournal of We Librarianship 5, iss. 2 (2011). DO eb OI:10.1080/19322909.2011.573279 peer-reviewwedPowers, Amanda Cla David No A ay, olen, Li Zhan Yu Xu a Gail Pey ng, and yton. “Movin from the ngConsortiu to the Re um eference Des Keeping Chat and Im sk: mproving Re eference at th MSU heLibraries Internet Reference Se s.” R ervices Quar rterly 15, iss. 3 (2010): 169 - 188. DO . OI:10.1080/10875301.2010.500939 (peer-review wed)Powers, Amanda Cla “Social Networking as Ethical Di A ay. N a iscourse: Blogging a Pra actical andNormativ Library Ethic.” Journal of Library Administra ve E y ation 47, iss. 3-4 (2008): 191 – 209. . :DOI: 10.1080/019308208021865 (invited) 522 )Powers, Amanda Cla June Schm and Cla Hill. “Wh Can’t We Be Friends The MSU A ay, midt ay hy e s?Libraries Find Friend on Facebo s ds ook.” Missis ssippi Librar 72, iss. 1 (2008): 3-5 ries 5.Brazzeal, Bradley an Amanda Clay Powers. “Electronic Access to A nd C c Agriculture Journals: An nAgronom Case Stud Serials Review 33, iss. 3 (2007) 155-160. my dy.” R ):DOI:10.1 1016/j.serrev v.2007.06.00 (peer-revi 04 iewed)Powers, Amanda Cla and Deborah Lee. “Li A ay ibrary 2.0 in Mississippi Mississippi Libraries, 71, i.” ,iss. 3 (20 007): 74-75.PRESEN NTATIONS SMining Virtual Refer V rence Data for an Iterativ Assessme Cycle. 17 Annual R f ve ent 7th ReferenceResearch Forum, Am h merican Libra Associat ary tion Annual Conference. New Orlea LA. June 26, ans, e2011. Jur ried.Creating, Growing an Managing Identity in Social Netw , nd g n works. Prese ented at the G Golden Trian ngleRegional Public Rela l ations Assoc ciation Meeti Starkvil MS. Febr ing. lle, ruary 16, 20 011.Web 2.0 for the K-12 Classroom Presented at the 11th A 2 m. a Annual Mega aResource S School Libra arianWorksho MS State MS. Febru op, e, uary 11, 2011 1.Rejecting Anonymity and Embra g y acing Commmunity: Virtu Reference Services at Mississippi ual e t iState Uniiversity. Pos session with David Nolen (lead) , Li Zhang, Y Xu, Judy Li and Rac ster w N Yu y chelCannady presented at the Americ Libraries Associatio n Annual Co y a can s onference, W Washington, DC.June 26, 2010. Juried d.Libraries Creating Co s ontext with Public Medi Partners. P P ia Presented at PubCampM 2010, MSsponsored by National Public Raadio and Mis ssissippi Pub Broadca blic asting, Jackso MS. June 5, on, e2010. Unnconference.  
  4. 4. AMAND CLAY POWERS DA P C.V. / Pag 4 ge Analyzin Evaluatin & Comm ng, ng, municating th Value of W Presenc Presented with Mich he Web ce. d haelPorter at Computers in Libraries, Washington DC. April 12, 2010. J , n, l Juried.Social Ne etworking Tools for the 21st Century Learner. P T Presented at t 10th Ann the nualMegaRes source Schoo Librarian Workshop, MS State, M February 19, 2010. ol MS. yBringing Web 2.0 int Academic Libraries. Presented vir g to c P rtually with Ellen Hamp pton Filgo attWebJunc ction (archiv at http://w ved www.webjun vents/webinnars/webinar-archives/-/articles/c content/677001125). June 30, 2009. Invited. e IFrom the Consortium to the Publ Services Desk: Keepi CHAT a Improvin Reference at e m lic D ing and ng ethe MSU Libraries. Poster sessio with Li Zh U P on hang, David Nolen, Gail Peyton and Yu Xu l dpresented at the Ame d erican Librar Associat ries tion Annual Conference, Chicago, IL July 19, 2 L. 2009.Juried.Social Ne etwork Profi Managem file ment. Presen with Sar Houghto nted rah on-Jan, Greg Schwartz an ndMichael Porter at Co omputers in Libraries, Washington, D March 3 2009. Jur L W DC. 31, ried.New Med in Educa dia ation and PR R/Marketing. Panel at the New Media Conferenc presented by e a ceMississip Public Br ppi roadcasting, Jackson, MS. Novembe 10, 2008. Invited. , M erEmerging Technolog for Rese g gies earch: Tools from the MS Libraries Presented at the SU s.Mississip State University Plan & Soil Sci ppi nt iences Depar rtment Semi inar Series. M State, M MS MS.September 15, 2008.2.0 for Pu ublic Librari Presente at the Firs Regional L ies. ed st Library Syst Staff Tra tem aining Day.Hernando MS. Augu 7, 2008. Invited. o, ust IFacebook king the MSU Libraries. Presented with Pattye A . w Archer at the MS Library 2.0 Summ e y mit.MS State MS. June 20, 2008. e, 2Where Do You Go From Here? Managing Your Identity in Social N D F M Y y Networks. Pre esented at th heMS Libra 2.0 Summ MS Sta MS. June 20, 2008. ary mit. ate, e2.0 for th K-12 Libr he rary. Present at the nin annual M ted nth MegaResourc School Li ce ibrarianWorksho MS State MS. Febru op, e, uary 22, 2008 8.Institutio onalizing Lib brary 2.0: A Case Study in the Mississippi State University L Libraries.Presented with Pattye Archer, Ste d e ephen Cunet Deborah Lee and Ha Llull at the MS Libr tto, h arry rary2.0 Summ MS Stat MS. June 15, 2007. mit, te, eIntroduct tion to MySppace. Presen at the eig nted ghth annual MegaResou School L urce LibrarianWorksho MS State MS. Febru op, e, uary 23, 2007 7.  
  5. 5. AMAND CLAY POWERS DA P C.V. / Pag 5 ge TEACH HINGUniversit Workshop ty ps  APA and MLA Style workshops A  Bib bliographic Instruction fo English an Commun I or nd nications Deppartment stu udents  Out treach worksshops for MSU Extensio and Exper on riment Statio ons  Sub bject-specific workshops for graduat students a faculty in the College of Agricu c s te and n es ulture & Life Sciences, Arts & Sc L ciences, Educcation, Engi ineering, and Forestry d  Fac cebook, Soci Networki and Eme ial ing erging Techn nologies wor rkshops for t MSU the com mmunityInternal Library Train L ning  Vir rtual referenc training on software, service stand ce o dards, referr and cust rals tomer service e  Soc media te cial echnologies such as Face s ebook, Twitt Dropbox and RSS a ter, x, aggregators  Ma anaging ident online, including pri tity i ivacy-related workshops on social n d s networkingAWARD DS  201 Mississipp Library Association Past Presiden Award f outstandi early car 10 pi A P nts for ing reer libr rarian  200 MIT Libra 05 aries Infinite Mile Awar for Innova e rd ation and Cr reativity with the Service h e Des Task Forc for work to transition the Librarie to an Integ sk ce t es grated Servic Point ce  200 MIT Libra 04 aries Infinite Mile Awar for Comm unication an Collabora e rd nd ation with th he Dew and Hum wey manities Lib braries Proce essing Team m  Nattional Endow wment for th Humanitie Younger S he es Scholars Gra for the p ant paper “Scient tific and Literary Re d easoning: Co ontextualizin Connectio ng ons” (1995)ACADEMIC SERV VICENational  Cha Virtual Reference Discussion Gr air, R roup, Ameri ican Library Association (ALA), n Refference User Services Association (RUSA), MA rs A ( ARS (Emerg ging Technoologies in Refference Section ) (2010-2011)  Sec cretary, Virtu Referenc Discussion Group, AL RUSA, M ual ce n LA, MARS (200 09-2010)  Me ember, Virtua Reference Committee ALA, RUS MARS/R (Emerg al e e, SA, RSS ging Tec chnologies/RReference Seervices Section) (2010-2 014)  Me ember, MAR Conferenc Planning Committee (2011-2012) RS ce )  Me ember, MAR Mid-Wint Survey Task Force (2 RS ter T 2011)  Me ember, RUSA Technolog Task Forc ALA, RU A gy ce, USA (2008)  RSS Liaison to the Access to Informati Committ ion tee, ALA, RU RUSA (2007 – 2009)  Me ember, Virtua Reference Committee Associatio of Southea al e e, on astern Resea arch Librarie es (AS SERL) (2006 6-2008)State  Tre easurer/Exec cutive Board Member (el lected), MS Library Ass sociation (20 – 2009) 007  
  6. 6. AMAND CLAY POWERS DA P C.V. / Pag 6 ge Mississip State University ppi  Me ember, Cente for Teachi and Lear er ing rning, Facult Advisory Committee (2006- 2011 ty 1)Mississip State University Libr ppi raries Standin Committe ng ees  Chair, MSU Libraries Em C L merging Tech hnologies Su ummit (2010 0-present)  Chair, MS Library 2.0 Su C ummit (2007 – 2008) 7  Chair, Library 2.0 Comm C y mittee (2006 – present)  Member, Mea M asurement an Evaluatio Committe (2010 – p nd on ee present)  Member, Libr M rary Coordinnators Group (2010 – pr p resent)  Member, Elec M ctronic Reso ources Evaluuation Comm mittee (2006- present) -  Member, Libr M rary Technoology Comm mittee (2007 – present) Search Committees s  Head of Public Service (2 H 2011-current t)  Web Services Specialist (2011) W s (  Assistant Professor, Busin A ness Referen Librarian (2008) nce n  Digital Projec Coordina D cts ator (2006)  Assistant Professor, Libra Instructio (2006) A ary on  Library Assoc L ciate, Access Services (2 2006)  In nstructional Technology Specialist (2 y 2005)COMMU UNITY SER RVICE  Chair, Starkv C ville Commu unity Theatre Fourth Frid e days forum f local pla for aywrights andd ot ther writers to have their work read and discusse on the Ma Stage (20 - presen r ed ain 007 nt)  Costumes, Pr C rops, Stageha Starkvil Commun Theatre’ competitio productio of and, lle nity ’s on on Catfish Moon by Lonny , (2009) C n o Missis ssippi Theat Association Festival, “Best Produ tre uction” o South heastern Thea Confere atre ence, “Best P Production” o American Associa ation of Com mmunity The eatre Festiva “Outstan al’s nding Backst tage Achie evement Awa ard” and “Be Ensembl est le”  Assistant Dire A ector and Sta Manage Starkville Community Theatre’s p age er, y production o of Not Now Dar N rling by Ray Cooney at the Starkville Communit Theatre (2 t e ty 2006).  Assistant Dire A ector and Sta Manage Starkville Community Theatre’s p age er, y production o of Aspirin and Elephants by Alan Ayckb A E y bourne (200   07).