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Field Service East (September 24-26, 2012 at the Grand Hyatt Atlanta Buckhead, GA) is the leading service and support event. Attracting senior-level service and support professionals from 15 different manufacturing industries including Aerospace, Medical Device Manufacturing, Hi-Tech Electronic, Semi-Conductor and Capital Equipment, Construction, Automotive, Telecommunications Equipment, Energy, Industrial and Agricultural Equipment and more!

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Field Service East 2012 Event Agenda

  1. 1. Special Early Bird Discounts Available For Manufacturers! Please see page 9 for details. Hear from leading service and support executives on how they’ve tackled their top challenges and improved service Mike NiesenPositioning Your Workforce For Completing More Vice President Technical SupportComplex Work Without More Resources HeidelbergSeptember 24-26, 2012 • Grand Hyatt, Atlanta, GA Ole Buus Director, Global Outsourcing Xerox DenmarkHere Are 5 Reasons Why Attending Field Service East 2012 Arkin PariltanWill Help Your Company Save Money And Help Your Career Director Service Sales Vestas Central Europe Position your field force to complete more complex work without 1 more people Thomas McClure Wrap-up your strategy review for 2012 and improve your services Director Global Services TSS 2 capacity planning for 2013 EMC Field Service East boasts a 96% unique audience compared to 3 other Field Service programs – an entirely new audience to network and Ron Zielinski Vice President, Customer Service learn from Coherent It’s the premier event for senior service and support executives 4 focused on improving customer satisfaction and service revenue Jeffrey Banks Not a tradeshow, but a senior level meeting focused on content and Head of Complex System 5 networking Monitoring and Automation Department Penn State University/AppliedLeverage The Experiences Of Cross-Industry Service And Research LaboratorySupport Executives To Benchmark, Innovate And ImprovePerformance On: Wade Brown Vice President Field Service• Optimizing your field service • Integrating remote data using organization to combat rising fuel hardware and software infrastructure Roche Diagnostics costs, expensive vehicle tools Ed Bonefont maintenance, and carrying • End-to-end supply chain inventory Worldwide Director, management: Answering high Support Services• Communicating value to your customer demands and still delivering Ortho Clinical Diagnostics customers: Effective service savings marketing • Interfacing between the customer Rick Cameron• Services capacity planning and the technical support center Vice President and• Your service organization’s ability to • Enhancing field efficiency and General Manager maximize your customer’s support through knowledge Customer Support Services assets and uptime management Glasshouse Technologies Find us on Linkedin: Field Service: Follow Us On Twitter! @FieldServiceUSA #FSEast The Premier Service & Support ConferenceSponsorsREGISTER NOW! WEB: EMAIL: CALL: 1-888-482-6012 or 1-646-200-7530
  2. 2. Who Should Attend Field Service East? Presidents, Vice Presidents and Directors of: September 24-26, 2012 • Service & Support Grand Hyatt, Atlanta, GA • Customer Support • Product SupportSee What Your Colleagues Are Saying About Field Service! • Customer Service • Field Service“WBR’s Field Service conference is one of the best professional forums I haveattended. It’s impeccably organized in terms of the form (facilities, technical support, • Customer Experiencecommunications, etc.) and the content (a distinguished list of speakers, high quality • Service Operationspresentations, facilitated professional exchange). I’ve enjoyed a number of quiteinformative (and enlightening!) discussions with my colleagues across the industry. “ - • Support OperationsVasiliy V. Krivtsov, Ph.D., Ford Technical Leader - Reliability & Statistical Analysis, Ford • Customer Operations • Service Marketing“Field Service was my first event with WBR. It was a great conference! The • Enterprise Service & Supportspeakers, panel members and round table participants were insightful and • Maintenance, Service & Qualitypresented thought-provoking material which will help all of us stay on thecutting edge of Service Excellence. It was a good opportunity to network with • Technical Services, Operationspeers and suppliers from throughout North America. I will definitely be back.”- Chris Westlake, Director of Service, Hach Company / Danaher 5 REASONS To Get Budget"The WBR Field Service Conference was a great event. This gathering providesan opportunity to confirm your strategy and direction as well as collect new Approval To Attend Fieldinsightful ideas around service. If you have not participated in this Service Service East 2012Conference, you are missing out on a real opportunity to learn from the best!" • You’ll review productivity gains…- Frank DiOrio, Vice President Service Operations, Pitney Bowes manage resources effectively • Budgeting effectively to complete“Field Service was excellent; I found very good information on the software initiatives in an efficient timeframeand hardware aspect of Mobile Computing. More importantly the chance to • Evaluating where you stand at thenetwork with people with similar backgrounds and daily problems was a great end of the year in terms ofpart of the conference. I must add the location and venue helped as well.” - productivity gainsRyan Alexander, Business Analyst System Support, Enbridge • Strategy implementation review for 2012 and planning for 2013“It was a great event. We meet so many people that are growing in the • Execution and completion ofservice arena. The information that we gather helps us to focus and define productivity gains and improvementsour future forward strategies.” - Theresa Charpentier, SCPS, CSM, Sr. Manager,Distributor Service Development, The Toro Company Commercial, Customer Care Participating Industries atOverall we were very pleased with the recent Field Service Conference in LasVegas in April 2012. The show was at a great venue—the facilities and Field Service East Include:organizational pieces provided by WBR were very efficient and well managed. aerospace, hi-tech electronic,The show was very well attended by numerous companies that have a large semiconductor and capital equipment,commitment to “world-class” field service operations and there were many construction industrial and agriculturalsenior level executives and managers that we were able to talk with and manufacturing, automotive, medicalexchange information. - IFS 360 Scheduling device, imaging, cable delivery, instrumentation and more!REGISTER NOW! WEB: EMAIL: 2 CALL: 1-888-482-6012 or 1-646-200-7530
  3. 3. AGENDA AT-A-GLANCE September 24-26, 2012 Conference Day One September 24, 20128:00 Continental Breakfast & Registration 1:35 Re-energizing A Competent Service Workforce9:00 Chairperson’s Opening Remarks Don Bernard, Technical Services Manager, ADB Airfield Solutions9:15 Strategic Leadership For Navigating Explosive Growth In Asia 2:15 Field Service Innovation Spotlight Ron Zielinski, Vice President, Customer Service, Coherent 3:00 Afternoon Refreshment & Networking Breaking In The Solution Zone9:55 Executive Presentation From ServiceSource 3:40 Case Study: Optimizing Remote Operations And Predictive Services Ashley Stirrup, Senior Vice President, Solution Marketing, ServiceSource David Bishop, Director, Service Operations & Operations Strategy Service North10:35 Morning Refreshment & Networking Break In The Solutions Zone America, Johnson Controls11:15 Realizing The Full Spectrum Of Benefits That Can Be Gained By 4:20 Using Innovative Analytics And Technology To Deliver Predictive Upgrading Your Workforce Management System To A Cutting- Service Edge Mobility Solution Ed Bonefont, Worldwide Director, Support Services. Ortho Clinical Tim Spencer, Vice President, Customer Experience, WMS Diagnostics11:55 Transitioning From Reactive Customer Care To Proactive Service 5:00 Avoiding Commoditization: Leveraging Data To Infuse New Product Sales And Service Innovation Arkin Pariltan, Director Service Sales, Vestas Central Europe Larry G. Wash, President Trane Global Services, Ingersoll Rand12:35 Lunch For All Attendees 5:40 Welcome Reception 6:40 Conclusion Of Day One Conference Day Two September 25, 20128:00 Continental Breakfast & Registration 2:00 Panel Discussion: Shaping The Future Of Field Service: Discussing8:45 Chairperson’s Opening Remarks Current Trends And Challenges Wade Brown, Vice President Field Service, Roche Diagnostics; Rick9:00 Focusing On The Human Element Of Cost Effective Field Service Cameron, Vice President and General Manager, Customer Support Services, UIi Kolrich, Senior Vice President Technical Support, Heidelberg Glasshouse Technologies; Ivin Smith, Vice President Worldwide Technical Mike Niesen, Vice President Technical Support, Heidelberg Support, Pitney Bowes; Scott Berg, Vice President Worldwide Sales,9:40 Executive Presentation From AT&T ServiceMax AT&T 2:40 Metrics Are King10:20 Investing In Human Capital And Its Potential Effect On Your Service Weldon Feightner, Vice President and Regional General Manager, Knology Erik Alberts, Senior Manager, Service Operations Customer Assurance, 3:20 Field Service Innovation Spotlight: How Automated Service Routing Cisco Technology Is Revolutionizing The Service Industry11:00 Morning Refreshments & Networking Break In The Solutions Zone Jim Hare, Senior Vice President, FieldOne11:40 Field Service East Roundtable Idea Xchange 3:40 Afternoon Refreshment & Networking Break In The Solutions Zone1:00 Lunch For All Attendees 4:20 The Future Of Services And The Consumption Model As A Route To Prolonged Revenue Streams Thomas McClure, Director Global Services TSS, EMC 5:00 Effective Planning Prior To Service Dispatch Bill Fusco, Market Professional, Service Operations, Customer Services Support Division, Caterpillar, Inc. 5:40 Conclusion of Day Two Conference Day Three September 26, 20128:00 Continental Breakfast & Registration 12:15 Research Update: How Can Future Mobile And Cloud Computing8:45 Chairperson’s Opening Remarks Technology Impact Field Services Arnav Anand, Research Scholar and Entrepreneur-in-Residence (EIR),9:00 Service As A Business Development Function: Making The UC Berkeley Transition From Support To Strategic Function Ole Buus, Director, Global Document Outsourcing, Xerox Denmark 12:55 Lunch For All Attendees9:40 Streamlining Field Service Mobility For Massive Revenue And 1:55 Implementing Predictive Maintenance Concepts That Reduce Life Productivity Increase Cycle Costs, Improve Maintenance Planning And Equipment Shane Campbell, Field Service Director, Vivint Utilization Jeffrey Banks, Head of Complex System Monitoring and Automation10:20 Field Service Innovation Spotlight Department, Penn State University/Applied Research Laboratory10:55 Morning Refreshment & Networking Break In The Solutions Zone 2:35 Exploring High Value Services And The Impacts Of ‘Servitization’11:35 Panel Discussion: Preventing Your Service From Becoming Commoditized Tim Baines, Professor Operations Strategy, Aston Business School Wade Brown, Vice President Field Service, Roche Diagnostics; Rick 3:15 Conclusion of Day Three Cameron, Vice President and General Manager, Customer Support Services, Glasshouse Technologies; Art McGinn, Vice President Service Operations, Canon Business Solutions; Erik Alberts, Senior Manager, Service Operations Customer Assurance, CiscoSponsors 3
  4. 4. CONFERENCE DAY 1 September 24, 20128:00 Continental Breakfast & Registration 10:35 Morning Refreshment & Networking Break9:00 Chairperson’s Opening Remarks 11:15 Realizing The Full Spectrum Of Benefits That Can Be Gained By Upgrading Your Workforce Management9:15 Strategic Leadership For Navigating Explosive Growth System To A Cutting-Edge Mobility Solution In Asia Tim Spencer Ron Zielinski Vice President, Customer Experience Vice President, Customer Service WMS Coherent WMS recently finished a full-scale revamp of their service organization to How do you as a leader rapidly align multiple business cultures across three improve its mobility, knowledge management and technical assistance continents to build a world-class support structure for bleeding edge products center performance and capabilities. In this highly informative session Tim in support of the world’s most demanding customers? shares just how exactly WMS was able to pull-off such a large scale transition and what you need to be aware of before you begin your own As with laser light at the atomic level, achieving coherence at a large scale journey. Session highlights include: starts with the first emission: generate the right photon. You as the Service • Influencing the ability to be “field ready” back into the design, planning Leader need the right understanding of human behavior, at the outset, as and release timing of new product well as the cultural operating context to ensure success. This “context” is • Challenges of educating a remote work force and transferring expressed eloquently by an Ericsson executive who pointed out that “culture knowledge on every new product…coming at a frequency of monthly trumps strategy every time”. Culture is difficult to quantify and relies • How to keep the same tech team motivated and effective, in an extensively on judgment and subtle knowledge to gain the needed insights environment of “do more with same or less” hidden within its multidimensional folds. Lacking this understanding and • New tools implementations approaching the challenge in the incorrect manner will yield an outcome of • smart phone hot spot for touch screen laptop stunted growth from poor customer support. • Easy “eforms” that you can control…eliminating paper documents The conventional focus on the mechanics of execution: hiring and training • “Face Time” style diagnostics to save trouble shooting time and cost staff, assembling key metrics and program managing the expansion across • Placing techs into engineering development teams full time the enterprise does not yield the desired success. While these are all vitally • Changing new product introduction process to include 3 “builds” prior important, insights as to the local team, their culture of excellence in support, to commercial launch…Alpha, Beta, Pre-production…all influenced by and your ability to understand the needs of a local customer needs are vital to Field Service and part of our Field Service Readiness preparation your success. In this session Ron highlights: 11:55 Transitioning From Reactive Customer Care To Proactive Service Sales • Why: Companies possessing strategic service leadership will build stronger relationships with their customers, foster employee loyalty in a time of Arkin Pariltan adversity and lock out the competition. Director Service Sales • The Difficulty: When operating at light-speed in a time of great change, Vestas Central Europe employees are easily frustrated and animosity can develop. Success requires Vestas, the industry’s largest wind turbine manufacturer by market share strong change leadership, cultural sensitivity, and deftness with employees. • The role of Executive Leadership: Recruit and retain strategic service and the Sales & Service Unit Central Europe, Arkin Pariltan presents an industry example of how a change from a reactive customer care leadership early on. • How: Building a service vision employees can gravitate towards and approach to a proactive sales approach improves the service business and supports the revenue growth of a company. adopting a strategy of personalized coaching to key employees. Relentlessly communicating to create broad organizational alignment and In this presentation Arkin shares a case study of how the structured leveraging systems. Engaging broader team skills to foster execution and approach from service product management to a professional service sales supply actionable key metrics. approach supported by strategy and KPI’s can transform to a service sales oriented organization within a sales unit.9:55 Executive Presentation From ServiceSource 12:35 Lunch For All Attendees Ashley Stirrup Senior Vice President, Solution Marketing 1:35 Re-energizing A Competent Service Workforce ServiceSource Don Bernard Please visit for updates on this session Technical Services Manager ADB Airfield Solutions ADB’s average employee tenure is 14.3 years. The good news is that their technical talent is strong. However this enables associates to challenge “done it that way a long time,” as well as those who have potentially lost their drive and need to be re-engaged in their work. This is not a unique problem with companies that have been in business for decades and have had longer tenures. In this session Don speaks to the “change” that is coming, and most importantly, provides a behavior path that clearly points back to theREGISTER NOW! WEB: EMAIL: 4 CALL: 1-888-482-6012 or 1-646-200-7530
  5. 5. vision/mission of the company. It’s not just about following company policies In this interactive workshop, Ed highlights the latest process improvements and departmental procedures. (Most progression service organizations do not that have successfully transformed Ortho Clinical Diagnostics’ way of want techs who run purely operate on autopilot, they prefer intelligent, delivering service to their customers. Additionally based on their passionate, problem solvers who keep the company’s and customer’s best experience Ed explains how leading service firms are using algorithms and interest at heart. ) In today’s economy employee performance and attitudes technology to predict the potential equipment issues before the customer are being further scrutinized and measured across all industries, Be sure to be experiences any downtime, and this is just one of the many key takeaways in attendance when Don shares a system or “model” he developed that you’ll bring back to your office after attending this session, others include: presents a roadmap on how to take good employees and make them great • Outlining the process for implementing successful predictive diagnostics associates. Takeaways include: into your equipment to maximize customer service. • Identifying the key skills and matching them to your organizations • Getting buy-in across your organization and building the right team to processes, procedures and mission support a predictive analytics support model. • Exploring workforce development that enables creative thinking, energizes • Switching your focus from break/fix to the next generation of services. attitudes and eliminates excessive turnover • Provide a roadmap that promotes a culture for each technician and support 5:00 Avoiding Commoditization: Leveraging Data To staff member to go from good to great Infuse New Product And Service Innovation • Introduce “a purpose driven” Culture. Larry G. Wash President Trane Global Services2:15 Field Service Innovation Spotlight Ingersoll Rand The Field Service Innovation Spotlight features snapshots of today’s bleeding edge companies who are leading the way in technology advancements and In today’s business environment, customers have their choice of service service methodologies. These sessions are tailored to help you better providers. Now more than ever service providers need to innovate and understand the future of service and what you can do to help your differentiate themselves to remain competitive. Service providers can organization streamline and improve it’s service delivery. leverage data and technology to create a competitive advantage and avoid service commoditization.3:00 Afternoon Refreshment & Networking Break Larry G. Wash, president of global services for Trane, a leading global provider of indoor comfort systems and solutions and a brand of Ingersoll3:40 Case Study: Optimizing Remote Operations And Rand, will discuss how to create innovation solutions that drive customer Predictive Services value. David Bishop Wash will offer insights and strategies for companies looking to reposition Director, Service Operations & Operations Strategy Service North America themselves as a proactive total solutions provider, including: Johnson Controls • Understanding how the current economic environment impacts the Please be sure to visit for updates on this service sector session • Increasing data-driven decision making to differentiate a company in the marketplace4:20 Using Innovative Analytics And Technology To Deliver • Using technology and innovation to create a competitive advantage Predictive Service • Analyzing outcomes to drive and sustain performance improvements Ed Bonefont 5:40 Field Service East Welcome Reception Worldwide Director, Support Services Ortho Clinical Diagnostics 6:40 Conclusion Of Conference Day One CONFERENCE DAY 2 September 25, 20128:00 Continental Breakfast & Registration Do you struggle with breaking down costs and developing metrics to optimize existing headcount? Do you do enough planning for the8:45 Chairperson’s Opening Remarks future requirements of your service organization? Managing your workforce based on demand and coordinating with your internal9:00 Focusing On The Human Element Of Cost Effective departments when identifying sourcing requirements is a common Field Service challenge for manufacturers across all industries. UIi Kolrich In this join presentation Uli and Mike take you through Heidelberg’s Senior Vice President Technical Support journey and share strategies on how you can effectively: • Focus your management team on future planning, not problem Heidelberg resolution Mike Niesen • Seek out broken processes in areas of human interaction and Vice President Technical Support improving the interface between people and the machines they use Heidelberg to schedule and dispatch the services your organization providesSponsors 5
  6. 6. 9:40 Executive Presentation From AT&T 2:40 Metrics Are King Please visit for updates on this session Weldon Feightner Vice President and Regional General Manager10:20 Investing In Human Capital And Its Potential Effect Knology On Your Service How often do you have the time to stop to figure out where you are and Erik Alberts where you want to go? Are your supervisors and managers trained on Senior Manager, Service Operations Customer Assurance how to use quality and productivity data to coach up the team? Or are Cisco they overwhelmed and frustrated by the increased visibility of individual performance? In this session Erik highlights how Cisco is: • Defining the key tasks and standardized responsibilities required to Although the topic isn’t the sexiest, in today’s economy and changes in ensure competent personnel doing business it is very important that everyone has a plan to train mid- • Acknowledging key skills and core competencies and enhancing those level supervisors and managers on how to deal with individual skills to achieve repeatable success performance data. In this session, Weldon shares his strategies and • Developing a culture of capability that is adaptable and able to deliver experiences on how to ensure your team can properly quantify and the right level of service on time, the first time analyze KPI’s and performance data. • Discussing the future education and training requirements necessary to develop a personnel structure that is long minded and customer driven 3:20 Field Service Innovation Spotlight: How Automated Service Routing Technology Is Revolutionizing The11:00 Morning Refreshment & Networking In The Solutions Service Industry Zone Jim Hare Senior Vice President11:40 Field Service East Roundtable Idea Xchange FieldOne Be sure to join these interactive roundtable sessions, and take a deep dive There is new, state of the art routing technology that will completely into the specific areas you came to discuss. Opportunities to sit and learn revolutionize the way services are delivered today. Gone are the days of from executives like these do not exist elsewhere. From people, processes manually scheduling a technician or piece of equipment for a customer. and technology advancements these roundtables have it all. Today’s new routing algorithms take into effect all of the key criteria such as distance, skill set, customer preference, overtime, holidays, and many1:00 Lunch For All Attendees other custom criteria and create the optimal scheduling in real time. Companies will be using this to reduce cost, paperwork, missed calls and2:00 Panel Discussion: Shaping The Future Of Field dramatically increasing customer satisfaction. Service: Discussing Current Trends And Challenges Wade Brown 3:40 Afternoon Refreshment & Networking Break In The Vice President Field Service Solutions Zone Roche Diagnostics 4:20 The Future Of Services And The Consumption Model Rick Cameron As A Route To Prolonged Revenue Streams Vice President and General Manager, Customer Support Services Glasshouse Technologies Thomas McClure Director Global Services TSS Ivin Smith EMC Vice President Worldwide Technical Support Pitney Bowes Consumption models offer new ways to offer services and many believe it will become the only method companies will generate new profits in Scott Berg business. But there are challenges to overcome before we see this sales Vice President Worldwide Sales structure more widely implemented in the business world. Ensuring ServiceMax customer utilization is maximized and striking the correct balance In this session our panelists take a broad view of how service between standardization and customization will to lead to highly organizations have managed to strive through the past few years of desirable products and contracts. This presentation looks at the benefits turbulence and uncertainty. Come prepared to interact as you’ll have an available to first movers who follow service pioneers and the key opportunity to question, comment and share in this sessions takeaways, considerations for success. Session highlights include: which will include: • Getting the customer to use product to its maximum potential • Exploring the affects the global economy has on your organization in • Constantly providing extra and additional value this age of austerity • Is the consumption model the only way companies will generate • Evolving from a post-sales mind-set, to a differentiator that delivers a money in the future? competitive edge • Analyzing how technology can enable your field service organization 5:00 Effective Planning Prior To Service Dispatch now and into the future • Utilizing software solutions that will enable you to tailor your services Bill Fusco Market Professional, Service Operations, Customer Services Support and exceed customer expectations Division Caterpillar, Inc. 5:40 Conclusion Of Conference Day TwoREGISTER NOW! WEB: EMAIL: 6 CALL: 1-888-482-6012 or 1-646-200-7530
  7. 7. MAIN CONFERENCE DAY 3 September 26, 20128:00 Continental Breakfast & Registration 11:35 Panel Discussion: Preventing Your Service From Becoming Commoditized8:45 Chairperson’s Opening Remarks Wade Brown Vice President Field Service9:00 Service As A Business Development Function: Making Roche Diagnostics The Transition From Support To Strategic Function Rick Cameron Ole Buus Vice President and General Manager, Customer Support Services Director, Global Document Outsourcing Glasshouse Technologies Xerox Denmark Art McGinn Ole leads an organizaton that is identifying potential areas where they can Vice President Service Operations help their customers to be better in doing their business. To Xerox’s customers Canon Business Solutions it means either being able to generate more revenue or reduce cost or both. Within Global Document Outsourcing Ole’s team is designing and Erik Alberts implementing solutions that simplify and improve work processes for their Senior Manager, Service Operations Customer Assurance customers. In most cases they are also providing employees as part of the Cisco solution simply because of their knowledge and experience in managing the • Maintaining your market competitiveness without getting into a “race to technology. In today’s economy it is vital to continually work to improve the bottom” in pricing workflows and processes at for your customers and thus add value to their • Determining the best way to offer standardized global services that are business. This leads to long lasting relationships and deep integration into flexible enough to enable local pricing your customer’s organization. In this session Ole shares his insights and • Exploring differentiators that will increase customer satisfaction and highlights: • The rise in customer sovereignty and increased customer expectation enable you to grow your profit margin • What are the consistent attributes which results in positive feedback and • Generating new revenue from emerging service needs how should you manage customer expectation • Pillars of a service driven organization 12:15 Research Update: How Can Future Mobile And Cloud • Are you focusing your resources on the processes which will bring the Computing Technology Impact Field Services greatest return? Arnav Anand • Creating cross functional teams on short term or long term projects Research Scholar and Entrepreneur-in-Residence (EIR) • How installing sense of shared ownership builds and enterprise wide UC Berkeley customer focused culture • How do you get communications started between functions? In the current economy with the federal and state funding cuts, universities • Techniques for encouraging early on on-going support from influential are shifting from pure academic research to market-oriented entrepreneurial research that solves critical industry problems. As a part of parties • Securing contiued process improvements through change management these ongoing efforts, Arnav highlights similar initiatives at UC Berkeley. One of such UC Berkeley’s entrepreneurial research projects is a patent pending solution that uses mobile and cloud computing technology to9:40 Streamlining Field Service Mobility For Massive Revenue amplify the efficiency of field services. Arnav heads up the team and the And Productivity Increase technology aims to boost the productivity of manufacturing companies by Shane Campbell significantly reducing downtime. It enables the field service teams to Field Service Director quickly respond and fix the machine failures at a fraction of present cost Vivint and time. Most importantly, the data generated during the process is captured, which can be used for: In this session Shane shares vivint’s success in: • The knowledge and expertise of the experienced but aging technical • Implementing driver safety programs and GPS integration • Obtaining real time behavior change to driving the vehicles workforce is captured before their retirement. Knowledge hub for • Evaluating cloud computing and networking solutions to eliminate paper trouble-shooting future breakdowns • Using the videos captured during the process to train and enhance the based processes • Gaining access to data that your mobile workforce vitally needs to function skillsets of technicians and product builders similar to the concept of • i.e. automated time sheets, directions, geo-stamping and inventory “Khan Academy” for training students of Math and Science • Using Big Data analytics tools and methodology to use the MES data • Evaluating tools such as HTML 5 to allow for creativity into your mobile and troubleshooting data to assist with predictive analytics & prognostics platform monitoring leading to better timed preventative maintenance • It equips field teams to capture the pain points of the customers at the10:20 Field Service Innovation Spotlight right time, at right place and in the right context for the next generation The Field Service Innovation Spotlight features snapshots of today’s bleeding product development edge companies who are leading the way in technology advancements and Be sure to attend this very innovative session and learn what today’s service methodologies. These sessions are tailored to help you better technology can do for the very near future of your service organization. understand the future of service and what you can do to help your organization streamline and improve it’s service delivery. 12:55 Lunch For All Attendees10:55 Morning Refreshment & Networking Break In The Solutions ZoneSponsors 7
  8. 8. 1:55 Implementing Predictive Maintenance Concepts That 2:35 Exploring High Value Services And The Impacts Of Reduce Life Cycle Costs, Improve Maintenance Planning ‘Servitization’ And Equipment Utilization Tim Baines Jeffrey Banks Professor Operations Strategy Head of Complex System Monitoring and Automation Department Aston Business School Penn State University/Applied Research Laboratory The world once seemed simple, manufacturers made things and service Predictive Maintenance (PdM) utilizes advanced failure prediction technologies companies did things for us. Today we realize that these distinctions are to forecast the health condition of machinery components and systems. The artificial and that services (or servitization) can be a high-value strategy for implementation of this methodology enables the ability to reduce catastrophic manufacturers. This strategy strengthens customer relationships, creates failure and collateral damage, proactively plan maintenance before failure, and new and resilient revenue streams, and sets high barriers for competitors. manage the operational utilization of equipment to extend life. Many In this interactive session Tim shares how he and Aston Business School continuous process industries have implemented this methodology and the are helping manufacturers in the UK exploit servitization. Linking with Department of Defense is currently planning the migration to this form of initiatives such as the new Manufacturing Advisory Service (MAS), whose maintenance. This presentation provides a brief overview of current predictive goal is to influence and guide senior executives, managers and engineers, maintenance technologies and the monetary/non-monetary benefits of the towards reaping the benefits of high-value services. predictive maintenance methodology. Presentation highlights include: • Advanced predictive techniques 3:15 Conclusion of Field Service East 2012 • Cost benefit analysis results • Examples for DoD and industrial applicationsSponsors: AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T) is a premier extensive reporting, management can be in the loop at any capabilities in field service management to optimize communications holding company. Its level of detail desired. FieldOne deploys fast and with our operations and delight customers. Companies use the subsidiaries and affiliates, AT&T extensive training and support capabilities, gets users ServiceMax suite to handle everything from contract operating companies, are the functional in weeks, not months and years. FieldOne Cloud entitlements to scheduling & workforce optimization, toproviders of AT&T services in the United States and around based, SaaS solution is built on the Microsoft Dynamics inventory & parts logistics and real-time customer andthe world. Among their offerings are the worlds most Platform. Utilizing the Microsoft platform provides a wide partner portal access. ServiceMax is built and delivered as aadvanced IP-based business communications services, the range of 3rd party plug and play extensions, as well as native cloud application so customers are up andnation’s fastest 3G network and the best wireless coverage scalability and simple integration points. FieldOne has over running quickly with a low cost subscription model that isworldwide, and the nations leading high speed Internet 2,100 Midsized and Enterprise customers in 36 countries and completely integrated with their CRM.access and voice services. In domestic markets, AT&T is is headquartered in Mahwah, NJ. The end result? Significant Customers include large enterprises such as DuPont,known for the directory publishing and advertising sales reduction in the cost to deliver world class service, Electrolux and Pentair, and smaller companies such asleadership of its Yellow Pages and YELLOWPAGES.COM automated documentation of every step in the process and Everyday Wireless and Advanta Clean. ServiceMax isorganizations, and the AT&T brand is licensed to innovators customers who are not just happy, but delighted! headquartered in Pleasanton, California. For morein such fields as communications equipment. As part of information, please visit or find us ontheir three-screen integration strategy, AT&T operating IFS IFS 360 Scheduling offers scheduling and Twitter and Facebook.companies are expanding their TV entertainment offerings. planning software which solves your most difficultIn 2008, AT&T again ranked No. 1 in the workforce management problems dynamically, in ServiceSourcetelecommunications industry on FORTUNE® magazine’s lists real time. Our scheduling products, deployable focuses on drivingof the World’s Most Admired Companies and America’s on-premise or in the cloud, are built for situations increased recurringMost Admired Companies. Additional information about like mission critical repair work - where rapid and accurate service revenue, profitability, and customer satisfaction forAT&T Inc. and the products and services provided by AT&T decision-making are paramount. Complex environments the world’s leading technology-based companies. Thesubsidiaries and affiliates is available at with large numbers of technicians, multiple jobs per day, ServiceSource solution consists of a suite of cloud and constantly shifting priorities make real-time schedule applications, dedicated service sales teams that work under FieldOne is an innovative, optimization vital. When minutes matter, and superior its customers’ brands, and a proprietary Service Revenue secure and scalable service service delivery is the key to profitability, IFS 360 Scheduling Intelligence Platform™ with over a decade of renewals data, automation management is the right choice. KPIs, benchmarks, and best practices. ServiceSource platform with SaaS, desktop and addresses the critical steps of the renewals process,mobile solutions. Fieldone provides Enterprise Field service ServiceMax delivers the including data management, quoting, selling, and renewalbusinesses with powerful and innovative solutions. From real future of field service, today. business intelligence. Its business is built on a pay-for-time technician scheduling, customer and partner portal The first and only complete performance model that ensures a results-driven, shared-riskaccess and status information to full automation in the field suite of cloud-based, collaborative and mobile field service partnership with customers.via a mobile device. With customizable dashboards and applications, ServiceMax gives companies unprecedented Why Sponsor Field Service East 2012? Here are the top 6 reasons why Field Service East is the leading forum to invest your marketing and business development dollars: 1 Field Service East’s attendees are 96% unique compared to Field Service USA. 2 Full exposure to over 150 qualified conference attendees comprised of senior level executives responsible for their company’s strategy: you gain direct access to the senior decision makers leading the way in service and support 3 Extensive networking opportunities, allowing for face to face customer contact and one to one meetings 4 Tailor-made sponsorship packages enable you to competitively position your company the way you want 5 Opportunity to promote your brand and align it with the other industry leaders participating in the conference 6 Increased flow of traffic through the solutions zone during breakfast, coffee breaks and receptions. Space is limited! Call Nicole Bognar at 646-200-7549 or email her at for sponsorship opportunities at Field Service East.REGISTER NOW! WEB: EMAIL: 8 CALL: 1-888-482-6012 or 1-646-200-7530
  9. 9. REGISTRATION INFORMATION AND HOTEL DETAILS 3 EASY WAYS PRICING 3 Day Conference TO REGISTER: Call us: (September 24-26, 2012) 1-888-482-6012 or 1-646-200-7530 Email us: BEST Limited Passes Available Register online: PRICE FOR M At As Low As $2195 ANUF ACTU RERS – First Come, First Served Basis! $2195 Check HOTEL INFORMATION ($400 Discount) or call 1-888-482-6012 for more Grand Hyatt Atlanta in details and to reserve your seat. Buckhead 3300 Peachtree Road NE, Atlanta, Georgia, USA 30305 Tel: +1 404 237 1234 Qualified Manufactures Conference Price Fax: +1 404 504 2576 3 Day Conference (September 24-26, 2012) $2,595 Field Service East has procured the special conference rate of $189 per night (plus tax) for All Others Conference Price Field Service East attendees. To make your reservation at this rate, please click the link below. 3 Day Conference (September 24-26, 2012) $3,099 To receive the discounted conference rate, please make all reservations before September 3rd. Group Discounts For Manufacturers go/WorldwideBusiness Groups of 3 Get 20% off the full price If you have trouble with this link, please call the Groups of 4+ Get 25% off the full price Grand Hyatt at 1-888-421-1442 and identify yourself as a Field Service East attendee before*Discounts are for manufacturers only. They do not apply to solution providers. September 3rd. Rates are limited and are on a firstAll discounts are taken off the full conference price. No two discounts or offers can be combined. come, first served basis. If you have missed the cut off date, inquire with the hotel as rates may still bePayment is due in full at the time of registration. Your registration will not be confirmed until payment is received and may be subject to cancellation available.CT Residents must add 6% sales tax to their registration feeTo secure your team discount contact Bill Penney at 1-866-691-7771 or email Grand Hyatt Atlanta in Buckhead is set within theTeam discounts must be booked and paid for at the same time. Team discounts do not apply to sponsoring or exhibiting companies or non-manufacturers. upscale uptown neighborhood of Buckhead. Experience the legendary Southern hospitality at our Atlanta hotel. Spacious, renovated guestrooms include irresistible Hyatt Grand BedsTM, state-of-the- Media Partners: art fiber-optic Internet and sleek flat screen HDTVs. Enjoy views of our Japanese Zen Garden at Onyx at the Grand, savor renowned Southern cuisine at Field Technologies is the premier The Mobile Enterprise franchise - Mobile Cassis or treat colleagues and guests to the culinary resource for the optimization of Enterprise Magazine and Website, a suite of expertise of the outstanding catering staff. your field workers, service, and online services, custom print products and liveassets. Field Technologies provides service, transportation, and events - is the premiere voice of the enterprise mobility Grand Hyatt Atlanta is located in the city’s mostpublic works professionals with information on technologies marketplace. With insights firmly rooted in hands-on expertise, exclusive neighborhood, Buckhead and is one ofincluding field service software, mobile computing hardware, Mobile Enterprise delivers the actionable knowledge businesses the top-rated hotels in Atlanta, Georgia.RFID, and M2M. For more information, visit need to effectively tap the strategic promises of mobility. Surrounded by popular area attractions, Atlanta hotel is located close to the World of The National Association of Service Coca-Cola Museum, the Georgia Aquarium, High GISCafe is a portal offering GIS and TMManagers is the oldest, professional Museum of Art, Legoland Discovery Center and geospatial professionals complete GIS nonprofit association of product service Atlanta History Center. Many of these attractionsproduct catalog listings, technical papers, GIS news, CEO executives in the United States. Founded when service are easily accessible using convenient MARTAinterviews, multimedia presentations, priority press releases, techniques were just beginning to be highly recognized as a transportation. We are walking distance to luxuryevent postings, job placement and more. Each GISWeekly sales and marketing tool. NASM is an organization dedicated shopping at Lenox Square and Phipps Plaza Malls.Review delivers to its readers news concerning the latest to provide professional leadership and education to the service Travel to this elegant Buckhead hotel is seamless;developments in the GIS industry, in a readable newsletter executive, while developing their managerial expertise in the Hartsfield Jackson International Airport is just 20format with feature stories and news bytes. GISCafe receives business and organizations that they represent. minutes away. Discover the best of everythingmore than 100,000 unique visitors and its daily newsletter has within your reach at Grand Hyatt Atlanta.more than 40,000 subscribers. Subscribe to the daily newsletterat GISCafe.Com. Sponsors 9