LIS 2000: The Future of Academic Libraries


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  • Reference – talk about one-on-one research consultations with students and faculty, talk about the A Team
  • That we make ourselves indispensible to what they do.
  • GET STATS!!!So far 44 hits for 12 studentsIntro to Theatre Arts – 500 over 3 months for approx. 60 students
  • There are going to be jobs a few years down the road that we can’t even anticipate at this time.
  • This means we truly have to understand our user’s wants and needs and their strengths and weaknesses. It also means that we have to develop sophisticated ways of marketing ourselves en masse as well as to individuals. These reasons can be filled with our own values or librarian jargon…we need to be 100% focused on the user. We can no longer assume that we know what they want or what we think is best for them. This is time-consuming and exhausting, but it is what will keep us afloat in the future.
  • LIS 2000: The Future of Academic Libraries

    1. 1. ACADEMIC LIBRARIES:PRESENT AND FUTURE Amanda L. Folk University Library System University of Pittsburgh November 29, 2011
    2. 2. WHO AM I? Reference/Public Services Librarian, Millstein Library, Universityof Pittsburgh at Greensburg PhD student in Higher Education Management at the Universityof Pittsburgh’s School of Education
    3. 3. HOW DID I GET HERE? University of Richmond • BA in German and Religion • Reference student assistant at the Boatwright Memorial Library Harvard Divinity School, Harvard University • Master of Theological Studies in South Asian religions • Student assistant at the Andover-Harvard Theological Library and the Open Collections Program School of Information Sciences, University of Pittsburgh • MLIS • Graduate Student Assistant • Field Placement at the University Library System
    4. 4. PROFESSIONAL LIFE Sharon Public Library • Head of Technical Services Cardinal Cushing Library, Emmanuel College • Collection Development Librarian Professional Associations • SCALA • ALA • ACRL • Beta Phi Mu • GNARP
    5. 5. WHAT DO I DO? A little bit of everything! • Reference • Instruction • Managing student employees • Marketing and advocacy • Shared governance • Contribute to the field
    6. 6. WHERE ARE WE GOING? Budget cuts! • Doing more with less Our value • ACRL and Oakleaf, “The Value of Academic Libraries” Understanding the mission and priorities of our institution, itsfaculty, and the different departments • Targeted marketing and collaboration
    7. 7. THE FUTURE LIBRARIAN Embedded Information expert Tech savvy Risk taker Dynamic
    8. 8. PUTTING WORDS INTO ACTION The “A” Team Composition 2 Research Award LibGuides!
    9. 9. OTHER ISSUES… Librarians and the publishing industry • Scholarly communications • Including support for faculty to navigate the landscape and understand their rights as authors. • Open Access journals • Institutional repositories • Digital archives • E-publishing Changes fields of study • Digital humanities
    10. 10. Gone are the days when alibrarian can find a job in a quiet office and have little interaction with others.
    11. 11. Give them a reason, a reallygood reason, why they should use our resources and showthem how it will change their life.
    12. 12. QUESTIONS? Thank you! 