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  • A little bit about HHS, our assets, scope and scale
  • We want to be the data suppliers, supplying the raw material and then also build an ecosystem of users/entrepreneurs

TwilioDevCon TwilioDevCon Presentation Transcript

  • Unleashing the Power of Data, Innovation + Technology to Improve Health
    Aman Bhandari US Department of Health & Human Services (HHS)@GHideas/
  • Big Picture: Costs, Disease + Demographics
    $2.3T (18%) today, 40% of GDP by 2050...if we do nothing
    Total cost to families: doubled to $19,393 from $9,235 since 2002 (CPI, wages flat)
    $1,500 added to every GM car; more paid for health ($4.7B) than for steel
    10,000 Baby Boomers turn 65 every day for the next 20 yrs
  • Big Picture: What is HHS?
    Select Operating Divisions and Total Outlays
    11 Agencies
    80,000 Employees
    100M Americans served
    by Medicare & Medicaid
    Source: “FY 2011 Budget in Brief – Strengthening Health and Opportunity for All Americans” – U.S. Department of Health and Human Services”
  • Policy Big Picture: Govt as Platform
    Transformation of the system depends on changing how we pay for care:
    Driving a shift from “pay for volume of services”  “pay for health and value”
    Launching key payment innovation pilots - a game-changer: the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation ($10B over 10 years)
    White House Startup America + Open Innovation Strategy
    There has never been a better time to be an innovator at the intersection of health, data, & IT
  • Realizing the Open Gov Vision
  • Information liberation - the Health Data Initiative (HDI): turning HHS into the “NOAA of health data”
    • Weather newscasts
    • Weather websites
    • Weather mobile apps
    • Weather insurance
    • And more
    Weather data
    Made available to the public
  • What kinds of data are we liberating via
    Community Health
    Consumer Product Information Example:
    • FDA recall (drugs, devices, food) data in downloadable XML format
    • Published 10/2010
    Provider Directories & Quality
    Govt Spending
    Data Being Liberated
    “Blue Button”
    Scientific Knowledge
    Consumer Product Information
  • Health Data core activities: liberate data and catalyze innovation
    Publish brand new HHS data for public access – while rigorously protecting privacy and confidentiality
    Make existing HHS data much more accessible -- “machine-readable,” accessible via application programming interfaces (APIs), free, much easier to find
    Energetically publicize our data to innovators -- who can use it as raw material to develop applications and services that help improve health and health care
  • Mashup: Starting with Tech Developers
    Health Policy Experts
    Tech Developers & Innovators
    One Day:50 health policy and tech developer experts invited to brainstorm, be inspired and drive action:
    • Asked them to brainstorm most powerful and innovative ideas
    • Asked them to commit to activating the best ideas within 90 days
    • What started as a 1 day event has turned into a much broader effort
    Buzz volume
    @Steven_InSites #cm48
  • How do you bring data to the fingertips of consumers?
    Microsoft Bing announced its latest effort to bring HHS data to the public by incorporating Hospital Compare data into its search functionality
  • Asthmapolis: the power of individual entrepreneurs to “democratize” data collection
    Inhalers use GPS to anonymously track time and location of use…
    …aggregating to identify outbreaks and aid in treatment of patients
  • Building the Ecosystem
    • Challenges and “code-a-thons” (
    • Innovation Exchanges
    • Annual “health datapaloozas”
  • June 2011 Health Data Palooza
    • 2nd annual “health datapalooza” -- sponsored by the Institute of Medicine and HHS
    • Showcased nearly 50 of the best innovations developed by companies that help consumers, care providers, employers, and communities improve health and health care
    • Walgreens, Aetna, Sanofi Aventis, FoodOasis, RWJF, DailyFeats, VCs
  • External Signals/Whispers
    "The best minds of my generation are thinking about how to make people click ads…that sucks." Jeff Hammerbacher, BW
    "I turned to healthcare partly because I saw an immense hunger among the developers that I work with to start working on stuff that matters." Tim O’Reilly
    "On the one hand, you have people…who know nothing about regulation…on the other, a bunch of health-care guys who think Zynga is some kind of fruit. There is truly a chasm between world views." Sonny Vu
  • Innovation Landscape: Seeding Disruption
    Heritage $3M Prize
    GE $100M Open Innovation
    XPrize $10M
    Innovation CentersVAi2 ($100M)
    Well Point
    RockHealth (SF)
    StartupHealth (NYC)
    HealthBox (Chicago)
    BluePrint Health (NYC)
    mHealth Summit Text Smoking Data Libraries
    FDA Mobile Med
    mLab Africa/Thailand
  • 86%
    interested in accessing medical information
    want a personal monitoring device
    PWC 2010
    Deloitte 2010
    SDI 2010
    Parks 2010
    US Physicians
    Rise in Mobile App Use
  • “Health care has evolved in isolation from many of the forces that have re-shaped other industries in recent years. This isolation is readily apparent to each of us whenever we step into a doctor’s office or hospital… despite the presence of some of the most brilliant minds in public health, despite their best efforts, experts continue to betray an outdated, manufacturing mindset, referring to everything that has impact in the field—that touches communities and provides real human value—as ‘delivery.’ This one-way model of engagement is truly shocking in an age dominated by communications technologies and connectivity.Health is not ‘delivered’ to people. It relies on active engagement and participation. It is a dialogue. You see this mindset reflected everywhere.” Robert Fabricant, VP Frog Design
  • Immediate Opportunities
    Today! The Power of Twilio for Healthcare
    Sept 24th Healthcare 101 Bootcamp for Startups (
    Sept 24, 25th
    Sept 30th UC Berkeley Hacking for Health
    Prizes and Challenges: / @ghideas