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Customised Audit Solutions division(S&SC) essentially work on the areas of service excellence at your customer touch points, and keep you inform 24*7 about your actual service delivery through ...

Customised Audit Solutions division(S&SC) essentially work on the areas of service excellence at your customer touch points, and keep you inform 24*7 about your actual service delivery through real time analysis.



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Cas Presentation   Sgs India Cas Presentation Sgs India Presentation Transcript

  • CUSTOMISED AUDIT SOLUTIONSService Quality Management (Service Offering)S&SC Business – SGS India Pvt 1
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  • THE WORLD’S LEADING INSPECTION, VERIFICATION,TESTING AND CERTIFICATION COMPANY More than 70’000 employees Scientists, engineers, doctors, chemists, auditors and inspectors Network of over 1350 offices & laboratories globally Present in 140 countries 3
  • GLOBAL REACH AND LOCAL SUPPORT EUROPE , AFRICA &AMERICAS ASIA PACIFIC MIDDLE EAST 335 Offices & 360 Offices & Laboratories 740 Offices & Laboratories Laboratories14 700 Employees 24 300 Employees 28 000 Employees 4
  • SGS IN INDIA  Founded in 1950  Oldest Inspection, Testing, Certification company in India  Wholly owned subsidiary of SGS SA  Headquartered in Mumbai  ISO 9001 COMPANY - First inspection company in India to obtain an ISO 9001 certificate  All major laboratories are NABL (equivalent to ISO/IEC-17025) accredited)  Inspection body accredited as per ISO/IEC 17020 (Industrial and Consumer Testing Services) 5
  • SGS FOOTPRINT IN INDIA  70 operating locations including 32 labs Operations in all major ports  Approximately 5000 people  Branch network organised into 7 Regions  Largest Inspection, Testing, Certification company in India 6
  • OUR VISION  We aim to be the most competitive and the most productive service organisation in the world.  . Our core competencies in inspection, verification, testing and certification are being continuously improved to be best- in-class. They are at the heart of what we are  Our chosen markets will be solely determined by our ability to be the most competitive and to consistently deliver unequalled service to our customers both locally and trans-nationally 7
  • CORE SERVICES IN INDIAAgricultural Automotive Consumer Environmental Industrial Life Science Services Services Testing Services Services Services Services Minerals Oil, Gas & Systems and Goverments & Services Chemicals Certification Institutions Services Services Services 9
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  • CUSTOMISED AUDIT SOLUTIONS (CAS) Client Control  Clients decide which corporate values, strategic goals and performance criteria are to be evaluated, measured and verified  whether they are correctly understood and consistently implemented throughout it’s corporate network;  Clients also decide how the results of the evaluation and/or verification are to be used. Managing Service Quality  To ensure service quality are consistently met; companies need to – Establish what customers want / best practices – Identify what needs to be done to meet those requirements; – Measure performance against those criteria. Managing Risk  CAS gives companies an opportunity to ensure – Brand reputation is preserved – Company vision and values are promoted – Specific service quality levels are consistently met 14
  • SERVICE QUALITY MANAGEMENT1. Service Validation – ServiVal  Mystery Audit Program (MAP)  Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSAT)  Customer Experience Measurement (CEM)  Marketing Feedback Program (MFP)2. Service Certification - ServiCert 15
  • SERVIVAL Organisations often have their own audit programme, systems and documentation already in place to verify compliance at its own locations or those of its suppliers Organisations may wish to continue managing these programmes, external assessors can support carrying out these audits for them ServiVal programmes will involve some form of evaluation, verification and /or monitoring of compliance with a client’s own requirements or performance standards which may include  Industry / sector standards  Codes of practice or regulations  Organisational membership requirements  Involve organisations own manufacturing units, branches, retail outlets, or those of its suppliers 16
  • MYSTERY AUDIT PROGRAM (MAP) Our service will  Develop a unique measure of customer experience which mirrors organization vision regarding customer service;  Together with our esteem clients, we determine the specific parameters & target Shopper groups  We appoint our Mystery Shoppers from the same target groups in order to ascertain an objective evaluation discreetly;  The mystery guest reporting is provided in the form of qualitative feedback and quantitative measurement 17
  • MYSTERY AUDIT PROGRAM (MAP) – Service Offerings Product Price Audit  Ensure that stores / retailers / shops are charging the correct price for the products you sell or have on special promotion  Our audit & findings allow an organisation to eliminate the potential for annual losses Brand Audits  An investigative tool that ensures an organisations dealers / retailers /stores comply and continue to comply with company standards  Designed to focus on specific criteria that customers notice: general appearance, sales processes and brand’s communication Call Centre Operational Excellence  Call centre audit allows comparison of performance on the same customer scenarios, allowing company to identify – Training needs – Feedback – Employee Performance 18
  • MYSTERY AUDIT PROGRAM (MAP) – Service Offerings Sales Operational Experience  Evaluate the performance of companies frontline employees and operations, including – Customer service skills – Selling skills – Merchandising compliance – Product knowledge – Communication skills In-store Audit  Assists multi-unit retailers and manufacturers achieve store-level compliance with operational, service and merchandising standards  Our in-store auditors make visits to entire network or selected stores of network and provide company with visibility of actual practices prevailing 19
  • MYSTERY AUDIT PROGRAM (MAP) – Service Offerings Employee Integrity Check  Evaluate employee honesty, loss prevention programs, weed out a problem in a specific retail location  Test employee integrity by making a simple cash purchase at a retail location; other situation like leaking the leads to competitors. Competitor Audit  Measure competitor performance and compare everything from product pricing to the quality of customer service  Evaluate how an organization stack up to the competition to compete in today’s highly competitive environment  Understand what the competitors are charging for their products and services 20
  • C-SAT Survey Face-Face Interview Tele Interview Through customer satisfaction surveys you can:  Understand Experiences – Identify the critical touch points that drive customer satisfaction.  Continuous Feedback – Empowering managers throughout your business to work with their teams to ensure they are delivering the best experiences and improving training with continuous real-time feedback.  Analyse & Action – Through our Customer Intelligence Reporting Platform, you and your teams will have individually tailored access to viewing your results in real-time, gaining detailed feedback . 21
  • CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE MEASUREMENT A first step toward managing the total customer experience is that firms must understand all customer experience touchpoints (interactions points) and their signals are key to managing customer’s cumulative experiences during their relationship with your firm. We analyze the experiential world of customer through; Internal Review  Current customer service strategies  Review of organization’s customer knowledge External Review  Seeking information about customer expectation  Price & discounts  Purchasing experience  Post-purchasing experience 22
  • MARKETING FEEDBACK PROGRAM (MFP) We monitor, collect, analyze & report actual ground level feedback for all the parameters covering products, dealer/retailer’s involvement, selling skills , merchandize management & after sales service.  Continuous Performance Measurement (CPM) – Know the breadth & depth of your every SKU – Know the product penetration / availability at retail – Know the point of Sale material for each SKU – Know the approach for your SKU Display & Visibility – Know the Product attribute’s communication  Continuous Competition Mapping (CCM) – How are you doing versus the competition? – Who is a true competitor - and who is not? – Competitors strength or weakness? – How is the competition doing? 23
  • SERVICERT (SERVICE CERTIFICATION) ServiCert - ASSURE YOUR PERFORMANCE  Analyze and organize: organization to set-up its own criteria based on its customer requirements with the help of SGS  Organize the Service Criteria: SGS validates the proposed Service Delivery Criteria  Audit against the validated Service Criteria  Report on the findings: provide factual and operational business information and VALIDATE results  Continuous improvement assistance: provide independent and third party analysis of report findings 24
  • BENEFITS OF SERVICE CERTIFICATION Service Certification programmes establish clearly defined service commitments - a service promise which identifies those parts of the service delivery process which need measurement and control. Independent validation and verification of a client’s service delivery criteria by SGS gives public assurance of compliance with that service promise. 26
  • BENEFITS FOR ORGANIZATIONS Enabling an organization to monitor compliance with product/service delivery standards and specifications. Enabling marketers to examine the gap between promises made through advertising/sales promotion and actual service delivery. Helping monitor the impact of training and performance improvement initiatives on compliance with or conformance to product/service delivery specifications. Identifying differences in the customer experience across different day parts, locations, product/service types and other potential sources of variation in product/service quality. 27
  • BENEFITS FOR ORGANIZATIONS Supports promotional programs Audits pricing & merchandising compliance. Allows for competitive analyses. Educational tool for training & development. Rewarding tool for best employees Ensures positive customer relationships on the front line. Enforces employee integrity. 28
  • ONLINE REPORTING MODEL https://sgsindia.shopmetrics.comPlease click on the link.(Demo) user id – cuser1 password – Cuser1 user id – cuser2 password – Cuser2 29
  • ONLINE REPORTING MODEL Analytics that allow you to measure the quality of index & parameters through Real time. Dashboard reports to monitor lead count by hour, day, location and event . Storage of custom reports and files such as summary presentations. Alerts and follow-up email campaigns to continue consumer engagement beyond data capture. Real time store/branch/franchise information anywhere anytime. Parameter specific answer for each location any time. Customer satisfaction index scores for each location ( entirely depends upon your requirement when you want to update it. 30
  • ONLINE REPORTING MODEL Full control over the system and the settings Design customization even on a user basis Security: each user can access only permitted data Import users, branches, shoppers, reviews… Export reviews data to: SPSS, CSV, XLS, XSLX, PDF Easy to use client interaction: All reports are clickable and include ‘hot links’ to provide drill-down information Personalized reports dashboard for each user, according to security permissions settings 31
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  • SGS DELIVERS COMPETITIVE EDGE By enhancing quality By reducing risk By improving productivity By ensuring compliance 34
  • WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT?  Business Partners  Technical leaders  Acting as benchmark  Largest and oldest network  Local knowledge, global support  Working across industries  Covering supply chains  Using the right technology  Culture of integrity 35
  • RELY ON OUR MOST IMPORTANT ASSETS  Our People  Our Expertise  Our Commitment 36
  • DRIVEN BY OUR VALUES  Passion  Integrity  Entrepreneurship  Innovative spirit 37
  • CONTACT US Address : SGS India Private Limited SGS House 4-B Adi Shankacharya Marg Powai Road, Vikhroli (West) Mumbai - 400 083. Maharashtra, India. Contact : Amit Singh Phone: +91 22 2579 84 21 to 28 Mobile: +91 77 38 15 68 35 Fax: +91 22 2579 84 34 E-mail : 38