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Keywords match

  1. 1. Matches with the largest number of searches . This is the default adwords keyword match type. Will match with all relevant variations of your keyword(Expanded matching) 1)Synonyms 2)Related pharases 3)Plurals 4)Obvious misspellings
  2. 2. Sample Keyword : Buy Flowers Buy Flowers Buy Red Flowers Flowers Buy Buy tulips
  3. 3. Tennis Shoes Buy Tennis shoes Second hand tennis shoes Running shoes Tennis Traiers
  4. 4. 1) Shows ads on may related terms with little effort and research 2) You don't need to think of all the variations 3) Potential for maximum traffic 1)Shows ads on many related terms 2)Your ads could show on irrelevant searches
  5. 5. Phrase Match Keyword 1)Matches with a reduced number of serches 2)Ad does not appear for variations 3)It will appear if the keyword is typed in,in correct order,with words either side 4)This does not match singular and plurals
  6. 6. Phrase Match Keyword Examples Sample Keyword: Buy Flowers May show for these queries: Where can I buy flowers Buy Flowers in usa But not for these queries: buy red flowers (there is an extra word in between) flowers buy (the words are reversed) buy flower (this is the singular) Buy tulips (the words are different)
  7. 7. Phrase Match Keyword Examples Sample Keyword 2: Tennis shoes will match to: Red tennis shoes Buy tennis shoes Tennis shoes as worn by Will not match To shoes for tennis tennis shoe tennis trainers
  8. 8. 1)More likely of only appearing on relevant searches 2)Improved quality score and ROI 3)You have much more control over your ads 1)Singulars and plurals are not matched 2)Eliminates potentially profitable impressions 3)Reduced impressions and traffic
  9. 9. Exact Match Keyword - Only most relevant searches Most targeted matching option Sample Keyword 1 : [buy flowers] May only show for the query Buy Flowers (capitalization doesn’t matter) buy flowers Sample Keyword 2 : [Tennis shoes] May only show for the query tennis shoes Tennis Shoes Note: Will not match to Tennis shoe red Tennis shoes Buy Tennis shoes
  10. 10. 1)Gives full control over what triggers an ad 2)You will only appear for relevant searches 3)Storngest potential click through rate and quality score 4)Much improved margins for each click 1)Greatly reduced traffic and exposure 2)While margins may imporve ,actual sales vlume may decrease 3)Extensive keyword research is required
  11. 11. Negative Keyword match Advantges: 1)Helps eliminate irrelevant searches 2)Controls who will not see your ad 3)There is no expand matching for negatives Sample keyword : cheap Your ad will never show for these queries Buy cheap flowers Cheap flowers in usa Your ad will never show for these queries Used tennis Shoes tennis Shoes used Sample keyword : used Dis Advantges: None!