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C tpat luman presentation

C tpat luman presentation






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    C tpat luman presentation C tpat luman presentation Presentation Transcript

    • Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism 9/2/2010 Md.Ashraf-Ul-Islam 1
    • C-TPAT program Luman Fashions Ltd. Presented by Ashraf-Ul-Islam Amerex Group LLC 9/2/2010 Md.Ashraf-Ul-Islam 2
    • Introduction Supply Chain Road Map As part of our effort to enhance supply chain security of goods ordered by our customers, we (Luman Fashions Ltd.) have set principles, guidelines and procedures at our factory within the premise and its area. Besides to enhance the security of our own factory for the protection of our property and safety of all employees, it is further established to comply to our customers’ as well as US Customs’ security requirements. The objective of this plan is to ensure our factory to play an important role in the supply chain security, and is one of the most secured factories in the country. 9/2/2010 Md.Ashraf-Ul-Islam 3
    • Luman Fashions Ltd. Factory Building front Side 9/2/2010 Md.Ashraf-Ul-Islam 4
    • Security Policy Our factory is committed, from our part, to the Supply Chain Security as part of our compliance program. The management and all employees of our factory are responsible to uphold and maintain the Supply Chain Security Plan (herein after called the “security plan”) in accordance with the criteria we set and the applicable local law within the factory and the factory’s subcontractors, if any. 9/2/2010 Md.Ashraf-Ul-Islam 5
    • Principles Our factory’s security plan was developed based on the following principles, and shall focus on prevention and risk management rather than to handle the incident afterward. The keys of this security plan are: Prevention on TRESPASSING Prevention on TAMPERING Establishment of the TRACEBILITY 9/2/2010 Md.Ashraf-Ul-Islam 6
    • Guidelines Guidelines Our factory has developed guidelines for every employee in this factory to follow as part of the factory’s regulations, such guidelines are posted on the readily accessible place to alert all employees’ concern on security. These guidelines were developed to cover the security of the following 7 areas : Container/Closed Truck Security – Focus on the physical integrity of the incoming and outgoing containers/closed truck prior to stuffing and the procedures of the seals and the reliability of the locking mechanisms of the doors. Physical Access Controls – Focus on prevention of unauthorized access to the shipping, loading and cargo areas. To implement controls on identification of all employees, visitors and vendors. Procedures for challenging unauthorized/unidentified persons. Personnel Security – Our factory shall enhance the factory’s recruitment system to include interviewing and background checks/verifications. Procedural Security – To set systems and methodology to handle the incoming and outgoing goods. Engaged with Security Officers on controls of in/out cargo; record on shipping marks, weights, number etc; procedures for verifying seals on containers, trucks etc; reporting shortages and overages; storage of empty and full containers to prevent unauthorized access; and a tracking system of all cargo movements. Security Training and Threat Awareness – This security plan also provides to our employees a security awareness training, that including operation procedures, awareness, identity and reporting of crime, and determining and addressing unauthorized access. The training program encourages active employee’s participation in security controls. Physical Security – Focus on buildings & constructions; external and internal locking devices; warehouse safety; lighting inside and outside the facility; shipping, loading & cargo areas; as well as internal and external communications systems for assurance of factory’s physical security. Information Technology Security – Focus on the protection and accountability policy on the Information Technology (IT) 9/2/2010 Md.Ashraf-Ul-Islam 7
    • Container/Closed Truck Security Close truck covered with metal fence & total loading system monitor through CCTV camera 9/2/2010 Md.Ashraf-Ul-Islam 8
    • Close Truck Loading 9/2/2010 Md.Ashraf-Ul-Islam 9
    • Seal Affixing ISO PAS17712 9/2/2010 Md.Ashraf-Ul-Islam 10
    • Physical Access Control All employees wear their own employee’s badge and hung on the front chest to enable security guard to verify their identity easily to entrance the factory 9/2/2010 Md.Ashraf-Ul-Islam 11
    • Physical Security Video surveillance cameras incorporated throughout facilities as applicable 9/2/2010 Md.Ashraf-Ul-Islam 12
    • Security Monitoring 9/2/2010 Md.Ashraf-Ul-Islam 13
    • Packing Area 9/2/2010 Md.Ashraf-Ul-Islam 14
    • Packing Area Photos of authorized person All garments must pass through metal detector machine 9/2/2010 Md.Ashraf-Ul-Islam 15
    • Personal Security Our factory shall enhance the factory’s recruitment system to include interviewing and background checks/verifications. A current permanent employee list must be maintained, including name, date of birth, national identification number or social security number, and position held. 9/2/2010 Md.Ashraf-Ul-Islam 16
    • Security Training Packing Section 9/2/2010 Md.Ashraf-Ul-Islam 17
    • Security Training Information Technology 9/2/2010 Md.Ashraf-Ul-Islam 18
    • Security Training C-TPAT Team 9/2/2010 Md.Ashraf-Ul-Islam 19
    • Procedural Security We have designated cargo supervisor who inspect 17 point before loading for any damage & maintain cargo inspection report Verify paper work & record seal no Verify seal properly affix 9/2/2010 Md.Ashraf-Ul-Islam 20
    • Fire Drill 9/2/2010 Md.Ashraf-Ul-Islam 21
    • THANK YOU 9/2/2010 Md.Ashraf-Ul-Islam 22